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GKR Karate is nothing but a pyramid scheme. It encourages people to give up their jobs to go knocking on doors to recruit new members. The Karate is sports based and very watered down but they sell it as teaching you self defence.

I know several people who have lost theis marriages because of these people. They get you to do more and more promising you the earth but the truth is the only people who earn are those few at the top. I lost my house because of these people.

They lurk outside job centres to recruit people to go door knocking. Please don't get fooled by these con artists.


  • Al
    alex079 May 20, 2010
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    Agree.. Golden Rule... AGAIN... "IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT IS" don't fool yourself into get rich-quick or get-qualified-quick schemes! I know its a tough truth, but thats the mean world for job-seekers.

    Companies such as GKR karate, Carolina Consultancy, London Marketing Company, EA World WIDE..etc are ruthless, heartless, merciless con artists, please do not fool yourself or others.

    anything els, please email me as I am currently doing a research on these companies.

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  • An
    angry_fiancee Jun 04, 2010

    my fiancee took job with these people has so far he has worked 1whole week 6.5 days 10-12hrs each day including travel door knocking (not even the advertised position he applied for) and has received ZERO dollars. These people prey on the desperate and offered my partner a job as soon as they heard we were having our first baby in less than 20 weeks. these people are pure [censor] and have cost us more than they will ever give back!

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  • Al
    alex079 Jun 05, 2010
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    Send me thier address.. I'll pay them a visit,

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  • So
    sorita Oct 14, 2010
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    Quite recently, about a month ago I replied to a paper advert advertising for a self-defence consultant near my area and it turned out to be for GKR Karate. (In UK, London Borough). I attended the interview and he talked about door knocking to get people to join and how you progress from there.

    To me it wasn't clear what the income would be and he was not clear on telling me when I will get paid.

    In the past I used to do GKR Karate and left because yellow belts were allowed to teach. You just had to be over 18 and no matter what colour belt you were you could become a sensei. To me I thought that was strange because when learning new techniques and a student higher than the coloured belt of the sensei came to the class they may not know how to help the higher grade student to improve or correct their technique.

    Also they can judge at competitions as well. Imagine a student doing a kata they were just learning or did not know.

    How on earth can they score it? They can't and should not be allowed.

    At the interview for this self-defence consultant role I was told I needed a car to get to the classes, etc which I thought was stupid because I could use a bus to get to them and if that was not good enough a taxi or a bicycle. When the business grows and I get enough income I will be willing to have a car then.

    When I said this I was told I can only get the role if I had a car. To me I think that sounds very odd.
    What on earth is wrong with a bicycle?

    Anyway I am not interested in this opportunity due to not knowing when I'll get paid and the quality of the teaching.

    The reason why I left GKR in the 1st place and went to another martial art where they are taught by a 5th dan.
    It is much better and much more fun!

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  • Se
    sensei Nov 07, 2010
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    funny how the only people who complain about gkr are either the FAILED self defence consultants, the competition who folded due to overheads and gkrs popularity, or the sat at home sceptic who belives the whole world is there to take advantage of him when reality proves they have never taken advantage of anything themselves for them selves and others or the bad parents or lazy folk who never took advantage of the BENEFITS OF KARATE offered to them by gkr despite the fact they had a perfect opportunity to gain them all but never went despite buying a membership to the club by there own choice or applying for a job by there own choice its easy to blame someone else for your own failures ...ITS A 2 WAY STREET gkr would love to help everybody learn self defence or get fit or help some poor kid build his confidence, concentration levels or coordination etc but you ACTUALLY HAVE TO ATTEND CLASSES OR DO THE WORK.
    i personally joined gkr as a student many months ago BY CHOICE, and yes a guY came to my house (who i must say i invited round to bring me further information) and blah blah 20 minutes later i willingly joined.
    loving my training and in every way getting EXACTLY WHAT BOTH I WANTED FROM IT AND WHAT I HAD BEEN TOLD ABOUT CLUB i had no complaints whatsoever .
    Due to unforeseen circumstance i found myself several months later seeking alternative employment seeing an ad for a self defence consultant for gkr karate my eyes lit up !!! make my hobby a job WOW !!!
    i applied got the job and started soon after !!!
    not only as a self defebce consultant (SDC) Do i get to train 3-4 days a week in intensive advance karate, I AM NOW A QUALIFED INSTRUCTOR and have a chance of promotion within the club just like in any job i have personally seen many people advance and be promoted in front of my own eyes not only that i get to take my love of the martial art out to the people and public, yes i am promoting and marketing the club by canvassing door to door (would you prefer junk mail flyers ? or maybe newspaper ads you never read ? or maybe if we didnt promote at all and the 50, 000 students who train per week worldwide all got fat lazy and mugged ..come on please !!! the club has been aroiund for 26 years for christs sake wake up GKR IS TRYING TO HELP YOU !!!
    the main reasons gkr goes door to door is -
    1 - its a cheaper way to promote itself for growth (yes its a business yes so is tesco, walmart and microsoft -- HELLO WAKE UP)
    oh and if the club saves money guess who gets cheaper training fees or alternate and extra classes or cheaper equpiment even free or other special club events offered er oh yes YOU THE STUDENT !!!
    2- by taking karate / martial arts to the general public in this way IT HELPS PEOPLE, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SAID "I WANNA GET FIT !" but done nothing about it or put it off, how many times have you wished your kids had more confidence or discipline or concentration . do you really need an explanation ? GKR IS TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE, get kids off the streets, save some poor guy from a heart attack in a few years, save a woman from an abusive partner or worse . gkr is for everyday people a family club not thugs .
    So thats that covered now what about the other side the guy who knocks your door thre self defence consultant (SDC)
    yes i admit i am one and i love my job it is by far the most enjoyable and rewarding job i have ever done what do you do for living ? and can you say that ?
    applying for a job is done by choice correct ?
    being offered a job and accepting itis done by choice correct ?
    yes i work on a self employed basis on a commission as do many people in a wide variety of careers
    yes i work on average 40-70 hours a week by choice because i love karate and love helping people and just like you i need to make a living.
    in my time as an SDC i have seen new recruits come and go some cant handle the training in martial arts to instrcutor level i say what did you expect a soft blanket and a cuddle if you have to push through the pain barrier to excell and better yourself NOT.
    most fail simply as an sdc simply because they choose to, they have no desire to help others only themselves they expect instant results without undergoing the month or so's training it takes to truley understand what your job role is all about its easy to say anything is a scam or a job is [censor] because the hours were long or your boss made you work hard ...sounds to me more like you couldnt or wouldnt cope with hard work maybe serving fries is more your cup of tea .
    maybe if the job ad said self defence consultant required, weak characters, pussys, unmotivated, selfish, lazy, conmen not required. call [protected] would you still of applied ???
    what annoys me most is how you can call it a pyramid scheme when the SDC gets the money from membership sales AFTER ALL HES DOING ALL TH E WORK the club gets the students training fees sounds fair to me after all my job is to promote the club get people involved in karate help them benefit in numerous ways and to make the club grow so if i do my bit, the student does there bit and attends and the club does its bit by teaching (and i must say as an instructor a very structured and thorough training and development program for all levels of ability, stick around long enough and you will see the proof in the pudding or were you a quitter having a winge and a moan because your the failure really) THEN SURELY EVERYONE WINS SDC, GKR AND STUDENT .
    over 500 people successfully work fulltime as SDC's by choice because we love karate we love helping people and we belive in what we do, i have no trouble sleeping at night knowing ive helped little billy learn self defence and help build his confidence so he stops being bullied nor do i lose any sleep knowing that a teenage girl whos been raped in the past will learn the skills to prevent it ever happening again or preventing a girl from ever having to experience such horrors in this sick world because i taught her how to protect herself, nor do i lose sleep when mr or mrs brown rings me and thanks me for helpiong them lose weight and bring there blood pressure down and self esteem up.
    i have walked and knocked doors in burning sunshine sweating and gasping for water, in gale force winds taking 2 steps forward and one step back in thunder and lightening and torrential rain being soaked and drenched to bone in freezing cold snow ice and blizzards unable to feel my hands and toes turning blue ready to die or give up my left arm for an electric blanket ... did i quit NO !!!
    WHY ?
    because no matter how hot cold wet tired or hungry i am i believe in what i do not only the 50-60+ walk per week for my fitness nor the awesome training in karate i receive nor for the personal sense of accomplishment seeing a student i joined grade to the next belt knowing that one day both they and i will look back and say i did that ! not for the money either im sure you do your job for money and you provide a service or sell something in order to get your wage packet right ? but because behind the next door if there is 1 person man woman or child who i can help then the aching muscles, didnt make a penny today days, heatstroke, frostbite and rain sodden flu symptons in the morning are worth it .
    a blackbelt is only a white belt that kept going
    an sdc who gets his own region to manage is only an sdc who worked hard took the training on board had the guts drive determination and beleif in what they doing to succeed and most importantlythey cared for others (the club is constantly expanding because more people benfit than complain im sure microsoft, walmart and ford get complaints- see the wood for the trees)
    or maybe your a moaner who didnt get the benefits of karate but didnt keep going to classes - whose faults that ?
    an sdc who failed to make a living in there chosen career choice at the time is only a failure to themselves and others .
    i rest my case.
    if you would like to join the club or become an sdc and dramatically improve your life visit

