GoodLife Fitness Torontothe cancellation of my membership as I required have not been done

Da Oct 03, 2019 Ontario

My name is Damien Tanoh. I have got a commitment 1 year membership with goodlife GoodLife Fitness North York Dufferin and Finch.
Because I had to move in France for 1 year from the end of August, I decided to not renew my membership. I ask to a staff member of goodlife (137 Yonge Street) if I can cancel my membership with him. First, he told me that I have to ash to the goodlife where I got my membership to do that. Then, a second time, he saw me and called me to say that he asked on his manager about my possibility to close my membership with the Goodlife on yonge street and that his. manager answered that I can do that. So, he proposed me to do it for me and I say ok.
I am in France since the end of august and I really thought that the job was done. Yesterday, I received an e-mail from goodlife saying that they try to withdraw in my account on September but it did not work. They say that they gonna try again in October and that they gonna charge me 25$ in plus because when they try to withdraw, it did not work. My bank charge me also because the payment did not pass because I have no more money in my account being given that I asked to goodlife the cancellation of my membership. If you want, I can give you the name of the goodlife staff member in question.
So I called yesterday from France with is expensive the goodlife on Yonge street and they say that they gonna see what they can do by sending me an e-mail. I did not receive nothing. I also called GoodLife Fitness North York Dufferin and Finch to close my membership, and the guy did the work. He sent me a cancellation confirmation: «We are writing to confirm that your Ontario Access 12 Month Commitment Bi-weekly has been cancelled, effective on 23/10/19. We certainly hope that you continue to live a fit and healthy lifestyle!». Then I try yesterday and today to reach the complain service of Goodlife and I have waiting today over than 20 minutes on the phone without talking to anyone. That is why. I send you this e-mail.
Can you please cancel your intention to withdraw money on my account as for the month of September and October 2019. You can check that I did not go to any goodlife from the end of August 2019 because I left Toronto to France and that I asked to Goodlife to cancel my membership. You can see that I did not punch nothing. I need that you cancel this intention and that you sent me the proof of this cancel intention because I will have to use it to ask to my bank to refund me also because they charge me also when you try to withdraw on my account.
I live in France now, my phone number here is (0033)[protected]. My e-mail is [protected]
Please, help me!

Thank you,
Damien Tanoh

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