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For general information about individual making threats. Home Depot Folsom Ca. Several days ago I went into the Home depot store with a drill and battery. Showed it to person by front door and he said no problem it's ok. My wife went over to look at flooring and i proceeded to tools area. after a few minutes seeing the clerk busy i went to look at a ladder and came back to ask questions about drill Did I need a new one, could it be fixed, was it maybe under warranty? or just get a new on? Anyway the clerk had gone on break or left but ask another employee about it and we decided that I could maje a call or just buy a new one. Joined my wife and looked at some flooring. I went and looked at a mower and got a call from a friend who came in town early and asked where I was ... told hime we would be home soon, and he said he would meet me at the Home Depot store as he was familar with it... went back told my wife that he was meeting me out front and she said she would finish up about 15 minutes... i wentto the front of the store and just outside a guy said "hold on sir" when I turned he and an employee was standing behind him. I asked yes and he said you need to accompany me back into the store you have merchandise that you lifted. I told him no and sorry but you have the wrong person. The employee was about 6 foot 4 or 5 tall and was fairly heavy, maybe 275 to 325 pounds as a guess. I started to turn and he reched for my arm, but i moved it and said you better get your manager out here and dont try that again. He then said I have video of you stealing from my store! and you need to come with me or I will have to use force! Just about that time my froend had seen me parked and walked up asking what was the trouble. The employee said it is not your concern and you should leave. Well it just so happens that my good friend that came in the gift of good timing showed the gentleman his badge and the other employee that was behind the person making the false statements quickly left. Long story short the employee said well I may have it wrong but I was told you were seen stealing that drill, then said he may have come after the wrong person! I am writing this only to bring attention to the fact that by touching me was an assault, or would have been if it had escalated! It didn't so i am just writing to let it be known that someone is out of control at this store, if he is an employee Home Depot would have had a lot of explaining to do and I would have sued for everything i could have! The look on his face when John pulled out a badge was funny, he turned a little red in the face and left around some product and back inside i assume. My good friend wanted me to call the Police then and there, but I didn't want to ruin our evening and we had some catching up to do as friends.. He really felt like we should have called the police in on the matter as he was worried who else he was going to pull that same [censored] on. I have done my job and let the company know that for whatever reason this guy does not seem well trained and should never lay a hand on anyone. According to my friend a store security person may be hired to do loss prevention, but in California they are nothing but a private individual just like anyone. So they need to be trained in proper handling of the public. For me I may be back to that store but if he comes at me again I will pursue the matter with great vigor. Besides is the way you train your security? and is it the way you would want to be treated?


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      Sep 18, 2019

    I don't want my name mentioned, as I work for Home Depot... But we get a Bonus, finder fee, or whatever you want to call it for stopping a shoplifter! We are paid for our testimony. I have had the store security actually come up to me and say if you can say you saw this, you will get a bonus on your next check! I have also had the store security ask many of us to lie on a affidavit about a shoplifter we never saw! and threatened by telling myself and others we will get fired if we don't cooperate. I complained to a regional manager about this, and about three weeks later the store manager asked me about what I had said. I told him and he stated "Do you like your job here?" " Do you want to keep it?" then he went on to say if I didn't work with others well (Inferring the store security person) i would not be retained... SO take it for what its worth, Home Depot pays you to do whatever! including lie! AND on top of that our store security is proud of the fact he is an X felon spent time, and is now SECURITY!!! what a joke

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