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  • Al
    Alan Smithee173 Oct 28, 2019
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    @sensei That post was way too long, but my response will be quick. You can suck a fat dick, and everything you said is a lie. GKR is a multi-level marketing scam, pure and simple. The company DOES NOT PAY its employees, forces them to buy their own uniform at great personal cost, shames them when they don't make sales, and expects them to travel miles from their home, again at great personal cost, to knock on doors in all weathers in the vain hope that they might get paid £25 if a customer agrees after 30-45 minutes of sales [censored] to join the club. I would normally love to remain rational and calm in a debate, but [censored] you for defending this horrendous, thieving scam company.

    Again, in case the other points mean nothing to people reading my post, allow me to reiterate - GKR KARATE DO NOT, EVER, IN ANY WAY, PAY A WAGE TO THEIR EMPLOYEES.

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  • Di
    Discruntled Parent Nov 11, 2010
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    So let me understand this. As an SDC you are allowed to train in classes for free and you receive no remuneration for doing this, all the fees paid by students go to the club. What you actually get paid for is selling the club to the general public and signing up more students. Effectively you are a self employed door to door sales man whose hobby is provided free. If it was a job that paid sufficient income to support a living then why is my daughter taking part in OBG week. OBG stands for Operation Go Ballistic. Basically the SDC's work every hour god sends in all weathers for the meager commission paid for each sign up. She has even had to pay for her own Sensei pack consisting of all the necessary paperwork to run her sales person business. Surely GKR can provide that for free? She drives her own car to the training sessions many of which are not local. Recently had to attend a seminar in Birmingham. Once again had to pay for her own fuel and even had to pay for the occomodation when she got there. Any wonder that she and a number of other SDC's were considering sleeping in their cars to save their hard earned cash. Even though she works damn hard and looks completed washed out as a result of her efforts she is effectively getting in to debt with her grandparents who keep having to provide money so she can buy petrol and attend the meeting. As for the Self defence aspect I shall just say that be under no illusion the fact that GKR is a NON CONTACT Karate you may think you are well equiped to take on a mugger but come the time I fear that you may find that actually hitting a target is completely different to what you learned in class. Can you teach someone to drive a car using a steering wheel in your lounge chair? No! You need actual experience of driving. In the same way you need actual experience of full on Karate to consider yourself able to take on a mugger. GKR Karate (in which I have been involved as a mature student) is no more than a sport. Indeed I used it for the fitness workout it provided. No more than that though. As long as you understand it's limitation you will be fine. As an employer you either need to be a regional manager of GKR (limited no. of managers) or above them to earn a salary and could find yourself stuck as an SDC till a position become available. The commission is the carrot to draw you in. The earners are the management and Sensei Sullivan. Unless you are superb at selling to the public and have the gift of the gab as it were then you may want to consider alternative employment than becoming a commission only door to door sales person.

