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Ni Oct 12, 2019

Order No.H2671-98373

To whom it may concerns,

I bought a set of washer and dryer Samsung, Sku [protected] for the washer and sku [protected] for the dryer with stackable kit on 9/1/19 with delivery date of 9/21/19. On purchase day the store associate told me to buy all the accessories needed to put the unit together to assure that home depot will install the appliances (washer /dryer) fro free. I did as she said. She also said that they were suppose to testing the unit to make sure that everything works perfectly; and that we had 48 hours to return the unit fro full refund if something was wrong the machines. I couldn't received the combo on 9/21/19 I postponed it for 10/5/19. On 10/5/19 around 1:30 pm the delivery came, the two Home depot workers put the machines together outside the house, they scratched the top of the dryer forcing it to the door and the side. When they finally got the unit to the designate spot, they realize that the power cord for the dryer was to short and I mention to the workers that the power they brought was wrong because we payed 22.96 for it and it 6 ft not 3, same thing with dryer duct. Based on what I picked and payed for on purchase day I told them the items mentioned above were wrong. They were arguing that with me that this what I ordered. They urging me to sign the delivery paper because the unit was already inside. At first I refused because also forgot the steam hose for the dryer and could not set it up, one them replied that already contacted my manager about it, if we can not come back someone else will come back later ( Saturday 10/5/19) or first thing monday morning. Thinking that they were being thruthful, I signed for the delivery. No one came back, around 6 pm I called the store and reports what happened along with my 48 hours of use for full return. The associate I spoke to told me that the person in charge was gone for the day, but she took note of everything I said and will pass it along the appropriate person, and someone will be in touch with me on Monday morning ( 10/7/19). I did not received any calls on Monday all day. On Monday night aroud 8:30 pm I went to the store, the shift supervisor at the front desk looked into the computer after I explained the reason of my visit to the store, she said she the note entered on 10/5/19, she said could do anything about for me but she will leave a second for the person in charge " Michel" of this and someone should get in touch with me the next day. Tuesday came and left nothing. On Wednesday night 10/9/19 close to 7 pm I called the store and ask to speak to the store manager on duty, the call was transferred over to him. I started to explain to him why I was calling, I expressed my frustration by saying that I did want the unit in my house and should come pick them up. He put me on hold and never came, the phone hang up I call back I was put on hold again for 19 mins, i was on hold for a total of 36 mins that night. Finally today the store call me, I miss the call because I was at work but there was no messages. I'am sorry this is long but I wanted to relate all the details. This a cry for help! Please, please help me. Im attaching some pics of the unit as it was left in my house since Saturday. This is big inconvenient for my household. The work that being done in the room has been on hold since Saturday. This whole has cause me a lot of frustration, I really hope someone will read this and try to help out.
Thank you,

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