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Verified customer

On 3/6/09, My mom called and said she and my father were listening to the radio. He called in, answered question and was told he won 2 trips. My mom spoke to the person at the travel agency and was told all she had to pay was the tax and shipping. She called me and it was very hard for me to believe, but she said she was told that this was all inclusive and she would get hotel, air fare, transportation, free meals, etc. I was very surprised but skeptical because it seemed too good to be true- especially since she had to give her credit card info. I asked for the number so I could call and find out more about it. I called and left a message at the number she gave me. She then called me and told me her credit card did not go through and that the agency would be calling me to get my credit card info. I told her that I would have to make sure this was really legitimate before I gave my credit card information to anyone.

I spoke to an Andrea Pachecko who stated she was the manager and she told me more about the package. I then spoke to an Elena Velez -who I spoke to in much more detail. I wrote everything down that she told me. I was told that the trip to Las Vegas included- Air Fare for 4 people, Hotel from a choice of 10 hotels we wanted to stay at for up to 4 people for 4 days and 3 nights. I was told we would also get transportation, breakfast, tickets to the casino, and tickets to a wax museum. I wrote this all down as she was telling it to me. She also told me that we would be getting air fare for 4 people, hotel stay at the Gran Melia resort for 3 days and 2 nights along with transportation and a free meal. She said that these trips were good for 18 months and that any 4 people could go on either trip. I went over every thing she said with her MAKING SURE that airfare was included for 4 people on both trips and she ASSURED me that it was. She told me that she would record our conversation and I said it was fine. I gave her my credit card information after I went over the whole package again and she reassured me that everything that I said was indeed included.

Today on 3/12 my mother received, in the mail, a description of the travel description that she was to sign and return in 48 hours. She signed it, took it to an Amscott and faxed it. She then came over to my house and showed it to me. I was concerned when I looked at the description and saw that transportation nor air fare was listed on the sheet. I immediately called and was placed on the phone with Mayra. She told me that air fare was not a part of the package. I told her that I had spoken to Elena Velez who ASSURED me that air fare was included. Mayra quickly told me that she had my mother on tape that she could replay for me and that she was explained everything. She played the tape for me. Some one named Juan Pablo spoke so super fast and explained the details of the trip to my mother. No, I did not hear him mention air fare, but really, I didn't hear too much of what he said anyway. I then told Mayra- that It didn't matter what Juan Pablo told my mother. Her credit card did not go through. It was my card that they used and I got the clarifications on it before I allowed them to run my card. I said that Elena Velez said she was going to tape our conversation. I told her to please play the tape and that she would hear all that I was promised. After leaving me on hold for 10 minutes, Mayra got back on the line and told me that all they got on tape was my credit card info. She told me that there was no manager in the office and asked if I could please write a letter so upper management could be made aware and do an investigation on this.

How funny that my mothers whole conversation was taped but mine was not. I am extremely angry about this situation. I was Blatantly lied to about what I was receiving for my money. My family was lead to believe that they won these fabulous, all inclusive trips and it was nothing but a scam. Everyone knows that the most expensive part would be air fare, which is why I really made sure about that being included along with the transportation. I can't believe that your company could be so unscrupulous to prey on people that think that they are winning something.

I spoke to a Carmen Velez (GM) who immediately tried to tell me that since my mother agreed to the terms that she didn't have to speak to me and she was doing so as a courtesy. I told her that since they took my money- they made me a customer too. I explained that before I let anyone have my cc# I made sure I was explained the details. She went on to tell me that it was only my side of the story and that she is sure her employee had a different side to tell. I couldn't believe the lack of customer service. Right off the bat she went into defensive mode instead of trying to help the issue. She also said to me, " Lets be real here, You actually think you would get 2 trips with air fare for that kind of money?" I told her, " I am a pretty smart woman, I made sure of what I was getting for my money- I was reassured by Elena that I was indeed getting the tickets included- so yes- i believed her." After much arguing and waiting on hold, I was told to send her an email about my dispute and I would get my money back.

This company makes a business of misleading their customers and blatantly lying to them. If you were to Google them ( which I did too late) you would find countless complaints against them. Not enough people take the action against them that are needed. They prey on the Hispanic Communities, some of which may not know where to turn to complain or how to get their money back. The radio stations also have a hand in this. They know that these ads are misleading, the ads make it seem like it is a radio promotion- Be the next caller that can answer this question correctly and you can get a free trip. Then, when you call- they have the stations music playing very loudly to further trick you into thinking that you are dealing with the station. They record you agreeing to the terms, and they speak super fast so you don't get everything that they are saying. They say that the trip is free- all you have to do is pay the taxes - That is tax fraud! How can you pay taxes on a gift??

