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For anyone looking to buy a Healthsource Chiropractic franchise; I have one word for you...SCAM! Recently I quit as a massage therapist from a Healthsource in IL. Everything is scripted; from the greetings you give the patients to the treatment plans. Healhsource has a generic formula that they use on all the patients depending on what issue you have. For instance: if you come in with problems with a stiff neck or a herniated disk
in your cervical vertabrae; all the "so called" physical therapy is exactly the same for the two. The exercises and stretches are no different (in a certain area) for the various injuries and illnesses. The therapy is not tailored to your own specific needs and biomechanics, despite what they tell you. Also many of the massage therapist on staff were not licensed(you have to have a license in IL) and had no background in massage therapy. They would literally just start massaging an area without knowing what or why they are doing it. Also they had unqualified exercise therapist performing physical therapy duties, which is illegal in IL. The goal of the clinic was to pack as many patients in there at one time and rack up the units per individual. You could be on a tredmill for a 1/2 hr warming-up just so they can bill for an extra unit. You could also be stretching the same muscle for a 1/2 hr, just so they could bill for more "therapy." They also discouraged patients from using the TENS machine because they only get around $20 for each session. Even if the patient could benefit from the EMS, they had they doing exercise and stretching instead because it pays more. This is not physical therapy or has any relavence for rehab. What I witnessed was absolutely appalling. This franchise should definitely be investigated for unethical practices.

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  • Sp
    spinedoc Oct 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i used to work at a HealthSource an dI found just the opposite to be true. They are the most compliant group I have ever worked with and everything i saw that they taught, revolved around the patient's best interest. maybe the person that wrote this had a bad experience with the office they worked at or maybe they were fired. Who knows. What i do know is that the majority of what they say is false. the scripting is in place to create some structure and it is great for helping you learn how to do your job. they were there to help and not make it robotic. treatment plans differed for differnet injuries but i do know from experience that neck injuries may be treated similar at first, in some cases, whether or not it is a muscle problem, vertebral problem or disc problem. i think knowing more about the author of this complaint would shed quite a bit of light on way they take the stance that they do.

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  • Ch
    chiro187 Nov 01, 2009

    Other sites that have similar complaints against Health Source Chiropractic. Read them and draw your own conclusions.
    /URL removed/
    CEO Health Source Dr. Chris Tomshack

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  • Rk
    rkdc2004 Nov 05, 2009

    Sounds like you worked for poor DC's. Unfortunately there are those as well as MD's, DO's, LMT's. The franchise does not promote anything about doing things JUST to get an extra unit or anything along those lines. They promote treating a patient based on medical necessity and documented the improvement. If these are not being performed properly in ANY clinic, not just Healthsource, the doctor should be investigated, not the franchise. The franchise also instructs owners/DC's to make sure they are compliant with their own states as all 50 states have different rules & requirements with regards to staffing and who can supervise and perform what. Sounds like the DC is concerned more about $$ than getting the patients better. The franchise's goal is to help as many patients as possible, but at the same time allow the DC & staff to have a profit at the end of the year. I have seen the franchise kick out franchisees for violating what you both are describing as they do NOT train the offices to do what they are apparently are doing

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  • Me
    MeggieB Jan 10, 2010

    I agree, it sounds like you may have worked for a bad doctor. Yes, most things are scripted to have uniformity, including the greeting. Would you rather walk into an office that's chaotic and has no set order of operation? The Progressive Rehab is a series of exercises based upon a specific area to make the muscle groups around it stronger so re-injury isn't as common. There are 3 different phases to these exercises, though the proven stability exercises aren't tailored per injury, however the amount of visits you perform them is based on your injury and progress. This is time consuming and does tend to use a lot of units, but that is not the intended purpose. It took most people months or years to hurt themselves to the point to come to a chiropractor, so it will also take time to work on healing the area and making it better. Our office utilizes personalized TENS units and electric stimulation as well as manual therapy provided my LMT's. If your office didn't have qualified personnel running certain aspects based on your state regulations, that is the doctor's fault. All of HS's franchise information says "check with your state laws". I'd like to bet that your HS staff knows you better than your MD or DO who, in my experience, gets you in, makes you wait, sees you 10 minutes and sends you out the door. Regardless, HS is a compliant franchise that cannot monitor each individual office when it comes to making sure it is following state regs when there are 50 states with 50 different rules. As mentioned above, investigate the doctor, not the franchise. Sorry your experience wasn't a good one, but you can't blame Sam Walton when your WalMart doesn't have it together.