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  • Co
    Concerned Member Of Public Nov 17, 2010

    Just had a visit from GKR reps, was interested until I was told I had to commit to full registration without even trying one session, then told I could try it once for free, then told actually I couldn't without committing to the registration. The guy selling was a pro in door to door selling but felt I was been conned to sign up to a timeshare or double glazing. Fundamentally his technique was underhand and made me lose all trust in the product. I worry how many others have let themselves committ to this type of sale

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  • Us
    used and abused1000 Dec 11, 2010

    I have been a member of GKR for 15 years, and yes I agree, it is a scam! It is a dictatorship as in where it can interfere with your private life. The expectations of you as a instructor to promote the club is a must and they have no loyalty to you if you do something wrong or speak up about your rights. As an instructor you are treated badly, even as a black belt, when all the while GKR are filling their bank accounts with the money from students you are teaching. If you want to become an instructor with them you lose your right to be yourself and must submit to their way of thinking and living. Yes you are entitled to free tuition at any class, but when you consider the treatment you get for sacrificing your family time and personal time to the teaching and comitment to the club, you get stuff all back in return. You neglect your own training because you are sucked into giving so much of your time to the club while the club makes all the money. Its a scam, please, please, please dont get sucked in like I have for 15 years only to be treated like a nobody and have your lifestyle and personality critised and judged by some big egos making all the money at the top!

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  • Gi
    giggs82 Jan 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I was recently offered the position of an SDC with GKR karate and after attending the interview and reading about what the actual job requirements and payment methods are I turned it down. The instructor rang me the day after the interview, very keen for me to commit to the job was extremely rude when I informed him that I had considered all factors of the job and spoken with my partner and decided that the possibility of being paid nothing a month was not something I was willing to leave my current employment for. Some of his exact words were 'are you not capable of making your own decisions?' when I mentioned I had spoken with my partner. Another was 'no there is not' when I mentioned that there was a possibility of earning nothing a month, when there quite clearly is that dire possibility (what if you were ill?). Another one that stuck out was 'so you want to get paid first and then do some work?' when I mentioned that I thought the company would pay a yearly base rate of pay and any extra commission from sign ups would add to that. I know for a fact that he gets a yearly salary with extra commission added on top of that based on new recruits as he told me during the interview. I got the impression during the interview that this guy was a manipulative [censor] who loved himself and I was right. I'm a salesman by trade and know when I'm being fed bullsh*t and everything about GKR's business plan screams a scam and boarders on being unethical to the lower end of workers.
    I have trained in Shotokan for 5 years and know good karate from bad, I asked about stylistic differences and kicks such as mawashigeri jodan and yokogeri kekomi jodan and his answers - 'we don't do them'. Why not, yes they are technically very hard kick to perfect but every club I have trained at makes you do them as they are part and parcel of Karate. Yes they are hard but you have to push yourself and train hard and you will perform then rather than just not training them. I have seen some piss poor kata from some of their 'instructors' on the internet and I can honestly say I am no Gichin Funakoshi but even I was better than these inflated kyu grades they call senseis. (I'm not even going to mention the kihon...)
    To surmise – if you want to train karate with this company that is your decision, be warned that the level of instruction you pay for will be of an extremely low quality and you could get much better value for your money by training at another club where the instructor is more established.
    This is a money making scheme, the karate on offer is an afterthought.

    If your thinking of working for them – FORGETT IT! You will earn next to no money what so ever and they offer no financial security for yourself or your family. The fat cats see their bank balances swell while you see yours along with any free time you may of previously had disappear.

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  • Ch
    chrissy_complaints Jan 27, 2011

    i have just accepted an interview in sheffield on tuesday i thought it all sounded great but now i have read all this i dont no what to do. it doesnt state on the job description that it is on commision and door to door sales. it says karate training £300-£350 per week meets national min wage. 24, 000 per ann and bonus after training. should i not even bother going to this interview? i most certainly do not want to leave my current job if this is a bag of [censor] :/ cannot risk my life. i need help please??? :/

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  • Lo
    Love 2 Help People Jun 09, 2011

    i have just been given a job as a gkr sdc but after reading all thuis feed back im very scared off losing out on the job i have already i am not happy were i worknow but i cant afford to make my 5 kids and my own life any worse than it is I already have 11 members willing to sign up but if theirs no differnet weekly income im domned...PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU HAV ANY GOOD REASONS WHY I SHOULD STOP NOW BEFORE I LOSS OUT>>>:{

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  • Ho
    Holdsteady Jun 25, 2011

    I took up GKR about 5 years ago in Oxford, England where it was trying to establish itself having only moved into the area 6 months before. I wasted my time for over a year before finally seeing sense and giving up the fake martial art that it is. My instructors were orange belts who had become "sensei's" inside of 3 months (one while a yellow belt) of taking it up, and within a month of me taking it up I began to realise that they were only marginally more competent than me at karate and certainly no better at looking after themselves if attacked on the street. A man who started at the same time as me became an instructor after one of the original ones quit actually hated to get hit and used to flinch away from children hitting during sparring. The techniqes are as poorly taught as you would expect and also their is no real depth to them, it feels as if someone designed the whole style from a Karate instruction book. Its absolutely no use as self defence, someone will get seriously hurt on the street trying to use it one day. Started Boxing since leaving and the difference in effectiveness is frightening, a black belt in gkr would not last 30 seconds with the average lad in my gym.

    The techniques to get people into handing over money and join are the same sort that got double glazing salesmen reviled during the eighties, pressurerising vunerable people into paying money upfront before they have been to a class, about 95 percent quit after a week anyway. The instructors and door to door salesman dont seem to last much longer with none of the people who were involved during my time still present when I last checked a couple of years ago (neither did any of the students seem to be). All of the instructors soon realise that it is a big con and pyramid scheme is exactly the right way to describe it, apart from the top few no one will ever earn a living from it.

    The facillities where you train are always some school gym/church hall/wherever is cheapest in the area which have no shower or changing facillities and in one case no where to go to toilet yet gkr charges as much if not more than other MA/sports clubs that have to pay for proper Dojos or gyms. It is not even cheap which is inexcusable considering the all round terrible standard.

    Hopefully given the ease of finding bad reviews on the internet the fraud that is gkr will cease to be due to both a lack of instructors and students but as they target the uninformed they will probably carry on being the biggest pretend martial arts club in the world. But if anyone is undecided about having anything to do with this get rich quick scheme masquerading as a martial art go on youtube and watch the footage of the clown (but now extremely wealthy) "Kancho" Sullivan (if they have not removed it yet). He could barely fight his way out of a paper bag that some has already opened up with scissorsyet he is the founder of this "art" and is also hilariously a self awarded 7th dan despite only ever being graded as a second dan by anyone else.

