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P Oct 13, 2019

On July 5, 2019, I have entered into bilateral agreement between Ikea Burbank and myself, where I purchased Ikea kitchen and Ikea custom counter top (ID#195425).
The kitchen design, all the calculations and all the installation services were done via Ikea Kitchen design.
On July 5, 2019, I paid in full for the kitchen and counter top, was given terms and conditions for the installation, and was promised and smooth and flawless transaction.
I followed all the conditions precisely, according to the sign agreement. My kitchen was from scratch, in the color chosen which matched the chosen countertop. Nothing extra was purchased.
On September 13, 2019 my kitchen was installed, using suggested Ikea Traemond service installer and on September 14, 2019, Ikea designated Service provider was scheduled to perform the template fabrication and installation of the countertop. During the appointment, the installer informed me that this color is very popular and he believes that it may be shortage of this specific color. However, knowing that I purchased the piece over 2 month ago, signed the agreement and fully paid for the kitchen, I had no doubt that the piece that I had buy should be available to be installed.
I had been informed at the time of purchase on July 5, 2019 that it takes approximately 2 weeks for the countertop to be ready, and knowing that, I relay to the installer that I will schedule installation 3 weeks from September 14, 2019. Installation was scheduled for October 7.
On October 7, the installers did not show up. I contacted and was informed that the material is not available and I have a choice of either cancel the whole project or pick another color.
My numerous phone conversations with Ikea representative, did not resolve the situation. I spoke with Lucy, Elias, Kendra (ext 1907), left messages for Bryan (ext 1904). All the questions were left unanswered, the only options I was offered by Lucy was to cancel the agreement. My conversation with Kendra was ended at the point where she promised me to escalate my issue and return my phone call which never happened.
On October 8, 2019, after I got in touch with the stone provider, I was told that the earliest the counter possibly can be installed is November 15, 2019 and again the solution to my situation was to cancel the contract or change the color.
Neither one is acceptable. My kitchen color was chosen around the countertop and everything else was matching the overall design.
Ikea violated bilateral agreement. As a consumer, I put my trust into the company with the home project, and in return, Ikea did not deliver, something that should have been done and had plenty of time to replenish, something that was sold to me and paid in full 2 months in advance.
The unit that I was building, is a rental addition, and because of Ikea negligence, caused me to lose over a month of rent.
I hold Ikea full responsible for the violation of the bilateral contract, collection full payment, and failing to deliver, according to the purchase contract.
Please advise.

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