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I went to Instant Tax Service and had my taxes filed they went through every thing with me and told me that I was only being charged $250 plus 100 for the bank fees, I selected 24-48 hours and they said that if it took longer then it would automatically be charged less than that since you pay a little more than if you wait 5-7 weeks. They still charged me 380. I wish that I would have filed it myself at Free tax like I have done for like 3-4 years in the past and even for other people had never had a problem I won't make that mistake again.

Thanks for listening.


  • Jo
    Jonathan E Fortman Feb 22, 2013

    We have filed a lawsuit against Instant Tax Service in the State of Missouri. We are currently looking to talk to people who have either used their services and have had problems. We are also looking to talk to anyone who was employed or is employed by Instant Tax Service who has information about the Instant Tax Service policy and procedures. Our communication will be kept confidential. Feel free to call us at [protected] or email us at [email protected] Thank you in advance!

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  • Jo
    Jonathan E Fortman Feb 20, 2013

    Our office has filed suit against Instant Tax Service in the State of Missouri. If you have had your tax returns prepared at any Instant Tax Service location, we would be interested in speaking with you regarding your experience. Please contact us at [protected] or email us at [email protected]

    Thank you,

    Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman, LLC

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  • La
    latanial Nov 27, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I filed my taxes wit instant tax services in lorain, ohio jan. 2012 and I was supposed to get 3600 dollars back, well for starters I didn't get my refund back until the end of feb. They told me I would have it back in two weeks I filed jan. 17 that wasn't true, next when I did receive it back on my debit card it on had 2600 dollars on it I called everyday for a month straight and the lady mary or lisa just kept saying that there was a mistake and told me some famous ### lie that the irs had changed the amount of earned income a bunch of ###! I've filed taxes for over 13 years now and I've never been through this crap before . I will never ever ever file with this rip off company again I hope the bbb have them shut down for good they even messed up my sisters refund as weel I think their probably stealing a lot of our refunded amounts they even had the nerves to charge me a over 400 dollars just to file that ### is crazy and so are them!!!...

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  • Ge
    Gemini22 Jul 23, 2011

    My husband is in the military, we went to tax services because we were told that we could get a better deal with Instant Tax Services...NOT. We are now beig audited because they failed to list his income incorrectly, they were deducting in one area and not claming it! They said that they were familure with military W-2's. Once we recieved the IRS paperwork we contacted the office and were told that they would need to contact the IRS and take care of it because they would not speak to us due to the fact that we are not tax prepaiers. Dummy us, we believed them.

    1 month later we recieve the same paper ork form the IRS saying that they have not heard a reply and notifying us that there are penalties adding up, now no one is answering the phone and I am now having to hunt down someone at the Corprate office! Not to mention that all the numbers the IRS has, there is no live body to answer a question or direct my husband and I in the right direction.
    Did I mention that there is a Triple Tax Guarente that not all Instant Tax Service franchises offer! It is optional when they open their franchise and is not mandated by the corprate office! That makes me feel so much better!

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  • Dh
    dhl615 Feb 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went into the location in Charlotte, NC and it was the same scenrio. I have filed a formal complaint with the BBB here and called the news network and the network told me that since I have a complaint with the BBB they are not going to do anything because it is the same legwork. Only I was charged over $500 to wait 2 weeks. I called my the lady who has done my taxes over the past 5 years or more and she told me that basically no one and I mean no one can do last pay stub or RALs. She said that though she could not prove it, she believes that the other two big names ( H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt) were loaning out their own money. That in the past the banks were loaning off of the earned income credit. Even if you were approved for a RAL through the other two, that you had to have stellar credit and getting back at least $2000 in federal refund without the earned income credit amount. I should have driven the hour and fifteen minutes back to my hometown and had her do my taxes. Even when Instant Cash Loans were being done, I never paid that much and I walked out of the office with a check that day. RALs are a thing of the past so don't be fooled by the advertisments no matter what they say.

    So for anyone out there, do your own taxes with turbo tax or the places that will file for free. Even with turbotax it is $67 and they will take it out of your refund for $30 more and that is still less than going to any tax preparer and paying all that money and still having to wait 2 weeks. For me, I will go back to the woman I have always used or do it myself. At least she is honest.

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  • An
    anomanouis Feb 05, 2011

    your telling me twice i got screwed by then should of learned the first time

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  • Yo
    you"londa Jan 29, 2011

    went to instant tax they gave me my refund amount after they took they fees but why someone took 705.00 from my refund the irs said they did not take it instant tax said that they will put the money back if they see that i was over charged uhhh 450.00 fees 705.00 stole u do the math i will not be going back thank you for the service.