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  • Tr
    True Gkr Jul 05, 2011

    1. Karate whether you believe it or not exists in marketplace that considers it as a sport. It has never been, it is not now, nor will it ever likely to be a frontline sport. By frontline sport I mean it generates money from outside the sport itself beyond the organisation, the participants, and friends.
    2. Some Karate organisations operate on a not for profit basis. Some like GKR run it as a business.
    3. GKR karate recruits the vast majority of it's memberships by SDCs (Self Defence Consultants) knocking on peoples doors. The SDCs will sprout out a door script that goes like this:-
    Hi I'm (...) I'm from the local karate club. I'm just in the area letting people know about our classes, would you like some information about our classes? (This is to find out any initial level of interest) Other questions about previous MArts experiance and sports other info may be ask to build a profile of the potential customer.

    Script pt2 I can drop that information into you when I drop in on some other people in your street. (Makes it sound like the whole community is interested)
    Script Pt 3 When I drop in the information I'll spend about 5 to 10 minutes (reality it will be a least half an hour or longer)
    Script Pt 4 Get name address phone number ages of residence date of birth even. (It's amazing and scary what information people will give to complete strangers who carry either a very low grade ID or none at all) Worse still
    Script Pt 5 The unsuspecting person now gives permission to this complete stranger who they have no real idea where they are from to come into their house!!! Would 6 or 6.30 be okay for you.

    No where does the SDC let the customer know that they are an agent of the company and not an employee. Nor does the customer know that the money for the membership they have just purchased goes to the SDC. Whether the customer gets an excellent instructor, a very good instructor, a good to average instructor or a very poor instructor is based on a lot of factors which from the customer point of view are totally random given that the vast majority have no real knowledge of martial arts prior to their purchase and certainly have no knowledge of GKR an how they do business.

    More to come:- Post getting too large!

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  • Tr
    True Gkr Jul 05, 2011

    There are lots of people with good people who put in enormous amounts of effort into keeping GKR operating on a daily basis and they get paid absolutely no nothing for their efforts. Most of these volunteers do so without any real knowledge of how the organisation works or where the money goes to. In fact without the volunteers GKR could not function as it does. The classes they run are lead by volunteer Sensei and Sempai (assistant). The Gradings are organised and run by volunteers apart from the RM (Regional Manager) The same goes for Tournaments and other special events such as beach training. Anyone who shows any interest in helping will be quickly snapped up because the RM finds it very difficult to make any like a reasonable standard normality without getting as much free help as they can. More on the RM position later. Personally having spent many years (Time, money, effort & emotion) as part of GKR as a student, instructor & SDC I think the Organisation would work well as a purely not for profit volunteer organisation that was trimmed right down to black belt only instructors. That a business the size of GKR operates on a daily basis with prehistoric financial practices is a disgrace. Try getting a receipt for almost anything you purchase from GKR is like trying to pull teeth.

    More later

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  • Tr
    True Gkr Jul 05, 2011

    The standard of instructor a GKR student will get depends on lots of things. A major influence will be the quality of the Regional Manager in the Region you are in. I was fortunate to have a RM who was a Dan Grade Black Belt in 2 other styles before he ever joined GKR. No one ever questioned his knowledge and skill as a karateka or his ability to teach. There are some excellent RM's in GKR in terms of their karate knowledge and ability. However there are also some very poor ones who have been promoted either very quickly because of their perceived ability to lead a region. Worse they have been long time SDC's on brown belt and a vacancy suddenly appears because a Regional Manager walks outs because he suddenly realises he is working 7 days a week making little, none or in some cases losing money working for GKR.

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  • Du
    DumplingDude5000 Jul 13, 2011

    I worked for these guys for about a month, before I was FIRED for not recruiting enough weekly members in that time. Seriously, any decent human being should know that at the end of the day, people will only join a club/organisation IF THEY WANT TO, yet according to our team manager, the reason I wasn't recruiting members was because of something I was doing wrong.
    I don't want to go into too many details, but they treated me like absolute ### there, and I feel that I was unfairly dismissed (although ironically I was glad to be out of there in the end). I was lucky to make $50 in one week (not to mention the expensive set-up fees I had to pay, which included the price of a karate gi and some equipment, which were ridiculous prices) and I think it got the stage where I felt I was losing my soul to these people.
    Seriously, DON'T have anything to do with these tossers. And if you're working for them now and reading this, GET OUT NOW while you still can!

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  • Rb
    Rbw80 Jul 29, 2011

    I have signed up for GKR for 4 months on a Special offer of £24 plus the £6 per session, as a 47yr old man my Main motivation for this is Fitness & toning, so far ( 5 lessons in & GI on order ), i am enjoying it and i feel Benifitting . The Sensei's all Vary in their teaching methods so by Trying different Dojos on different Nights, you can Choose which one suits your needs ! I had No idea about any Scam until a Work-mate pointed it out to me, but where i " Train ", it all seems very Normal and Established . I used to do Shoto-kan Many years ago and Regret giving it up, the Non-contact aspect of it should encourage families to attend and Not go home each week battered & bruised ! When it is called for ie an unprovoked attack, i am Pretty sure the Adrenalin will Kick in & full contact soon follow . I will see my time out ( 11 weeks to go ), and Maybe get a tab onn my white belt, or Even yellow then see how things stand . Any thoughtsa on this would be Appriciated ?

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  • Sh
    shaun111 Sep 25, 2011

    ok I have recently joined GKR as a SDC. I will admit that that add I seen said 50000 a year (AUS) and yer but i didnt know it was OTE earnings. I attended the interview and found out everything I needed to know. The door to door knocking scared the shot out of me as I know personally that someone coming to your door at 7 pisses anyone off. But as I had no other job I thought well I will do it whilst looking for other employment and the fact that it is (Cash in hand) was really appealing also. On my very first day I got NOTHING. I went home feeling like crap and asking myself why am I doing this. I have so many bills rah rah rah. on my second day I signed 4 members and made 250 bucks in 2 hours. It felt amazing. Normally thats a day and a halfs work and I made that in 2 hours :) I have now been with the club as a SDC for 2 weeks and love it. IM averaging about 17 members a week which is around 1000 a week and 900 after fees. I start training at 12pm and only actually "WORK" from 4 - 8. I love the door knocking aspect as it keeps me fit and I get to meet all different types of ppl. I attend there very fisrt classes to make them feel welcome and show that I care. Im lining myself up for a RM position in the next 2 years... oh and by the way the are on a very attractive salary. IM very proud of what I do and I love my job. Even my gf can come to work with me its fantastic.

