Hp Ipaq 910c Business Communicatorhp ipaq 910 defective gps quick connection


The $500 hp ipaq 910 business communicator is a windows mobile smartphone with built-in gps. Like previous models of hp phones with gps, the ipaq 910 depends on downloaded ephemeris* data so that it can decode data from the gps satellites quickly. Failure to have current ephemeris data means that the phone will take 20 minutes or longer to decode gps coordinates. Hp provides a utility program, gps quick position, to download the ephemeris data, however the program does not operate correctly. Hp customer support says their engineers are aware of the problem but that no fix and no estimate of time to repair is available. Requring 20 minutes or more to decode gps coordinates makes that function unusable, like taking 20 minutes for the phone to turn on, or 20 minutes to start an automobile. The delay is so long that the function not usable for its intended purpose. It is poor judgement on the part of hp to not recognize this problem with the gps as a defect and sufficient cause to return the product for exchange or refund.

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