I complained to the BBB about them. I did get a refund back eventually- after a few phone calls and emails, but that was not my main issue, my main concern was the blatant lying and rudeness. Then- the manager had the AUDACITY to call me back after hearing from the BBB and argue with me about the fact that I complained to the BBB! She was mad because I made her company look bad and told me that it was just my OPINION that I was lied to. WHATTT?? I couldn't believe the nerve of her to call me and harass me! She was arguing and not allowing me to get a word in edgewise and I was so furious that I started to blow my top at her and ask her how dare she call me at my home to wag her finger at me when her company is so fraudulent. I screamed some expletives and hung up on her. People- if you want to actually get somewhere with this company threaten to call the BBB on them! And follow through!


  • Lv
    lv2vacation Nov 28, 2010

    maybe u can garnish mr brewer's wages to get ur money back. he works for wyndham bonnet creek.

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  • Sn
    SN2BALWYR Oct 14, 2010

    On June 4, 2010 the company informed BBB they will not reply to any more BBB complaints. Consumers who wish to file a complaint may do so online with the Florida Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com
    or by writing to:
    Office of the Attorney General
    PL-01 The Capitol
    Tallahassee, Florida [protected]

    Also, if you won this "trip" via a radio station, by law the radio station is also liable. Contact the radio station and let them know of the situation.

    Please continue to send me your name and address so that I may include you in our mailing list.

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  • Sn
    SN2BALWYR Oct 14, 2010

    My Mother fell for the same scam, thankfully I work for a law firm and we are in the middle of investigating Go Relax Travel, LLC and filing a class action law suit. If you have been wronged by this company, Please send me your name and address so that we may send you a notice if and when this occurs. My email is [email protected]

    In the mean time I would recommend you file complaints with the BBB and with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.

    Here is the information on this "company":

    Florida Limited Liability Company
    Filing Information
    Document Number L05000066405
    FEI/EIN Number [protected]
    Date Filed 07/06/2005
    State FL
    Status ACTIVE
    Effective Date 07/06/2005
    Last Event LC AMENDMENT
    Event Date Filed 10/16/2008
    Event Effective Date NONE

    Principal Address
    ORLANDO FL 32819
    Changed 10/16/2008
    Mailing Address
    ORLANDO FL 32819
    Changed 10/16/2008
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    ORLANDO FL 32819
    Address Changed: 10/16/2008
    Manager/Member Detail
    Name & Address
    Title MGRM
    ORLANDO FL 32819

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  • Pa
    PapaDukes Jul 29, 2010

    These people are dishonest at best. My wife wrote a letter to their corporate office, a very lenghty one at that to complain about our trip. Today I received a call offering me a full refund. My suspicion is that there will be a class action law suit pending very soon.

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  • Am
    Amarillo, TX Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Listen I ALMOST got scammed by these idiots! I saw right away that they were full of...you know what and as soon as I Google'd them I found that they had FRAUD written all over their name. I immediately called them and canceled, of course they were not happy with the attitude I had and I let them know that they are a bunch of fakes and they were all over the internet as frauds. I told them that if they did not send my money back to me within 5 business days, I would be calling the BBB. I received my money back on my credit card the very next day...oh and I still reported them to the BBB. Im sorry you fell for these jerks, it is a shame that they are out there still doing this and the FBI nor the BBB of Florida has stopped them, ugh this is very frustrating to me and I got my money back! Good Luck to you!

