GTP Capitalfraud and scammers


Open an account : 14 Feb 2017
Client ID : 542706

Want to close the account and ask for refund after found about their bad reviews on the Internet. Did the withdrawal on 14 march 2017 but until now nothing is being refund. Ask for my money when they call but they avoid answering instead ask to deposit more money and rudely hang up when I mention their bad reputation. Try asking them from the chat also not answering so does email. They also trade the account without my permission.

I want them to return my hard earn money back.

fraud and scammers
fraud and scammers

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  • Pr
    Prasanna Bhat Apr 06, 2017

    I really agree to the comments posted here by others... GTP is a fraud company... I had similar experience. They offered me with 3 free trading offer if I deposit and open the account. I did open the account. But I bet you can never win any trade on their trading platform. When I started loosing my trade and money, some one claimed to be my account manager and stated that he would manage my account and asked (rather forced) me to deposit more and more money... I never realised that I already deposited 2000 GBP.

    I then started fighting to get my all money back. This is when they started getting rude. Some how they have stolen my card details and in the pretext of depositing my money back, they took 4000 GBP again from my account... This made me hopeless and as put me in really bad shape now with loosing all my life time savings...

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  • Im
    Imade Idehen Jun 06, 2017

    GTP Capital have been trading with my money i invested $250.00 in Feb 2017 and since then i have not been able to withdraw or get my money back and for that reason i will advised every one not to invest in GTP Capital, Its Scam

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