IHOP Restaurantsrude and disrespectful manager

L Oct 08, 2019

I submitted a corporate complaint on October 2nd, after my family and I visited for breakfast September 29th. I was hesitant to complain because I'm usually one to just look the other way, BUT my kids were involved and were still talking about it days after so I just felt the need to reach out. I was sent a response 6 days ago saying someone would be reaching out within 3-5 business days and still have yet to be contacted back regarding the situation.. Our usual IHOP usually has cool stuff for kids, they have seasonal food and drinks, right now its the Adam's Family, they provide books and color sheets and my 2 kids just love it. The staff also usually allows the kids to hang their pages, and as you can imagine, my kids looove this! We had just finished our meal that morning and were all headed out to leave and I noticed the manager I believe, tearing down all of the kids drawings. He was a hispanic male about 6ft2" tall and slender, he was wearing a dress shirt and tie, had dark hair and glasses. As we were making our way out of the building, I just happened to overhear one of the hostesses say to him that he was "killing these kids dreams" by ripping them all down...his response was to grab a handful of the torn down sheets and tear them in half exclaiming "those kids killed my dreams!!". I was truly appalled that IHOP would have a person with such a negative and harsh attitude to represent their company. Especially since he was right out in the open in front of everyone.. The worst part, was that my kids were standing right there next to me seeing the same thing! Something needs to be done because this is absolute inappropriate and unprofessional behavior for a "manager". I would like to be contacted back or have some sort of solution because I was never reached out to and the issue has definitely NOT been resolved.

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