GoodLife Fitnessprivacy issues

St Oct 09, 2019 OH

This location has failed to protect the privacy of its ladies by not communicating to the members that their change room is shared with a large and tall male who dresses as a lady. This male has male parts, and is often located behind me while I am undressing and naked without the consent of any of GoodLife's female population. All girls, teens and women are raised to protect their bodies from invasion and males. While I have a Diversity and Equity BA Honors Degree from UofT and absolutely believe in their right to feel comfortable; we have no way of knowing if this is simply a social experiment, a dare, a heterosexual cross-dresser or someone who authentically wants to be transsexual and deserves to be in this room. Furthermore, when I complained I was told I would have to relocate when the issue is GoodLife's issue not the females. It is completely unrealisitic and devaluing to ask me to change in a sauna after spin class. Even this person should not have to change in a sauna or washroom. They should also be given the respect they deserve and provided a separate change room AND shower. Your staff need more education on Diversity issues and how to respect all parties rather than give blanket statements without consideration, respect and communication to all parties involved. Without a statement to your clients you are merely part of the problem and not providing a solution. Note, all other facilities offer a third option or equal AND comfortable privacy within the shared venue. Your management and Privacy officer lack the education to resolve this issue and it should be brought into open dialogue with your staff and female members as standard education.

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