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  • Ta
    Tanya G Jan 23, 2011

    I wish I would have investigate better as well. I have been on leave from work with only 60% of my pay and have a household of 5 to provide for so when I saw an Instant Tax Service commercial I decide to file my taxes and use them cause they advertised the instant refund. Usualy I do my taxed on Turbo Tax and should have done so this year. I went into Instant Tax service in Houston, Texas Scott Street location on Jan 07, 2011. The guy that completed my taxes had no personality and he didn't provide me with a list of their fees or any formal service at all. He completed the return, told me how much I would get and then told me I was declined for the instant refund. Then he told me since I was declined I had to wait 24-48 hours as well. He told me my refund would be on the debit card he provided for me on January 17, 2011 (Martin Luther King Jr Day) I didnt realise that until I got home and the fact that no ITS details of fees and disclosure info was inclosed in the package only my Tax return. On the friday before January 14, 2011 I call and spoke with the guy who did my taxes to confir this was so because it was a holiday. Once again he assured me they would be there. On January 17, 2011 I called in the eveing because no money had posted and another gentleman answered and aked me why would I think my money would hit on a holiday. I told him b/c that is what I was told even when I called to confirm. He then told me that this too was a loan I would have to be approved for and if I am a pproved they would send me a text message and add $1000 to my card. If no text message then I would have to wait until January 29, 2011. My heart dropped because I had paid all my bills and had only $20.00 to my name and at this point I new they were on some bull. I then google them and found all this negative complaints on them. Since then I have been begging and husling Similac for my infant son and food for my household and my meds. If I would have know they were curupt I could have not paid someone and been able to provide food for my family. Thinking I had my taxes coming I handled my other responsibilites. These people are a rip off and I will be calling them to make sure they don't charge me the instant refund charge. There must be something we can do about this company. The fact that they knew they could not provide instant loans for 2011 and they still advertised as so should be illegle. And after you applied for the loan they do not give you and option to decline them doing your taxes. I wish I would have used Turbo Tax and at least with my debit card I would have gotten my taxes back 2 days sooner and I would not have been charged over $300.00.

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  • Ke
    kendria murphy May 12, 2010

    i filed for an amended return 1/10 and called the i.r.s to check my status 03/10 and they told my that my amended return was not in the system yet, here it is 04/10 and my return is still not in the system what's going on!!!

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  • Da
    Dave Dubrucq May 06, 2010

    Any one who has been involved with ITS please see this-

    looks like they might have bankruptcy in their future...

    Search Montgomery County Municipal Court records, Ohio... Be sure to search ITS FINANCIAL and TCA FINANCIAL... Dozens of cases filed again Instant Tax Service for non-payment of invoices! They even took a 350, 000 loan from a widowed women and haven't pay her back. You can view the case- CASE # 2010 CV00884 on the montgomery county municipal court records website!

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  • Am
    a mad lady Apr 19, 2010

    I filed my taxes through instant tax service in lorain ohio the guy put the wrong information in the system instead of looking at the paper i filed. im being audited by the irs i recieved a 976.00 check deposited through the bank for instant tax service i recieved less than half of the check. also instant tax told the irs i recieved a loan which was also untrue. when the check was deposited the irs told me it was deposited the tax preparer denied this and said it was never recieved the bank told me it was already printed days before at the office i filed at he also denied this. i called the 800 number on the company door they said they have no information for my social security number. where do i go from here? he never gave back w2's or information on taxes he stated i would recieve them when everything was complete never did that was my mistake but it was my first time at the company i thought it was just the way they did things now im being audited and called a liar. what now...

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  • Li
    lilwayne1990 Feb 12, 2010

    Same here...I filed with them on the 3rd of january using my last paycheck stub, I wasn't approved for the RAL so the told me they would do the 24 to 48 hour filing, that was a no go, so they told me my check would DEFENITLY be here on the 29th of january...hmmmm didn't come thru so I called one of their other branches they told me that they needed more information so I called the irs and got the information they needed so they told me it would b here on the 12th of is the 12th and I havnt seen a penny...DO NOT FILE WITH THEM

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  • Re
    Realme2010 Feb 03, 2010

    I worked at an Instant Tax service, so I can give you guys the full truth about what's happening. I started working at an Instant Tax Service, because they pulled my resume from a popular job search website. I never actually applied with them. I took the job, because I wasn't receiving any calls from other places and I needed a job.

