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R Oct 26, 2019 Review updated:

This is the worst establishment and the worst haircut of my life.
Despite telling "lex" that my last haircut was too short, and "not to cut the top at all", he butchered my hair, cutting it very short and did a crewcut.
I was horrified when I saw myself in the mirror.
He does not listen!

I demand a refund of $20.
I will chargeback my credit card.

Martin bashir

  • Updated by RMB99 · Oct 28, 2019


    You are a [censored] and missing the point. Do you work for a braindead company, like Hair Cuttery?
    Has NOTHING to do with affordability, Redrea, a novice colorist at Hair Cuttery.

    It has to do with CUSTOMER SERVICE and lack thereof.
    The Hair Cuttery ignores customer requests because it is a cheap, low rent, classless business.

    You should consider a job with them; would suit you well.


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