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I want to address a situation that occured yesterday evening. A personal trainer at the Goodlife Markham Yonge and Kirk location named Rosita, treated me with utter disrespect, and acted very unprofessional. The personal trainers often treat regular members as if they are less than clients.

I would just like to start of by saying that if the Goodlife employees would do their job and clean the free weights around the gym every 45 mins like they should, I wouldn't feel inclined to find the weights I need in the personal training section. Now, I understand that this section is for those who pay for a trainer, I never use any equipment or weights in that section when members are training there. Although yesterday at 7pm the client finished their training and the weight I needed to use was only found in the personal training area, I noticed that the trainers were standing around talking to themselves or on their phones, with no clients. Thus, I grabbed the weight I needed and walked out of the designated personal training area. That's when I was stopped by your employee Rosita. She insisted the weights in that area were for clients and not for regular member use. I expressed my understanding and told her these 7.5 pound weights are the only ones available at the time and I could not find where the other pair of weights were. I told her I would return them after a quick set before clients come in for training. She then yanked the weights directly from my hands and told me these were her managers rules. I then asked her if she could bring her manager out so I could talk to him, or her and explain my situation. She ignored me and I walked away frustrated.

I later walked up to Rosita to ask her name and her managers name, expressing to her that I was upset with our prior encounter and wanted to address the situation with her manager. She barely looked up from her phone when speaking with me and actually refused to provide her managers name once again. Stating "I am not giving you my managers name-- ask the front". I couldn't believe how she was talking to me. I have never been treated so poorly at a gym before. I have been a Corporate Goodlife member for many years now and I invest a lot of money in my training here at Goodlife. I expect to be treated with respect by all staff regardless if I am paying for a personal trainer or not. I also expect that the gym space is clean and the weights are put away for members like myself to find effortlessly without having to resort to the only area that is clean which is the personal training section.

If this poor treatment continues, I will be terminating my membership along with my loved ones who have a membership under my corporate rate. I will go to another gym, that have weights accessible to me and would hopefully threat me with more respect than Rosita did.

Dayna Mistry


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      Nov 12, 2019

    "The personal trainers often treat regular members as if they are less than clients."

    This is a systemic GoodLife issue, and not just at your location. GoodLife truly has some of the lowest standards in staffing and the poorest customer service I have seen around. I have boycotted GoodLife after my personal training experience in 2018, and nor will I ever recommend their services to anyone.

    There are many great gyms, classes and professional trainers out there. I highly recommend you do your research for other gyms in your area and I'm certain you'll never regret the day you left GoodLife Fitness.

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