    All i can say that it truely is one of those classic senarios of IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. If you have the wrong attitude your going to fail in everything not just GKR. So dont hate just appreciate the fact that it wasnt for you if you tried and failed and that there is something else out there that is great for you and leave the company alone. God I can think of countless jobs I have had where they have lied and promised the work and it was all bogus. Life is what you make of it and so is a career with GKR.

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  • Th
    The Mexican Oct 13, 2011

    Like many people of my age (dont ask) I grew up with Kung-fu movies, Westerns and Robin Hood on a Saturday morning. It’s amazing what sticks with you as you grow up.

    Even given a keen interest and some knowledge on the subject I would normally have turned away any door to door salesman, but on this occasion the ring on the doorbell was answered by my teenage son. Now my son is a very sensible young lad who earns his own keep, and could have signed himself up there and then, but the GKR rep resisted the urge to get a quick commission and arranged to come back later when I would be home. In my book this earned him 30 minutes of my time. Of course he sold GKR in the best possible light (and yes he was a black belt), but anybody with a few brain cells never believes all of a salesman’s pitch. He caught me at the right moment and we both signed up for the trial membership.

    Now here’s the first point. As much as I hate the door to door sales technique, it can catch a person at the right moment in their life and give them the opportunity to try something new. It’s about balancing the risks and having a small amount of common sense. Trial membership was under £30 (no contract), and each lesson between £4 -6 for 90 minutes. That’s less than a lot of people spend on a single night out. In the end life membership cost under £50.

    Lets not forget that GKR is a very large organisation, with a business plan, structure and all the trimmings. So where do they make their profit? Surely they make it from clothing and equipment, or tacking on extra fees here and there, or charge you for every belt you earn? The answer is YES they do but not that much. I sourced and bought everything but the GKR badge online. If you really want to take pot-shots at GKR ‘the business’ then go ahead. Despite the promising developments of the ‘GKR Brand’ there are still some archaic business practices, but the effect of these on the student is minimal. If I am being ripped off then it’s the slowest most inefficient mugging in history.

    So what’s GKR Karate like; What’s it’s good side?
    Lessons are structured and cover Kihon, Kata and Kumite as you would expect. The style is a mix of traditional Keishinkan, and Goju Kai but other self defence methods are covered. I don’t have the figures for the speed of grading to provisional black belt but it’s certainly comparable with other Karate styles. You’re looking at 4-7 years depending on the amount of work and hours you put in. Physical contact is controlled. There is no contact below Yellow belt. Yellow to Brown is light contact and after that pretty much all the contact you want but under supervision as you would expect. Instructors (Sensei) are knowledgably and extremely dedicated. They are not all Black Belts that’s true, but I have not come across any lower than a high level Brown so far. I have had experience of instructors travelling several miles after a long working day just to ensure that a small class gets its holiday cover. They have never let me down. Classes are very friendly and supportive and the grading progressively harder but positive.

    So what’s the downside?
    The quality of the Dojo does vary from basic to good but is never fantastic. Mixed ages add to the fun and friendly atmosphere but occasionally it’s hard to get the age balance right and focus on the more advanced forms. Most of the recruitment is via door to door marketing. This could fluctuate greatly in quality, but to be fair private recommendation does happen, and several times a year there are ‘bring a friend’ months.

    So is it an effective style? Without going into personal cases or to much detail it certainly has saved lives. This is always going to be a bit subjective; I have met high ranking Martial Arts experts who have still been taken by surprise, when no amount of training will help you. It does build up confidence & increase general levels of fitness in gradual stages. It’s unlikely to harden or condition your body, so don’t expect to turn into a cage fighting machine. To finish, no Karate style or organization is perfect & GKR will not be the right style for everyone. However is offers a respectable choice and promotes the right fundamental attitude to Karate. It’s certainly not Karate ‘Lite’ but there are harder styles or more traditional styles out there if that’s what you want, and it’s that choice that makes Karate great – learn them all!

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  • Co
    concerned mum of 1 Jan 07, 2012

    i'm slightly concerned after reading these comments, a man called connor i say man he must have been about 20, came to my door last night and after all the talk i handed over my card details for £25 3 month trial plus £6 a session for my 5yr old and now feel like a total pratt please tell me i'm not going to go to my account and find out they're taking regular payments or something??!!!i just wanted my son to learn more respect and confidence, don't get me wrong he is so lovable, and an academic already but can also play the clown with ease!!i just wanted something he could go to every week with his dad for them to add more to their bond and for him to grow up with more disapline and no how to handle himself in this day and age it was either this or when he's 6 to do boxing and that doesn't teach control so i picked this..please don't tell me i'll be 1 out of pocket 2 he'll learn nothing and 3 he'll never progress and a reconised level i am very nervous that i've just been taken for a fool!!!

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  • Sd
    sdc karate Jan 13, 2012

    hi concerned mum of 1

    I am an sdc and no gkr will not take any payments at all apart from the agreed £23 sign up fee which pays for your insurance to train and help pay for the venues and i am experienced ...1st kyu next belt is blacl :) and i am sure you will enjoy it ..dont listen to these lot saying it is a scam ...if it is a scam why would there be more than 50, 000 students just in the uk and have been running since 1987 ..i hav met the founder of gkr (kancho sulivan) who you bow to at the begining of every class ..i am positive this will help your son it helped me i was a total prat when i joined just wanted to mess around ..and it wasnt fun because they will not be happy if u disturb other people and he will soon learn there are times to prat around (FUN) and that is when you /sensai ses

    Hope you enjoy your karate

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  • Ho
    Holdsteady Jan 27, 2012

    How does the fact that 50, 000 people have signed up to it not make it a scam? That just makes it a successful one. If all cons, scams and pyramid schemes failed to have any success it would not be a problem and we would not even be discussing it.

    If anyone wants proof of how bad it is take a look at the videos of self appointed kancho Sullivan sparring on YouTube, he is so useless you worry about him going out on his own. When the founder and head of a martial art has self graded himself at least 7 dans more than he has ever achieved then you know something is not right.

