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I've just had the worst experience I've ever had at a Hooters EVER! My brother, myself and 10 other people went down there to watch UFC 110 on Pay Per View. So there we were, just chillin, eating there crappy expensive wings, watching guys beat the ### out of eachother. Afterward, our waitress, Cassie, overcharged me on my ticket, which I kindly asked her to fix, however she acted like a ### and said "You know if you told me that before, it would have been alot easier for me.", gave me attitude and then walked away. Right then and there I wanted to slap this ### out her, so I grabbed another waitress hoping she could fix it but all she could do was get a manager. I waited for 20 minutes but the manager never showed up so I had to grab him myself. I then informed him about the issue, then he said he would fix my bill. I did not leave a tip and I may never return to a Hooters restaurant again!

I agree with the other complaints on this board, Hooters is all show and they have ###, expensive food and the waitresses are just stuck up ### with sugar daddies at home to fall back on so they don't care too much about tips and good service. I was never a huge fan of Hooters because of these things, now BUFFALO WILD WINGS has BETTER FOOD, BETTER PRICES and BETTER SERVICE! Now I've posted complaints about BWW before, but they've always made up for it and I never had a bad experience there again. Everytime I filed a complaint at BWW, I got a call THE NEXT DAY (even on a Sunday), I filed a complaint last night on Hooters' website and still have not gotten a call! Wow Hooters... is all I can say is wow...

This is one definite thing I've noticed about most waitresses, I'm not trying to be sexist, but I noticed that I've had more bad experiences with them than male waiters. I'm 21 and I've been through alot with women, and I notice that if you're not a good looking guy, you'll get ### service no matter what. I admit I'm not the best looking guy in the world, but that's NO EXCUSE to give ### service. What I learned as worker, always keep a smile on your face, PERIOD. Now I want to make one thing clear, I hate to be a difficult customer, but if you don't fill up my cup and/or give me attitude, YOU LOSE YOUR TIP, YOU GET A COMPLAINT and your job is ON THE LINE.

Unless I get an apology and some food vouchers, I will NEVER go back to another Hooters again, I'd rather starve to death! ### YOU HOOTERS!!!


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    realisticfeedback78 Mar 13, 2010

    get a ###ing grip dumbass... all you want is some freebies so cut the ### cheese dick.

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    waitress123 Jun 07, 2010

    WOW guy I think you might have some underlying issues about how you were treated in the past...expecting some super awesome service at whatever restaurant you are at, you have clearly never worked in a restaurant. Hate to tell you, when you make a complaint the waitress' job is not on the line, the managers of restaurants know there are [censor]s in the world that are looking for free food and they trust their employees over a customer every time. Going to Hooters during a UFC fight and you expect awesome service, do you not see how those girls are running their [censor] off trying to wait on a million customers? You are clearly not very observant. Please never go back to a Hooters or any restaurant for that matter, nobody wants to wait on a pathetic [censor] who thinks that just because a girl is a hooters waitress that they have "sugar daddys" at home. That is the most insane thing I have ever heard. If they had a sugar daddy why would they be waiting tables? Hate to tell ya guy most people are waiting tables because they are trying to get through college or support their families and they don't have an education. Get a [censor]ing life dude you clearly need to grow up and live a few more years in this world before you go judging things you know nothing about.

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