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    My husband calls very excited to tell me that he won a family vacation to Orlando and that there are two more weekend getaways as well. He said he only paid $350 + to book this vacation and that it was a great packaged deal. Well I call to do the secretarial work...details, details, details. After holding almost 45 minutes, I get an answer from a strong accent woman who explained the package to me. We where to sit and discuss a 90 minute time share sale and that was it, they would give us 2 tickets to any park in Disney whether we bought or not. Well when I called to make the reservations they charged me a fee of $60.00 for their so called convenience fee (It was convenient for them alright!) After I paid and finished my reservation they would not tell me what hotel I would be staying at... I was not HAPPY..she said they would email me the information. Which they did, my receipt, check in-check out and where their timeshare office location is. NO HOTEL INFO! So I called back, another 45 min hold and finally someone answered only to say they could not give me the hotel info, they would let me know once I arrived at their Sales office to pick up my voucher for the hotel. Then they would let me know where it is and that it was only 5 minutes from where they where. Uhhm...NOOOOO! I am not going blind to any hotel...NOT! So I demanded to know, she was not happy but I am very demanding when it comes to things like this so she told me. We have so far paid 350.00 plus $60.00 (hotel convenience fee) We get to Florida and check in. I must say the Hotel people where very nice and friendly. It was a nice stay. But, back to GO RELAX. The next day we had to do our 90 min time share sale. It ended up being a 4 hour experience! Of course once we where their the other people they associate with asked us for our credit report. WHAT??? this is the 1st I hear about a credit report no one asked if they could run it!!! and they best have not. So then 4 hrs later we where finally released with 2 tickets to the park. Our package was for 4 people and another family of 4 joined us. We where 8. They booked their hotel room 2 nights before and it came out to $150.00 for 4 nights!!! YES $150.00 for their Internet promotion sale. We ended wasting 4 hrs on a company that does not have their things together! Their customer service SUCKS! and they do not have a problem ripping people off! I share my story so that you will NOT BUY from this company. THEY ARE CROOKS and I don't see how they sleep at night! oh and as for the other two vacation weekend getaways left..there are also convenience fee's attached and it's alot more than $60.00... NEVER AGAIN !!!

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  • An
    Another Defrauded Consumer Jun 08, 2010

    Make complaints to the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org and the Florida Attorney General www.myfloridalegal.com or Office of the Attorney General PL-01 The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida [protected] Telephone: [protected] Toll Free within Florida: [protected]. Attorney General have a case on them.

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  • Ju
    Jupiter27 Jun 05, 2010

    Did you get the money back?

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  • Am
    Amarillo, TX Mar 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Go Relax Travel are scam artists!! I consider myself to be a very smart individual and was stooped by these "people".
    I supposedly won a trip for 3 days 2 nights each day with passes into Disney World in Orlando FL, Wet n Wild and 3 days 2 nights to Daytona beach with room and board paid at both locations. All for a family of 4 and could bring a 5th person under the age of 10 for free all for just $199.99. I was so excited. I am fluent in Spanish but can get very confused when someone speaking Spanish talks at 100 mile an hour...YUP that's what they did...speak 100 mile an hour to me. I spoke with one lady by the name of Judy Campos and asked her to transfer me to someone that speaks English so that I could better understand the package, she transferred me to Ceasar, who spoke Spanish and he ran the whole pitch again and again I asked him to transfer me to someone who could help me in English. He transferred me to Freddy Espitia who claimed to be the manager, he spoke to me in Spanish first then English and reassured me that I would get a vacation for 3 days and 2 nights into Disney World in FL and Wet n Wild and 3 days 2 nights and Daytona beach for me and 3 other people and a 5th (10 yrs or younger) for free with hotel accommodations and transportation, all I would have to do is get there.
    A couple of days later I got online a googled them and lo' and behold there they are... "SCAM/FRAUDULENT" ALL over the net!! I was so pissed off at myself because I always google things and this time I didn't. Lucky later that day I receive the "verification certificate" and it said to sign and return it within 48 hours if all the information is correct. Well it wasn't it stated only 2 ONE day passes into Disney World OR 4 ONE day passes into Wet n Wild and 3 days 2 night in Daytona Beach...I was hot and immediately called them and asked to speak with someone who spoke English. I was told that no one that spoke English was available I stated to them in Spanish that I was mislead and wanted a refund and they said that the manager Freddy Espitia would return my call the next day. He did this morning, and I explained to him that I was mislead and wanted a refund. And they pulled out the recorded conversation and you can clearly hear that he was speaking super fast and can't understand all that was said, I asked him to play the English part of the conversation...and he said they don't record English ONLY SPANISH! He also insisted that I did'nt speak to him in English...we argued back and forth about that. Eventually I told him to speak to me in English only and that I wanted a refund and I was in my legal 30 days right to cancel and I want my money back. He was rude and said that I would have to write a letter requesting cancellation and a refund, and within 1-25 days I would receive my money back. I have done so, I mailed them a hand written and typed letter in English AND Spanish requesting a refund and cancellation along with a copy of the UNSIGNED "verification certificate".
    They cant use the excuse that I have to cancel within 7 days..it's been only 4 the charge to my credit card was done on 3/4/10 or 3/5/10 and I have canceled and requested a refund today 3/8/10 and ALL the paper work including theirs is dated and post marked within the 7 days. Along with their "request cancellation and refund procedure" I have called my credit card company canceled my credit card and filed an UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE and they too will investigate the charge...and it so happens to be the ATTORNEY GENERAL that will do the investigation! So I'm very confident that I will get ALL my money back! They messed with the wrong person!! And for all of you that have been scammed, I am truly sorry, don't stop till you get your money back, if it's not too late for you.