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  • Lm
    LMT1971 Apr 03, 2010

    I appreciate the info of all the posts, particularly since I am an LMT. I want to work for a reputable company that I can be proud (not embarrassed) to be a part of.

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  • Su
    Suelyn Jun 16, 2010

    About 2 months ago I was employed with Healthsource in the state of South Carolina..I couldn't believe how these people were treated. Yes, all of it is scripted. They give you a manual to read as how to treat patients from the time they walk in the door, from the time their treatment plan starts to run out. I've seen patients shuck out thousands of dollars, and also filed on their insurance. These people never get better. I watched a patient religously go by her plan and she kept getting worse and worse. So, the doctor just added more therapy and more adjustments. She is now in an assistant living home. I also had a patient who's son was killed in an auto accident. After 3 days of this patient missing appointments, because of her son's death, I was told to call her and TELL her to come in that day. I was speechless! Of course, I refused to call. Out of all who worked at this Healthsource I do have a heart. If a patient has pre-paid and they dont wont to come for their appointment I feel that is their right. Beware of HEALTHSOURCE all of them are a scam!!! Thank God for this Blog..I hope it hits national...All the doctor's are wipped by Healthsource..I've been to observe 3 in my state and they are all the same..It comes down to money, money, money...They could care less about their patients. Thats scripted also..Saw it with my own eyes..I did report the doctor I worked for. Have no idea what has happened, if anything. All I know is no member of my family will ever walk in to a Healthsource...

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  • So
    SouthernCharm2010 Aug 26, 2010

    I currently work for HS and can honestly say that I love my job! Yes, some of the scripting is true. We following scripts on phone calls as to be as professional as possible
    and when uncomfortable in answering questions that we may not know how to answer, that basically refer the patient to the doctor. I have worked for my company for over 4 years and there has not been one time when I felt the person was being put into treatment just to bill insurance. All treatment plans are tailor made for the patient and their injury/condition. We offer a wide varitey of therapy and only treat the patient with the therapies that are going to benefit them. Ive also seen patients who are dismissed early in their orignal treatment plan because they are 100% better and no longer need active care. In my office, all massage therapist are licensed and all staff who work in rehab are HS certified. We attend trainings monthly (within office) and most HS offered trainings and seminars. I refer all my friends and family to HS and even strangers that I may see, in the grocery store for example, who I know we can help. I am 100% percent confident in the chiropractor that I work and 100% confident HealthSource! If I wasn't, I wouldn't be a patient and neither would my two kids. Both have actively had chiropractic care, one since birth, one since the age of 2. I wouldn't put my infant baby girl in the hands of someone who was shady and only after my insurance money.
    Im sorry that you had this experience. It looks bad on the WHOLE company. But I can say, without a shodow of doubt, with the right doctor and stafff, with the best intentions in mind/heart, who truely are there for the patients, GO TO HEALTHSOURCE! It will be a life changing experience!!!

