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I went to h&r block to have my taxes prepared, and was seated with a so-called tax professional. I presented all my paperwork as instructed, and I left thinking all was well. (Guess again) when I returned home and started to look over my paperwork, because the amount was so small that it did not make sense, so I did my own preperation, and just as I thought, I found several mistakes. I went back and told them my situation, and they said they would correct it. So I thought that was the end, all was well (Wrong again). I recieved a letter from the irs, asking me for form eic. By this time I was irate. Because, this was trip #3 and I was fed up with there excuses. So I explained that now the irs needs more paperwork and I should not have to pay them a dime-wrong again. They charged me $118.00 and I am still waiting for my refund. Oh yeah, they send me an e-mail saying it was going into my emerald account even after I was told by one of there so called tax pro's that I would get it in the mail. Bottom line, i'm still paying them $118.00 for there mistakes and have yet to recieve my money. So make sure if anyone decides to use there services, look over your return before leaving there office. Next year i;ll save my money and do it myself.


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    Taxprep4U Oct 21, 2010

    Why did you sign the return the first time when the refund was so small?

    The extra charge was to cover the forms that were omitted.
    If the return had been prepared correctly, the "extra" $118 would have been added to your original fee.

    Millions of returns were prepared by H&R Block last year.
    As with anything requiring human input, mistakes will be made.
    It is inevitable.

    Since you seem to know how to prepare your own return, I'm wondering why you didn't do it yourself to begin with.

    If I was filing for EIC I would not be paying$200+ when I could as you say, "save my money and do it myself".

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