Homegood'sstore manager

Ve Nov 08, 2019

I used to work at Homegood's in Huntsville. One of the main reasons I left was because of Brenda, the store manager. She is one of the meanest, most disrespectful, narcissistic, verbally abusive managers I have ever met/worked for. She has so many HR complaints but nothing is ever done. She screams, calls names, lies, plays favorites. She will tell you to do something and then turn around and tell you she never said to do that. Whenever she is there, the tension in the store is so bad and morale is always down. She is even rude to customers. When I worked there, we had regular customers that wouldn't even stay and shop if they knew she was MOD. She leaves piles of messes around the store if she is working. I have had to clean up shelves and fixtures behind her on multiple occasions because she left them there for hours, propped up where it could fall at anytime and hurt someone. I have cried on more than one occasion because of the nasty, rude and degrading way she talked to me. She has the DM in her pocket, always blaming everything on everyone else when she sees him and for some reason, he believes her. All anyone in upper management would have to do is spend a day speaking with the employees in that store and then they would understand how she abuses her power. I am so glad that I left that place but someone needs to do something for all the other employees and customers.

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