Icelandairairline service and baggage delays

N Jul 04, 2019

I used Iceland Air for the first time this last week and for all of the promotion that you give out..I soon found out the reality is quite different. I have never contacted an airline before...but this experiene, I could not leave unsaid. My initial flight was from Seattle to Reykajvik on July 2nd at 7:15pm..flightF1684. We got to Reykajvik on time with an hour until my next flight to Dublin at 10:30 am. Flight F1418. My two luggage bags..which you charged me $95 each for were not in Dublin when I arrived yesterday at 1:50 pm. I am still waiting for my bags to show up here in Wexford. We called Menzies...who handles Iceland Air's Baggage..called them three times and no one ever answers.just a message service and no replies! I fully expect Iceland Air to reimburse me for the $190 I paid for baggage service that I did not get! I might add that when going to your website to get ticketed I had to pay for each individual seat at $12 each and then a long list of other things that if I needed I would be charged so much..also charged for a headset, and any food and drinks I wanted!! I did get a cup of noodles warmed with water and a Beer that was bitter and warm! At the Reykjavik airport we all were forced to have to wait and stand in line for an hour to load our flight! I am handicapped and had to stand in line so not to lose my place...if we could there was only about 25 seats where people could have sat down...nice airport, but woefully inadequate to hold any amount of people! I have been flying for over 55 years and have never gotten such poor and greedy service! I tell my friends about your service and greedy offerings and they are astounded my what you offer. For years now we have been told how wonderful Iceland is ...I think the scenery looks great...but companies like yours that are trying to profit over something you had nothing to do the ultimate in sarcasm and hypocrisy! Living in the states, we have plenty of people with their hands out..and most of us are fed up with it and to see that you are doing your best to emulate them is truly deplorable. I have to fly back in August..but will probably never use your airline again and that is truly I always wanted to visit Iceland. I doubt that you are going to change without getting new leadership and a new attitude where customers do come first..but I do expect you will say your sorry and get on with your sad and thoughtless business model. Please let me know how I will get my refund for my baggage fees. Best regards, Ned Mueller

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