    Concerned mum of 1, you have to ask yourself if you would rather waste £25 now by not bothering with pretend karate or waste a couple of hundred qiuid by giving it a chance until you realise it is a load of rubbish.

    Take your boy to Boxing or a reputable martial arts club, just dont throw money away on a pyramid scheme called GKR.

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  • D4
    D4nn1 Feb 01, 2012

    I work for GKR and it doesn't promise anything but the possible benefits that COULD be gained through hard work, no one has to leave their jobs, it is purely down to each individual persons' choice. I have trained with GKR for a while and i love the instructors and i love recruiting new members for our club, it helps to create a positive state of mind which not many people would know much about obviously. I hope you all have fun with all your other clubs, however GKR is for me, not to mention it IS the LARGEST TRADITIONAL karate club in the WORLD. To the concerned mother above, no we don't take out regular transactions, only the once to cover the fee in which you know you are paying for, understandably there maybe a bit of mistrust but you can always check your account details at your bank.

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  • Th
    The Mexican Feb 04, 2012

    There have been several Boxer's in my family, but some clubs teach boxing as the 'sport' and others take a more traditional view.
    It's the same with Karate. I have seen GKR karate in practice, I have also seen other styles and can't say that either one was better than the other. We train very hard and that pays off. There are so many GKR clubs that I cannot garantee all are at the same high level of commitment and quality as my region and local Dojo but I suspect that most are. I also know several ex army marines who seem to think it's pretty good. £5 for one and a half hours with a great instructor - who can complain about that. My son upgraded his £25 trial membership to full lifetime membership a few weeks back for free!. Hardly a con. He combines Karate with his regular Gym routines and maybe he will take up boxing someday too...

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  • Sd
    SDC newby Feb 09, 2012

    Every day people get sold on something, whether the product is manufactured by asda, or argos, or whether your friends are trying to sell you on why you should go to the pictures to see a film, the point is that it is an everyday human technique. what most people on here are trying to say is that GKR is selling people false promises, no they are not, GKR is simply 'selling' the option of doing karate, as a person everybody knows what they want in life... right?, so as a person and as a fully competent human being, everybody has the EQUAL opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to do karate, it is FULLY your own choice, as an SDC i know that for a fact because i ask the same questions everyday and i quote '...what we are doing for those people who are interested in finding out a bit more about our classes is dropping off some information sheets and timetables, WOULD YOU LIKE SOME INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CLASSES?' as an SDC i quote this phrase a hundred times a day, at that quoted point YOU as your OWN person have the CHOICE to say yes or no, so what is the problem? i have not yet made a promise that i haven't kept. if someone has said yes they would like some info, i have done exactly what i have promised, i have gone around to that individuals house with my info and explained it to them, its is their choice and THEIRS alone whether or not they wish to continue onto joining our club.

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  • Sd
    SDC newby Feb 09, 2012

    LOL Just because we train on beaches i can assure u that there are no pyramids there hahahahahahaha

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  • Ma
    matb Feb 16, 2012

    I don't know what experience holdsteady had with GKR, but any club that has 50, 000 ACTIVELY TRAINING members can't be all bad. He makes out that they have all been conned, but they would soon see through it once they start training if it was as bad as s/he claims it is. The karate can't be that bad if our members are beating people from all other styles in world competition.The sad fact is, some people are whiny little losers, and when life is not handed to them on a plate, they ### and moan and blame others, rather than taking responsibility for their own lack of success. I see it so often. People join and think they will be the next Bruce Lee, then they discover it takes long-term effort, and suddenly they are full of complaints. GKR is on a par with most karate styles - better than some, worse than others. If you have a membership, get down to class and make your own decision, rather than letting this whingy liar put you off a great thing. I've been training in the UK for 11 years, and it's the best thing I ever did.

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  • Ha
    Hallam Feb 28, 2012

    I joined GKR a few month ago and i feel i its the best thing i ever chose to do. I can feel my fitness improving along with my confidence. Theres a lot of this "scam" crap being said but id say 99% of it is from people who couldn't be bothered to put in the effort OR some who had a bad experience in their first few classes and quit. Its a great club and for £50 lifetime membership + £6 a session its far cheaper than gym membership!

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  • Ho
    Holdsteady Mar 10, 2012

    matb how much are you making out of GKR? You seem very defensive of it so I guess its a fair bit. I will say it again, having lots of members does not make it an effective form of self defence, a good style of Karate or a well run organisation (for its members benefit). How many of those members stick around for long? Not many when they realise that it is a big joke ie being taught by someone who has only been doing it six months longer than you.

    You choose to insult me (a usual tactic of GKR) for pointing out facts about your pretend style of Karate when these same facts are apparent to anyone who has ever attented a few lessons or has searched for ten minutes on the internet.

    You claim that GKR defeats different styles yet has anyone from GKR ever taken part in a MMA competition? How can the largest martial arts club in the world in the world not have any representation in the fast growing sport of MMA? Oh wait its because this highly effective art would be of no use against some who knows what they are doing, or being brutally honest doesnt have a clue.

    Con Show Sullivan describes the pretend martial art he invented (and how does it feel to waste your time learning a Karate style made up by a man with very little knowledge or even ability at Karate?) as a family friendly martial art and uses this as a selling tool. How can a martial art (look up what martial means) be such a thing? Does that not ring alarm bells with you? Its Karate lite with the guts ripped out of it, thus rendering it pointless (other than for making massive money for con show and his cronies)

    I look forward to being insulted by you or any other gkr cult members for pointing out the truth, paticularly enjoyed mat calling me gutless from behind his keyboard. Being a keyboard warrior is probably the safest option for a GKR follower anyway.

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  • Th
    The Mexican Mar 12, 2012

    It really depresses me to hear people keep on attacking something which a lot of people enjoy, just because they have had a bad experience. It’s important to look at the facts, with an ‘open mind’ and ignore people with an axe to grind.

    Lets examine a few points.

    Q: Is it a con?

    A: Hardly . No contract, lesson are cheep, no pressure to buy their products or ’join’ the organization.

    Q: Is it a real form of Karate?

    Yes. Follows traditional techniques and training methods, but reviews it training to keep up to
    date. Does not make any claims to be the perfect interpretation of Karate, but works hard to
    give people real Karate without compromising it’s key aim of Karate for everyone.

    Q: Is it an effective form of Karate?

