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R Jul 11, 2019

On July 9 I took a greyhound bus from Union Station to NY at 7am. The bus was old and had a funky smell. We took the road and after 3 hours of driving the bus stopped and wouldn't start again. The driver stopped and followed the procedure, and another bus stopped after a couple of minutes. I was lucky to be sitting in one of the first seats because the other buthat stopped to help had 10 more seats available, and the rest of us had to wait until only God knows for how long.
The issue is that the bus was in a terrible condition( poor or absent maintenance) It felt like the bus was falling apart and there was something wrong with the breaks. This is absurd! What about safety!!??
On top of that I had to paid 20 dollars to reschedule my booking for an earlier time on my way back from NY to DC and the bus was late!!! More than 2 hours

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