    So they scheduled me for an interview, and shortly afterward I began training. I didn't know very much about taxes, and I was probably the youngest one in my class (Early 20's). I signed up for customer service. My main job would be greeting clients, making copies, answering the phones, and filing/looking up documents. They tried to convince me to become a tax preparer, but I never felt very comfortable with it. Anyway, we were all supposed to take a tax preparer test. Customer service was excused from taking it, but I had the option of taking the first two pages just to see how I scored... so I did. Come to find out a couple of weeks later the IRS sent me a tax preparer id without me even completing the test. Several of my classmates didn't even pass the test, and they became tax preparers. That should let you know how shady this place is!

    I only worked at Instant Tax Service for a month, but while I worked there everyone that I worked with either quit or got fired. That's how horrible it was! They had us telling the customers so many lies. One was about the RAL. Basically we were told that no one would be approved for the holiday loan or the RAL, but we were supposed to tell people that they didn't "qualify" for it. The thing a lot of customers weren't aware of was that if they applied for the RAL or the holiday loan they were automatically put through the system and forced to file with Instant Tax Service. The owner of our franchise and several other Instant Tax offices also told my manager that if a customer came and changed their mind about wanting to file with Instant Tax Service she was supposed to disregard that, and file them anyway. She said they would change their mind! Yep, illegal I know.

    So basically we were telling people that they didn't qualify for the RAL or the three-day returns, so they would automatically roll over to the 10-14 day wait. When the 29th came (The day the returns were due back in) only about half the checks were in. They wanted us to lie again, and say it was the IRS and they were the reason for the hold up. The people were calling the IRS, and asking them about the hold up and they were telling them that it wasn't with them it was with Instant Tax Service. I was then told that they should come in the day after the 29th. The phones were ringing off the hook with complaints and questions, and I had no idea when people would be getting their money in. People were coming by the minute cursing us out asking where their money was.

    So I said if I come in on Saturday, and the checks aren't here I'm quitting. I come in on Saturday and not only are there no checks in, there are customers waiting in the lobby, and corporate still hasn't told us when they are coming in. So the manager and I cleaned up the office, and left. I don't know what they are doing with money, but I believe they are pocketing some of the money. I already know they are charging all kinds of fees that aren't necessary. I wouldn't be surprised to see this place on the news. They scam so much!!! I've never told so many lies in my life to people! I needed a job badly, but not that bad. I would go into work shaking and afraid I was going to get attacked. I may be out of a job, but at least I can sleep at night and there are other jobs out there.

    The funniest thing though is one of managers never had a job (At the age of 33), and Instant Tax Service made him a manager!
    He was eventually fired for a no-call- no-show. What they didn't know was that he was selling children's social security numbers, and profiting off clients. I remember my second week I overheard a manager and the franchise owner talking about how much we (The employees) didn't realize how many lies we were going to be telling. I didn't understand what they were saying then, but I fully understand now. Before my final day I heard that people from the IRS had come down to the main office, because people were complaining so much. I don't know what happened with that, but I hope they get caught. I'm so happy I never prepared taxes and trusted my instincts.

    Please everyone stay away from Instant Tax Service. They will and are stealing your money!!!

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  • Co
    Co-keeze Feb 03, 2010

    I appreciate all of your feedback and I was JUST about to go there I was actually googling their name to find the phone number when I noticed numerous links to scams...I can't thank you enough I will just bite the bullet do my OWN taxes and WAIT for my money...thanks again

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  • Ms
    mstrj Feb 02, 2010

    I strongly agree I went there this year and was told that I could recieve the RAL but then got a call the next day sayin I was declined and it would be 8 days. I have been checking the IRS website and my money is said to be deposited by Feb 9 which is way past 8 days or even 14 for that matter. They still charged me the 400 but took it from my state tax check because they said it came in first. These place is a big ### scam and advise no one to ever use them. I am going to find out what can be done about this and sue their behinds this company will be reported to the BBB and hopefully they can get them shut down.

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  • Tr
    Truthslayer Jan 24, 2010

    ITS this year cannot do RALs and each owner (Z) is basically being forced by the Franchisor to charge over $400 just for an RT. If the person doing your taxes is telling you that you have been declined they are misleading you because they could never offer a RAL in the first place. For weeks this company has participated in false advertising about last paystub loans (on Jan. 4th they knew they could no longer offer the loans but continued to advertise in markets for up to 10 days) and now this...

    This company is truly corrupt and the IRS should investigate the Franchisor's practices.

