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Me Sep 30, 2019

I bought a cut of fabric and got it home to find that it was very crooked on the bolt and by the time I had it straight I was losing 5 inches. I went back to the store and they told me they couldn't do anything about it. It was no longer on sale and I ended up having to buy a whole new piece plus an extra 1/4 yard to make sure I had enough to account for the crookedness, at full price. I have a toddler and a young baby so even having to go back to the store was a major inconvenience in itself. I've always been happy with your merchandise and the politeness of your employees but this time was very disappointing. The person even made it sound like it was a common thing. At the very least you should have your employees warn customers to buy extra or just give some extra. I'm familiar with fabric and expect some shrinkage or being off a bit but 5 inches is more than I should need to account for.

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