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  • Pa
    patient1981 Dec 07, 2010

    I am a patient of a Healthsource in KY and googled them to check. Because I was a bit suspicious that the money was their priority. My 1st clue was being aske to pay all 26 co-payments up front...I have never been asked to pay a co-payment before the services were rendered. My 2nd clue was my being sick one day and ATTEMPTING to cancel my appt for that day and the receptionist more less would not let me. She explained that I needed an adjustment, that would make me feel better. I thought now she's serious about her job. But her attitude with the whole thing really raised some flags for me. I see positive and negative reviews here, and the employees and Dr there are pretty nice however it does seem robotic, rehersed and to be honest "Fake." Especially when a patient is ill and you're more less telling them tough you still need to make your appt.

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  • Kx
    Kxr125 Jan 25, 2011

    I also had a pretty bad experience with HealthSource in Iowa. I was needing to be adjusted by a chiropractor. This place had just opened up in my town a few months prior and with all the glitz and glamour, it looked like a good place. My husband stopped in (because I am too stubborn to make Dr. appts. for myself ) and made me an appointment. The first appointment, nothing was even done for me. Just Xrays. That was my first clue that something was very different from other chiropractors. But I thought that different could be good and maybe it was. NOT SO. On my next appt., I was asked to sign a contract and if I would pay the full $600 upfront (that was besides what my Blue Cross ---good insurance---covered.) I said I couldn't..., my copay was only $5 and I said I'd just pay it each time. Then the lady tried telling me I needed progressive rehab and "therapy" in the forms of stretching and massage. So I'd have to pay an extra $15 EACH TIME I went...and they wanted me going 4x per week for 5 weeks, then 3x per week for 3 weeks, then like a couple times for a couple weeks. I've heard a lot of stories and been to a lot of chiropractors and have never been told that I'd have to have months and months of treatments just to suck as much money out of me and my insurance company as possible. THIS COMPANY IS ONE REASON that insurance rates are so's a scam.

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  • Nc
    NC dc Mar 22, 2011

    It is unfortunate that the people who think they have "good" insurance never realize how poor there coverage actually is and I mean by services they pay or don't pay the dr. It is forever lost on the patient who thinks their insurance card covers everything. Ever wonder why all MDs don't take Medicare or Medicaid?

    More importantly the former disgruntled employees who bad mouth the office they worked. There is usually a good reason why these people are FORMER employees. Any office that has no structure will ultimately fail,

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  • Hs
    HSsupporter Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wanted to address the person who complained about not getting an adjustment on the first day--and only x-rays. Our office has the same policy for a good reason--because any good doctor or chiropractor should see what the patient's spine is looking like before performing an adjustment--and before offering care--because if there is a problem only able to be seen on X-rays, and someone does adjust the patient improperly, then more damage could be done, or the injury may not even heal as quickly. This is done to be thorough--not to 'scam' you or your insurance company.

    As for paying all copays up front: it is HealthSource's goal to aid patients in a plan to afford care. It is PROVEN that patients who 'get payment out of the way' focus on care and do get better faster. We offer the same option--but it should never be REQUIRED. We offer options to pay up front for a treatment plan that is customized to the specific patient needs, or a payment plan to make it affordable over time, or you can pay as you come.

    I have only seen the benefits that patients have received from getting quality care and adjustments from our DC on staff--who has practiced for over 30 years, and been in HealthSource for approx. 4-5 years. As an employee, I have seen patients choose to invest in Progressive Rehab, and others Not. No suprise who recovered faster, held adjustments longer, and spent less money in the long run--the one who was aggressive with care and were able to move on to maintenance care later on.

    I wholeheartedly trust HealthSource business model which provides structure, constant training for staff, doctors/DCs and PTs/LMPs/etc. The goal is for our community to not only 'get out of pain', but to live a healthy life. If you doubt based off of reviews, ask to meet with the doctor to find out if you are a candidate to receive chiropractic care, if they can help (which they most often can!), and what kind of treatment plan (time, money, etc) that you require. You are never forced into care.

    I hope this helps resolve some of the accused issues mentioned above!

