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Ca Sep 29, 2019

We travel to Dallas every year and stay multiple days. Although we normally book at the Fairmont, it was sold out for our dates.
We arrived early at the Hyatt on September 21, 2019 and was greeted and informed by employee Jorge Lopez that no rooms were ready and to check back around 1pm. We were early and I totally understand. We checked back a little after one and was told, in a not so friendly way by the other morning shift employee working that day, that check in is at 3!!! Again, no problem because we were early. However, the customer service was going downhill from here, Strike one!! We hung out by the pool for a little while and then came in and sat in the bar/breakfast area and watched some TV while we waited. I went to the desk to ask Jorge if there was anyway to get the college games on any of the TVs while we wait? In a bothered manner, he attempted to look for the remotes and then told me that he doesn't have them and that ALL of them are locked up behind the bar. Strike 2 for customer service.
Around 2:48, I saw that some other customers were gone and thought maybe they were able to check in. Thinking rooms were ready, my boyfriend went to Jorge and inquired about our room. In a rude tone, Jorge told him NO room was available. My boyfriend told Jorge ok and stated that Check-in was at 3. Jorge replies with a snide remark "It's usually around 3!" My boyfriend replied, "it states 3pm on the web site." Strike 3 on customer service. At this point I am looking for another hotel in the area and feeling very uneasy as a guest at the Hyatt House. No other hotels had availability in the area, so we kept waiting. Around 3:05PM, I approached the desk and Jorge was leaving shift and JR was coming on shift. I told JR that we had been dealing with Jorge and he kept stating that our room was not ready and I would like to know if it is ready now? JR gave an upset expression about Jorge and told me that our Room had been ready and that Jorge should of given us the room. Strike 4!! At this point I felt as if we were targeted by Jorge. I then told JR I want to file a complaint against Jorge. JR was very helpful and friendly. We happened to have an issue with our toilet which had to be fixed immediately by maintenance. JR, his coworker and maintenance had a very customer friendly approach. I understand that things get busy and maybe businesses are short staffed and that things don't always go as planned or smooth. What I will not understand is Jorge's unprofessional attitude towards us and his lack customer service. I feel as if we were a bother to him. Jorge is a horrible employee and needs hospitality training and ethics training at a minimum. The whole check in situation had me on edge the entire stay. I feel as if Jorge targeted us. I can honestly say that I will NEVER give my business to a Hyatt Hotel or Resort anywhere. It's true when they say that one bad apple will ruin the bunch. In addition, I will be posting my experience on social media apps and my rating apps as well. I will also advise family and friends to boycott Hyatt business.

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