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B Aug 02, 2018

My mother ordered some plants from House of Wesley. After reading all the negative reviews about them, I figured we'd wait forever, get dead plants, and have a huge hassle dealing with the company.

The company does take quite a long time to do anything, whether it's fill an order or issue a refund. That's the only negative about them.

Contrary to other reviews, I found the company very easy to contact and to work with. Every time I called there, the phone was always answered immediately by a live person. The company always did everything they said they would, when (albeit slowly) they said they would do it.

After ordering the plants and waiting several weeks, maybe about a month, my mother got the order. After pondering for a couple weeks about what to do with them, she decided that planting them would be way beyond her means (she ordered a couple hundred plants), so she wanted to return them.

Again, based on all the negative reviews I read online, I figured we'd be unable to contact the company, and that they'd find some excuse to not refund her money. The timing was right at the end of the 30 day return period.

I called to see if I needed a RMA, expecting (based on reviews I'd read) to have a hard time reaching the company. Their phone was answered immediately by a helpful, pleasant customer service person who said no RMA needed; just send them back for a refund.

I sent the package back Priority Mail around the end of June. After a couple weeks, I called them to check on status of a refund, again expecting the worst, based on other reviews. Again, no busy signal, no auto-answer, no annoying phone maze; a live person answered the phone immediately. You sure can't beat that for customer service!

The customer service person said they'd gotten the return, that it was being processed, and that a refund would be processed and issued after that, in another week or two. Again, based on all the bad reviews, I still was dubious we'd ever get an actual refund.

By the end of July, my mother had her refund check in full.

So my experience with their customer service, as well as their returns policy, was nothing but outstanding: a lot better than many companies I have dealt with. The only reason my review is 4 stars instead of 5 is that they do move pretty slowly. It took about a month to get our order and about a month to get the refund. As long as you set your timing expectations accordingly, you'll be satisfied.

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