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  • Et
    ethical officer Apr 18, 2011

    I would also like to comment on HS. It is the MOST ethical company I have ever worked for. When is the last time you went to your dentist or MD and KNEW what the charges would be for your care? Asking a patient to pay upfront for their treatment plan is not a scam, but rather a convenience. It is private time to discuss the financial responsibility involved before that patient feels overhwelmed by medical coverage and bills. It puts it "all on the table" so to speak and allows discussion for financing and other options in private rather than to be discussed uncomfortably at the front desk infront of everyone. It is much easier to break up payments for a patient and let them know we are willing to do whatever possible to make their treatment available than to have to deal with the emotional stress a patient goes through when they start to recieve those foreign EOB's in their mailbox. Insurance is another language to the ill informed and made to be a deterrant to its owner. I am proud that our clinic attempts to expain and create individual payment plans per patient.

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  • Ro
    Roy Hobbs Jun 17, 2011

    "If you are a canidate to receive chiropractic care"...BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tell me Dr. just how many people have you told that they WEREN'T a canidate for chiropractic care? Don't tell me I already know...ZERO...

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  • Do
    doc jess Aug 28, 2011

    I am writing to respond to Roy Hobbs' comment about who's NOT a candidate for care. I am not a Healthsource chiropractor and came across these comments while researching the company. In my 7 years of practice there have been MANY folks who are not candidates for care. Here are just the most recent ones I've had:#1. The man who I took neck x-rays on who had a fracture. He was not a candidate and was sent directly to the ER. #2 The woman with severe headaches after starting new hormones 2 months prior. She was instructed to call her Endocrinologist immediately (because this side effect was one where you are to "call your doctor immediately"). Oh, and they got her in 'right away'. #3 The man with neck and upper back pain with tingling in his left arm. He went to the ER to have cardiac issues ruled out. #4 The woman who was X-RAYED ONLY on her first visit who had such severe and widespread osteoporosis that an adjustment surely would have cracked a rib or two. Need I continue???

    Doing a thorough examination and health history is in the best interest of the patient. What if I had skipped the x-ray on the man with the neck fracture and seemingly straightforward symptoms (as he presented like any other person with simple mechanical neck pain did) and simply adjusted him on his first visit???

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  • Ta
    Tabitha125 Nov 04, 2011

    If your going to go to physical therapy then go to physical therapy. If you Need a chiropractor then go to a chiropractors office. I am 42 years old and I am going to health source and its not like any therapy I have ever gone to. I WILL NOT TELL ANYONE TO GO THERE. The only reason I'm going is cause my doctor wants me to go through decompression for my neck so he can see my disk 5 6 7 better on a MRI. They give you a set of printed papers with all the exercises on them to do so you can do them even at home. They don't do like most rehab centers do. If your needing physical therapy or chiropractic! Go to one or the other. They wanted me to pay almost 1000.00 but wait they would give me 10% off if I paid it in full today! They didn't think my insurance would pay for more than 20 visits. Little did the young insurance girl nitwit know my insurance will approve more with a treatment plan as I go. Also the chiropractor wanted me to come 3 days a week and sometimes the very next day. I told him come on I have been to physical therapy and chiropractic before and you never go daily. Like I told the chiropractor I'm 42 years old and have been going to a chiropractor starting at age 16 hell I was going when chiropractic wasn't cool LOL, Now its a way of life. Health source is all about the MONEY... And draining your insurance to the max. If you don't know what you need they will say you need more than what you need. Chiropractic, physical therapy, decompression, tens unit massage even some red light therapy of some sort Oh and dieting and vitamins pillows and ice packs. Whole wellness LMAO I'm sure the list goes on. This is my own thoughts on it, and I'm sure someone will have something to say about my opinion and that's ok cause you most likely own a piece of Health source or work for Health source. Cause I have been going enough and all the things I have read about it being scripted is true they tell everyone the same thing. But I'm getting my decompression done and is only costing me 11.00 a visit with insurance. without insurance it would cost me 170.00 or so. So if you have had surgery say your knee. they don't have bikes or any other equipment you would need for physical therapy...
    It is what it is a franchise just like subway etc

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  • Er
    Eric Kirk Dec 22, 2011

    Worst place ever, the people and the doctors are a joke. If you want to get jerked around, go there. I hate health source.

