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So im in check out and im about to pay the girl I hand her an old $20 bill as policy they check the big bills under a light she had the bill double checked by 2 other workers before calling the manager up bec some green light wouldn't show up when she ran the bill I told her I got money from the atm and it gave me a bunch of old $20 bills. The manager came up checked it again under the machines light and askec me if I had another form of payment I said yes but I didn't want to use my card he said we cand except my $20. I was so pissed off I walked out without my items.
First of all my time was wasted having my $20 bill being passed around from worker to worker an not to mention the girl checking me out had asked for my other $20 bills that were also old I was so hesitant to give her. Secondly the manager didn't even bother to use a counterfeit pen on my bill which was stupid obviously if ur machine isnt doing the job go to the next step.
Well I bought a counterfeit pen from staples and checked all 9 of my $20 bills all came out clean. Def not happy about how they were.


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      Dec 07, 2019

    Some people are stupid and can't spot older money and therefore should not be cashiers. I have been a pt cashier at home depot three nights a week for a long time before that I was a cash mgr for best buy. I work days as an hr manager for an insurance firm now but am a single mom hence two jobs. They need to train cashiers better and for longer periods of time to make them be able to identify money a little more effectively!

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