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  • Ci
    city Jan 23, 2010

    I went there and told me I cant get my money for two weeks after I filed and still charing 400 Im sueing them and now they dont answer the phones for you they need to be shut down

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  • Ve
    Very Angry Costumer Jan 23, 2010

    I went to Instant Tax Service in Georgetown Ky and they screwed me too. None of them know what theyre doing and theyve messed up so many peoples taxes that they just disconnected the phone and no ones even been in the office since the day I filed with them. They screwed my friend out of $1200 that she's going to have to pay back to the IRS next year! I don't even feel comfortable with them having my ss# or my childrens! I got the run around for about a week and they got rude with my when I called the Lexington office. Saying they did theyre job, its not their fault the IRS aint doing theirs! Are you kidding me? When the manager finally did get on the phone with me he told me my taxes havent been filed yet. After a week! If you are thinking about going here- DONT!! They are nothing but a bunch of scam artists and when they do submit peoples info to the IRS, theyre not even using theyre name! I talked to the IRS and was told that they have had a lot of complaints about this place. They also told me, by law, they have to give me all my info back. This place is absolutley ridicolous!

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  • Cl
    clpctc Jan 22, 2010

    instant tax service is a BIG scam!!! I want to warn everyone who is going through this "so called company". First off I would just like to say I went there because I saw them on a tv commercial, and of course wanted to go through them because they could download w2's, and have your money instantly. I went there and everthing seemed great, we were getting our money within 12-48 hours, well that turned into 3-7 days, then that turned into 10-14 days. Everytime I called I got a different story from them. I went down there [protected], because I knew something wasn't right, I felt like I was being scammed!! when I went in they offered me $300.00 to hold me over while I wait for my full refund. I wasn't going to take that. I told them I knew what they were up too and I wanted all of my refund. If they didn't give it to me I would report them to the IRS and call the cops. She then wrote me out a personal check to BOA. for the full amount I was due to get back. She didn't even charge a fee. Then when I went to the bank they would not cashit without her authorization. So I left the bank and was going to take my chance and deposit it in my own bank. Then I got a call from her 5 mins. later and she was asking if everything went ok cashing the check, I said no I need you to authorize it, and she said I thought that might happen so i'll just meet you at the bank. So she did, and after it was approved and she left the bank quickly. Luckily I ended up with all of my money and wasn't scammed, If I waited any longer I believe I would be out of the money. When I left the bank the police arrived and stopped me questioned me about the tax service. The bank called the police because there were several people coming in with personal checks for $100-$300, so the bank got suspicious. Right now they are being investigated and I think its pretty sad in this world you can't even go get your taxes done without being scammed. There are alot of people who are going to be disappointed. Go get your money NOW if you filed with them.

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  • He
    helpful2 Jan 22, 2010

    awalters I was under the impression that Instant Tax Service only had 10-14 day products this year. You may want to read all of the loan information that you have

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  • Aw
    awalters Jan 22, 2010

    I normally have my taxes done by Liberty Tax, but this year I decided to go to Instant Tax Service on Six Flags Pkwy. in Austell, GA. I went there because they had the ability to download W2's which my normal tax preparer did not. Instant Tax prepared and filed my taxes on 1.15.2010, and I was approved for the RAL which meant that I would have my check back in 12-48 hrs. Today is 1.22.2010, to date I still have not received my check. The lady I speak with daily is nice enough but is unable to tell me why I still have received no check. Furthermore, after diggin a little deeper into this, it appears as though she herself has no idea who to pose this question to. How does she work for a company and not know where to turn to for resolution to customer complaints? I will never use them again. PATIENCE truely is a virtue.

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  • Ya
    yallsum lamez Jan 18, 2010

    yall sum hataz who dnt hav a life how bout ya worry bout ya self lmao.

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  • Bo
    bonitd Jan 05, 2010

    Instant Tax, is nothing more than a way to rip off the already less fortunate! I went with my sister to obtain an instant refund loan of $1000, the guy went thru all the steps of securing her information for taxes, but then he called someone and gave her the phone. I sat listening! at that point without even hearing the person on the other end this was nothing but a cash advance!!! she declined to go any further at this time I told the so called worker this was nothing more than deceipt!! he already knew this was not what she came to them for! also it had nothing to do with her taxes. Stay away from these people go to personal accountants or to a reputable tax firm! if you do not you will be sorry. this happened in New York, LI. these people prey on the needy!

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  • As
    Astrid Apr 13, 2009

    They are a total fraud.The location in Morrow GA, . I paid them $200 on front to get just the return done and mail it myself... I like to see that brown check in the mail, or my money straight to the bank... Instead, 1) they said I was getting $1648 from fed. called the irs is $2248 . 2) they e-filed and took almost $500 from my return. When I went to get my check from them they said that I was lucky because I go $1750 check, ... nothing made sence until I got the information from the IRS. Now, I'm still without my tax return because cashing the check from them I'll agree to all the charges. What a headache! But I'm going after them. be aware!!!

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  • Gu
    Gus Shaver Mar 17, 2009

    Same experience i had. Overcharged me and underserved me. I am going back to hr block

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