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  • Ab
    Abc12345678 Apr 26, 2012

    Hey folks, Healthsource is a franchise. It's goal is to be profitable. These chiropractors who buy this franchise are those who do not have the ability and skills to be successful on their own. So they seek and buy the franchise for about $200K. Many franchisees are recent grads. They must rely on the scripts and the plan set out by the franchise, because they are/were not able to have their own practice.

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  • Ha
    Happy hs patient May 20, 2014

    I guess some of you know better than someone that has had 8 years of education on what is needed for treatments to get better. I guess if I run a mile I'm in shape and never need to workout again. I would much rather see the cost of everything up front then get a bill for $1000 in the mail without knowing it was coming. Yep, seems unethical. As at as scripting goes, everyone has scripting, some is just whatever is made up in your head and it's bad. Healthsource does not dictate what kind of plans people should be on as that is illegal. I do know they make sure the offices are up to date with insurance changes, as most insurance companies are not wanting to pay for services and then that would come back on the patient. I have never went to any doctors office and had anything done that they tell me what the cost will be before. To be upset about that is silly. I wanted to be skeptical too but I no longer get migraines and my niece no longer has ear infections or seizures. I absolutely love how up front my office has been with me, and they care about fixing the problem not just taking away the pain. Sure seems like some of you aren't ok with people be upfront with you on things. Shady people can stay away as far as I'm concern.

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  • Ve
    Veva73 Sep 26, 2014

    I'm a new patient to health source and want to know if anyone knows if there's a cancellation policy?
    I honestly feel that they are gong to charge me a lot and I did like they gave me the charges few upfront but once I came home and thought about it. I just feel I can't afford it. It's like a car payment for 6 months

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  • Hs
    HS Biller Oct 11, 2014

    Veva I do billing for an HS office ( as well as other chiropractors in my area). I will tell you that most HS docs are willing to work on a payment plan, and if you truly cannot afford care tell them that. There are other options. Suggest what you can afford per visit and see what they say.
    Also the general feedback it seems is on the upfront payment plan. That is not a requirement. For those patients who feel they "know" their insurance ( or better yet "know" what their treatment should be) ask for either a copy of the insurance verification or ask to be on the call to verify insurance. If all doctors allowed the patient to know what is verified upfront there would be many less unhappy patients receiving exorbitant bills in the mail. Regardless of what your member service line tells you as the patient, the only thing that matters is what the person verifies on the other side of the phone from the provider service #. I am speaking nothing about the actual doctor in any HS clinic- but I can tell you their billing guidelines are rather strict and it only benefits the patient.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jamess Mar 01, 2019

    I worked at HS -
    We did a HealthSource Chant every morning.
    Acted like a robot with our script so the patient got "better faster")
    Gave them a financial consultation saying that they needed to come in about 24 times on a set schedule and prepay all visits which cost anywhere from $500 - $3000, so they will get "better faster".
    Got them scheduled for ALL their appointments and had them move their personal schedules, if necessary, to stay with the plan, so they will get "better faster" --(ADD : that our appointments fill up quickly so if they want their specific day and time they need to schedule it now or it will probably not be there anymore.)
    If they called and couldn't come in, canceling the appointment was to be the very last option, we were told we must reschedule the appointment so they still have the full 24 appointments on the schedule so they will get "better faster".
    If they are late to an appointment, we watched the clock and called them 10 minutes after they are late and got them 're'scheduled (no if's, and's, but's about it) so they could get "better faster".
    Now, replace "better faster" with "no refunds".
    But we all pretended to be happy when patients were there, when they weren't staff/owner were definitely grumpy, demanding for a $12.00 job.

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