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  • Hi
    hispanicwomen Mar 05, 2010

    please, i need help too, i do not speak english very well, but let me tell you, you have no idea how many hipanic people is in same situation, we dont know what to do or who to talk to, so please you american that have all the resources to do something against these people, please do it..dont give up!!im so sad and i wish i could express my feelings..but i got not voice, these people laught about me, when i said i want my money back, they said do whatever we dont care, you could be the 300 person complaining to the bbb, is a shame ..i worked so hard for that money, all i wanted is give my children a unforgattable time in orlando, so is not happening..shame on you go relax, att: hardworker hispanic women

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  • Ch
    charlotM Mar 01, 2010

    I was also deceived, I reserve the right to say my name and I hope that these lines serve to give pause to other people, that first you should rely on these fabulous trips where you do not pay anything that everything is included etc etc, have both power to persuade and speak the truth so sweetly that one falls into this move, but more unfortunate is that people who say they are working on a radio station and asking questions you know the answer wins this blessed journey took me to my only 50 U.S. dollars to pay the rest was bone in 7 days thank god taxes meditate a bit and closed my credit card so that no more money osea me out $ 286 more, I hope not hata more people who believe in these fabulous trips and justice is done, what a pity that these thieves are just Hispanic people that should work honestly and instead of cheating people should shake hands each ters who shamelessly and what a shame!

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  • Wo
    W-o-C Feb 19, 2010

    WoW you guys just saved my ### (pardon my french) lol I am very greatful for all of your comments.. Hope things works out well for you guys! Good luck and sorry this happened to you guys :(.. really, thank you^^!

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  • El
    elisheva04 Jan 25, 2010

    I worked with go relax travel. And everything is a scam, even the job. They promise you that you will get payed good, very good, but then I notice that in order to be payed as they say "good" you have to lie in order to sell the vacation package. I hated the job so I left. And I left because I don't like to steal. What this company does is stealing. OH, one more thing, all that work for go relax are hispanic and the owner of the business is american, I guess he thinks that all hispanic people are dum.

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  • 94
    94TTSupDawg Dec 13, 2009

    WTF?!?! What is this??? posted the same day LMFAO!!! Someone works for go relax travel.

    I disagree with this comment because I lived a nice experience last year when I won a vacation package to Punta Cana and las Vegas Nevada, where I enjoyed a wonderful saty in a resort. Besides I enjoyed delicious meals, drinks and transportacion for free. I still remember when I won this trip . The costumer service was excelent and I was treated warmly by the friendly staff. Thanks go relax.
    223 days ago by Evelyn Trevino

    Then this---

    Go Relax Travel — Buyer beware

    I just went trough the same storie. Put me in hold for the longest time. Told me that they are going to hear the conversation recorded. Come back and tell me that it was a mistake that the radio station didnt say or explain things like is supose to and I should place a complain, fax it and wait... This person who ever wrote 13 days ago name Josy, saying to [hear carefully what you're buying you will understand it]... I wonder if you work there and trying to cover it up...
    223 days ago by Evelyn Trevino

    XOXO Evelyn Trevino
    People aren't as dumb as you think ;-)

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  • Ka
    Katherine Cintron de Monge Dec 09, 2009

