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GopherIrresponsible selling

These guys promise everything and deliver nothing. They also call weekly hassling for more business even after requests not to, and to be taken off their database. FYI. Their services are completely and totally overpriced for what they do. We have had no referrals from a listing (free one).


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    Completely Over It Aug 22, 2012

    We have heard this so many times. If you would like to take a few minutes please come join our page and share your experience. There are other business owners like you voicing their experiences. We want to grow this to better educate the business public of NZ and Aus against this type of practice.

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  • Ka
    KarenAchald May 17, 2013

    Am trying to raise awareness about this scam. Have left messages with several newspapers. Found this article about them too:

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  • Jh
    JHolmesnz Mar 12, 2014

    Its obviously still happening, We have a major problem with Gopher. Even telling them NO time and time again AND even saying we dont have the money they still pushed it. Its because they are VERY aggressive and manipulative over the phone to the point you feel backed into a corner and say yes. And with our business, the person who said yes wasnt authorised to do that and we havnt even had any sales come our way from them. We have paid them $7500 and they are demanding another $7900. Even telling them we will go under if we have to pay they seem intent on descrying us. We are only 3 years into our business and thanks to Gopher, instead of making this year the best where we would just break even, they have made it the worst. They know we dont have the money and yesterday we got a letter saying they want the whole $7900 or they will take us to court and we will have to pay their legal fees as well. We are horrified that a NZ business can behave in this way where they are happy to see us crash and burn. It looks like we arent the only ones with Gopher problems. I would love to get a group of people together that would be happy to tell their story to the meantime we are dealing with Gopher through our lawyer.

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  • Mo
    Mobile Maintenance Jul 10, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree . They need to be taken out . I would be ashamed to be associated with them in anyway shape or form . I think we should head for Fair Go .

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  • Go
    gopherscamer Jul 10, 2014

    We are all talking about it but not doing anything gopher is taken money from business for years now and nothing has be done. i know heaps of business owners that have been scammed out of money get over called and renewal of there contract 2months before hand!!
    how do they have a partnership with google i cannot beleive it.

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  • An
    Antigopher Aug 08, 2015

    Hi there.
    I have a problem with scammers called gopher.
    At the beginning we agreed to create internet site and I was ready to cooperate with them. But than they started to complicate the situation more and more and I've decided this is a scam and fraud company and canceled our agreement.
    They keep sending me their tax invoices with overdue fees and refuse to understand that its all over and I no longer require their service but no use.
    I must say that nothing has been done fore me at all. I haven't received anything from them, but constant headache.

    Please let me know about your experience and how you dealt with them.
    They are very annoying gophers.

    taggs: scam fraud. gopher internet site design company thieves.

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  • Da
    David Munro Aug 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Definitely a scam avoid give these scammers no money don't sign up for a free account, if they call you hang up.

    Their few page views are generated by spam, you know those Facebook posts, like this to view video, that's how they generate social media likes. So no real customers just a lot of likes for spam. You only have to look at their own Facebook page with 5000 likes, for a small marketing company in NZ is just being silly. I noticed 3 of my friends had liked there page no surprise none of them had heard of Gopher

    These people are the absolute s of the earth if you work for gopher you are an evil ### who cant find a real job scammers fraud sb fake

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  • Pu
    PushoverGemini Nov 28, 2016

    Can anyone here help me get out of their hooks? I was hooked in by their big sales talk with promises of a new website making more money but still nothing. Nice website but obviously a dead end job of SEO. I have cancelled their services via a 90 day notice but as yet that time isn't up and I am being hounded to pay them more money. Can someone suggest out I get out of this without it affecting my credit rating??

    Any assistance gratefully received. can email me at [protected] TIA, Linda

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