    A: Yes, it’s important to remember it’ a Martial Art, but it can be a sport, a way of life, or a keep fit program. It’s up to you how you interpret it or use it in your day to day life.

    Some people aren’t happy with a Martial Art unless they are spitting out teeth every week.
    Don’t confuse pain with skill or practical appliance of the techniques. You can practice Karate 7 days a week, and condition your body to take damage, but that’s not realistic for most people.

    Q: Are it’s teachers qualified to teach Karate? Why aren’t they all Black belts.?

    A: Some instructor are Black belts, some are not. All go through a 9 week training course to find out if they are ‘good teachers’ . They don’t get a class straight away, but have to learn the ropes as an assistant teaching lower grades. They help out in the class and cover other duties. Haven’t met one yet who pretended to be anything else.

    Other Karate schools may have only Black belt’s as teachers, but belt colour was never a good indication of teaching skills. Traditional Karate has always been taught as a hierarchy; with each belt asking the one above for guidance. The senior instructor isn’t superhuman and can’t be everywhere.

    Q: Training in School Halls and Church buildings.

    A: Guilty as charged.! They’re cheep and perfectly suited to the task. All the equipment you need to practice Karate is a large room with a good floor. If you want the trimmings get them yourself for practice at home - maybe the family will join in! Almost all the Non-GKR Karate schools I know do exactly the same thing. I suspect the few who DO use more charge heavily for the privilege, and guess what, I bet most of it hardly sees the light of day. It waste’s to much class time to get it out often, or costs to much to replace, and health and safety blah blah blah……

    Q: Why does GKR not participate in MMA etc..

    A: Why should they?. GKR trains people in Karate . It‘s up to individuals to decide what they want to do with their skills.

    MMA is a Sport. It’s practitioners are professionals who train very hard to win but have to study several forms if they hope to do so. No single style works for long, as they always have to adapt to the current winning trend. This makes them very good at what they do. However even MMA has rules that you have to abide by. Real life is not always that clean and simple. Sometime you might be called upon to defend your life, other times your might have to fend off a friend who’s had to many drinks. GKR Karate gives you the right tools to do the job.

    Q:Lastly, Is Kancho Sullivan really good enough?

    A. Sacrilege!! (only kidding!)

    He deserves respect for the organisation he has created to promote Karate and the enjoyment it brings to many people. However I am pretty sure that he hasn’t been to a training class of mine recently so I don’t really care. He has provided a large number of very well trained and patient staff who do train and support me, so that will have to do. I suspect that even though he is getting on in years he could still beat the crap out of many…

    To end this little rant.. GKR may have faults, but I thinks that’s just as much to do with peoples high expectations. It’s a large organisation and people sometimes mistrust that. But that’s not a bad thing, at least it keeps them on their toes…

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  • Ma
    Matiu Mar 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi concerned mum of 1. Just to add my bit, I've been taking my two kids (9 yr old lad an 7 year old girl) to GKR for just over a year in Sheffield, UK, and I'm really happy with it. All these scam and pyramid accusations don't make a single bit of difference, especially not to the kids. We go because it's fun, it's cheap, it's accessible to us all and it does teach the kids really valuable lessons on setting (and achieving) long term goals, perseverance, discipline, tradition, and, God forbid they ever need it, smacking bullies where it hurts. I was attracted to GKR because all the other local dojo's charged a monthly rate, whether you trained or not which I thought was more of a rip off. GKR only charge if you train, so going away in holidays or missing the odd class is cool. That said, we're now enjoying it so much that we don't like to miss a class, and actually try to sneak in two a week or more when we can. The kids have done swimming pool sessions which were brilliant fun, we met Kancho (the founder) who taught for about 2 and a half hours in Leeds, and so far have been to 3 different dojo's in Sheffield, each of which had great sensei and sempai (assistants). While I'm here, for what it's worth, anyone who is saying that the founder has "very little ability in karate" has probably never seen him fight. I'm sure there's plenty to say about Kancho Sullivan, but this is just not true and makes me doubt the rest of what's been said. He was truly inspirational. So no, if you're experience is anything like ours has been for the last year you've not been conned at all. Sure you and the kids might want to practise other martial arts one day as you develop or get curious, I think my boy might go for other kinds eventually, but as a solid start, with good techniques, strong dojo etiquette and an emphasis on fitness and technique GKR has been great for us all.

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  • Wi
    wind of change Apr 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ok ive actuly worked in the GKR (australia) mob and i would have to agree that its a con i was there for a day and they where very evasive towards training i had to fork over $90 for my uniform and another $30 for my bussness package ( a DVD) and under the day the manager wanted me out door knocking i asked what my payment is ( i have a kid to feed) he said it %30 of what i make on the 1st 150 successful applicants would be given to me and he basicly tryed to pay me off with $150 if i got 50 aplicants when i said i cant do this due to me bing socaly awkward (autisum) and he wanted the bussness pack back and i get renbursted $10 (btw i havent given the the dvd) as some one that went out and studied martel arts GKR is the far most worst in the art of combat it quite disorgernised and also there is no real sparing and exstreamly basic karta and blocks it more a light exersise dictatorship and a socal club.

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  • Me
    Menapian May 03, 2012

    Whilst I have no issues with any karate organisation attracting members... at the end of the day it is really up to them as to if they join, or continue their membership, I do have concerns over the way certain people within the GKR conduct themselves when placed under the microscope. The fact that it does have so many members is more a reflection of their effective sales technique as opposed to their karate abilities. The fact that, in my experience, these sales techniques included savage criticism of other non GKR clubs does more to demonstrate how far removed SOME GKR are from the true spirit of the art.
    I notice here that a common defence used by SOME is to launch into a personal insult tirade/offensive in front of the widest possible audience but then to slink away before a response is possible.
    If people enjoy their karate through the GKR, then that is great. But I think SOME of their instructors do the GKR a great disservice when they take well founded and genuine criticism and point to it as being evidence of some great conspiracy against their organisation by other karate clubs...

