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J Jul 16, 2019

I filed a complaint with you on or about 4/18/2019 regarding the treatment i received from the above office on two separate occasions, and i have yet to hear back from some one regarding this matter but i did receive a bill for the horrible services i received. And on top of it all one of the representatives from that office asked me if i wanted to apply for a care credit card and i agreed to do so and while in the room she came back to me and told me i was approved for $1500 and i was so happy i couldn't understand how i could be approved and she never asked me any questions, like my annual income, social security number, etc., initially care credit paid the $1260 but after i filed the dispute for the services i received and your office never responded back and i won the dispute. I also filed a dispute with delta dental who is my dental carrier. I can't believe you all had the audacity to bill me for the horrific experience i had. Please call me at [protected] regarding this matter.

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