    I entered a 'contest' on a Latino radio station in Puerto Rico. Mr. Jun F. Amaro answered my call and asked me a question claiming that if I answer correctly I will 'win' a vacation for 4 people, Florida, Puerto Rico or other exotic locations FREE. Mr. Amarro said I 'won' the contest but needed to pay $423.98 to 'reserve' the trip. I was hesitant because I currently live in Kansas and my husband is in the Army and we don't have the flexibility to plan a vacation. They said don't worry you will have 48 hours after we send you the package to cancel if you don't like it and 18 months to plan your vacation. When I got the package in July I found out it did not include airfare, taxes and food plus we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation on 'the benefits of vacation ownership'. I really didn't know what I had 'won' since there were so many fees. By then it was too late to cancel.
    I try to make reservations in August and after several phone calls waiting for several incompetent customer service representatives trying to explain and assist me I finally make the reservations. In addition I paid 60.00 more dollars because Dec it’s the pick season. They told me that I will have to scan or fax a sign term and conditions paperwork in order for my reservation to be confirm. Every time I called to ensure that the process was completed I got a different answer (i.e., you’ll get a package online, please sign to the website and check for confirmation) However not a single representative were consistent with the answer, so I started to get concern about the truth and legitimate of this offer.
    Today on Dec 9th, 09 I called again to express my concerned about the confirmation packet that they told me that I will get it in the mail. This time I called the customer service department hoping that somebody will hear my concerns and the lady who answer the call could not explain whether I will get a packet in the mail or via I mail. So she tries transfer me to the reservation department. By this time I was totally frustrated and asked to speak with the manager. Everything went wrong a lady that picked up the phone literally insult me, she asked me if I understood english and if I was able to read the paper, if I know how to access the web and that if I knew what are headphones. I told I her I didn’t appreciated the way she was talking to me and that she was rude. She went on a rage for over 3 minutes and hang up the phone after I express the inconvenience of continuously call to check after the reservations.
    10 minutes later a lady Giselle called and stated she was the manager and apologiezed for the misunderstanding. She told me she was going to guide me to the process and explain more about the package. I told her my reservations were schedule for 25 -29 Dec and after so many inconvenience I was not going to risk my children holidays by attending a presentation or going thru additional inconvenience, because so far this was a whole headache and I have never being treated this way before. In additional I asked her if there additional charges and she told me I will have to pay around$ 10.00 per night for taxes. So I asked her to please cancel the reservations because so far all I was doing was paying additional charges. I found this outrageous. When I made that phone call I never imagine that this was any type of scam, since it was over the radio. BUT when this man Amarro was talking to me just like any sales person didn’t explain the fine print. Of course when you call they don’t even tell about taxes or any additional charges until they record your conversation with your credit card information. AFTER that is when they unveil the truth and that is how these companies make their profits by utilizing baits and dirty tactics to honest consumers. This company is nothing more than a scam and rips off. There are countless complaints against them. Furthermore this people utilized and target the Hispanic population, some of which may not know where to turn to complain or how to get their money back.


    Katherine Cintron de Monge

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  • Rb
    rbm Nov 09, 2009

    has anybody taken legal action against this company. i think there are more than enough people to establish some kind of legal action.
    i don't know if this case would be at the federal level because its happening over different states, do you know what radio station is selling the time for their comercials. if we just complaint and not take any action they will keep doing this.

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  • To
    tomas trinidad Oct 26, 2009

    i called [protected] this is a tv station, they will hopefully investigate, they are to call me in reference to what they did to my father.feel free to call and add ur complaint.

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  • Ap
    APina Oct 19, 2009

    oK... My husband & I are reading these way toooooooooooo late!!! We have just been scammed by this company. "Rippedoffbygorelax" call [protected] and don't stop fighting for your $$$$. We are calling galore and I'll update this as I go through the process. We were also promised airfare - but it is not included in this simple little paper w/pamphlet we got in the mail. Let's help each other out!!! I can't afford to pay $340 for a bunch of crap!!! Our nightmare started with "winning" a radio contest!!! BEWARE

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  • Di
    DiegoMoreno Aug 25, 2009

    My wife and I also were scammed by Go Relax Travel. They say they will not refund our $340. There are a ton of fees we were never told about beforehand. I have put in a complaint with the BBB and with the Fixer at the Chicago Sun Times and will continue to fight them until I receive a refund. This is just plain wrong and the people should be aware of scam artists like these.

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  • Ri
    rippedoffbygorelaxtravel Jun 10, 2009

    I am also following up to get my money back but they never pick up so I can't even get in a complaint or a refund request. Has anyone else experienced this? how did you communicate with GORELAX travel that you wanted a refund?

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  • Go
    gotmetoo May 22, 2009

    Yet another victim. I am currently following up to get my money back. I have filed with the BBB.
    I'll wait to see what happens.

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  • Ev
    Evelyn Trevino May 04, 2009

    Dude Yemila YOU ARE WRONG! I got ripped off too by Go Relax Travel!

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  • Ye
    Yemila Apr 10, 2009

    I disagree with this comment because I lived a nice experience last year when I won a vacation package to Punta Cana and las Vegas Nevada, where I enjoyed a wonderful saty in a resort. Besides I enjoyed delicious meals, drinks and transportacion for free. I still remember when I won this trip . The costumer service was excelent and I was treated warmly by the friendly staff. Thanks go relax.

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