Golden Corralmanagement mistreating employee

M Jul 27, 2019

7/22/19 i was hired on at golden corral . on 7/26/19 The manager Thomas on shift at the time Pored Salt in my drink not knowing that i had high blood pressure issues that cause me to be sick that night and the following morning . I was told to place my drink in a certain location by the sink on top of the ice machine by my co workers in the dish room that is out of the way ... upon returning to work on 7/27/19 i request that a incident report be made and we wrote it up . He did admit to compromising my drink by poring a large amount of salt in into it ... He then followed that report with a disciplinary report on me stating that i (misused company property) that i refused to sign until i talk to the GM (Marco), who i was told was in Florida until further notice . please help me, because i work this job to pay my child support . thank you

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