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  • Sd
    SDC newby May 06, 2012

    Ive been working for GKR for a while and every time i read all this crap it winds me up, because none of it is true, i am an SDC and i do work on commission, so take it from me if you're no good and cant make the job work for you then fair enough, get out while you can, but just because you're all pissed off about failing, it doesn't mean you should derogate the club, and for those of you who maybe did get fired, what are you complaining about, because yes, maybe you didn't get enough members but would you have wanted to stay in a job that wasn't suited for you? No, you wouldn't, that is why you are complaining about it, it works for some people and it doesn't for others, its just like any other job, but one thing that this club isn't and that is a scam, or a pyramid scheme or a false and nontraditional martial art.
    GKR works for so many people and i don't just mean SDC's, but it depends on what you want to get from it.
    As an SDC if all you want from it is money, money, money, you WILL fail every single time, i know from experience, there needs to be an understanding of what YOU want, what YOU need and what YOU want to achieve.
    It is the same for the students, if you ask our students why they joined, they will give you a reason such as, because they were being bullied at school for been overweight; Our students will know why they joined our club, and what they want to gain from joining, so in the end we are getting members, and building our club, and our students are benefiting from whatever it is that they want, and the best part about it, is that we are probably the cheapest and most renowned traditional karate club in the world.

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  • Th
    The Mexican May 08, 2012

    Just a quick note. Menapian raises a good point. NO Martial Arts organisation or its staff or members should lower themselves to criticising others. Each to his own, live and let live etc….

    If you have a grievance then take it up with the people concerned, and if you want to make people aware of any genuine problems then put a reasoned argument and the facts, but take a long hard look at your own behaviour first before casting stones.

    To date I have met a lot of GKR Sensei’s, students and a few SDC’s I have NEVER heard any remarks belittling other organisations. If I ever do you can be sure I will set them straight.

    I have been on a lot of other Martial Arts sites, and I must say that most seem to conduct themselves well, but I have come across a couple which should know better. These seem to be organisations that feel threatened by GKR moving onto their ‘Turf’. That’s sad, but if they feel their livelihood is threatened you can understand it. But have they every tried speaking to GKR? Guess not….

    Whatever you do, train hard, have fun and take responsibility for your life and actions. If you follow that advice you should live to a merry old age.

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  • We
    Well wicher May 10, 2012

    It's pure scam. GKR people are not professional. They just want to make money ... that's it. Sansai are inefficient and only run agter those students who buy things from GKR ... RUBBISH ... RUBBISH ... TOTAL RUBBISH

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  • An
    ANONONNO May 17, 2012

    Someone came to my house yesterday from GKR and was there for about two hours so I eventually agree to sign my children up. i said i had no money so they said they would take joining fee when i got paid in two weeks. I have decieded I really cant afford this and there are cheaper classes in my area with no joining fee. Do i have the right to cancel this ?

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  • Sp
    Spencer1990 May 23, 2012

    I'm a former SDC and I was lucky enough to leave quite amicambly and would go back and train with the club if it weren't for now working shifts. I do think that the teaching of the club is quite good and I never encountered a Sensei who was any less than a 2nd Kyu, who normally would teach a class with younger children in it. There's a huge amount of pressure when you're an SDC to perform well especially if you don't have any money behind you when starting. You'd be be better off starting with some money behind you so that while you train and get used to how to recruit members you don't feel the pinch. I personally was able to recuit around 15 members per week in my region with with 40 members starting and regularly attending within my second month, however I reached a point where I felt I couldn't sustain what I was doing with too many disappointments, thus I opted to return to a regular job. I never attempted to scam anyone and I did have several cases where I felt I had genuinely helped someone who was shy or being bullied start doing something social. If you feel apprehensive about using your card to pay ask them to make a copy of the payment sheet for you so you have evidence of what you've agreed to. For me personally it was great while I was out of work to make some money doing it and also made me very aware of keeping positive in my working environment and of Personal Development. However unless you are able to emotionally seperate the rejection of the product and yourself being very different it's not worth starting.

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  • Pe
    PeteLiarson Jun 01, 2012

    GKR is a scam. It's all sales trickery and leading donkeys by dangling a carrot in their view. I was an SDC, the training is rubbish, they told me and the other guys it would be 20k a year minimum. This is standard for sales jobs in my area so I thought it genuine. I'd advise any students to find a better and safer style of karate to practice, or of course an alternative martial art. They have instructors that are yellow belts, orange belts and green belts, this isn't appropriate and makes a mockery of itself. Kancho is a con artist, he claims to be 8th dan but in reality he's not really a black belt, my other instructors would tear pieces in him or any other of these pumped up GKR muppets. During training to becoming an instructor, my regional manager mocked all other martial arts, regularly bragged about injuring young kids at gradings and couldn't deal with me landing a strike. He broke a guy's ribs during 'non-contact' kumite. The Regional managers all have the same garbage stories about how hard they worked to become regional managers. They claim to be equivalent to master Yoda on the Jedi Council but are more like the actors that play them. The SDC role has left me in a bad financial situation, but at least I'm out, fought the brainwashing, pushed the carrots away from my view and focused on reality instead of the deluded mumblings of my regional manager and the endless promises. Do not work for these idiots, it's not traditional Japanese Karate, the regional managers often scam you out of the card payments they process. We bumped into various ex-GKR employees on our canvassing times and we found that the regional managers often scam SDC's out of thousands of pounds a year.

    Across the region there are various levels of these con artists. The SDC's are the newly initiated and have to endure humiliation, brainwashing and altering their training script(into a hard sell format) though this is not on paper. The guys that do well are hard sellers. Old ladies and families with bullied children are the focus of these people, not because they are genuinely concerned with their wellbeing, but because it's easiest to hard sell to people through guilt and fear. ''So what do you guys do as a family?'' ''Have you ever been attacked?'' ''what would you do to stop me punching you?''

    Look up all of the information on the internet about a martial arts organisation before joining. If they don't let you attend a class before parting with your hard earned then they are ripping you off. Their competitions are rigged, they get torn to pieces in real martial arts competitions so rig their own for marketing purposes. Google GKR in bullshido forums and all of the other knowledge bases of martial arts before attending. Do not buy at the door, don't let them back in. Some of the guys used to work hard to make people pay them, just to get them out of their house and to leave them in peace. These people are not safe, not all CRB checked, not experienced enough and not really a martial arts organisation at all, they just want your money. What kind of business makes it's staff pay to see the boss? Well GKR karate does, £40 to see Kancho and why? so he can buy a new rolex? stay in the Hilton and eat entirely from the mini bar? So you buy into the con and feel far too much of a fool to argue against it?

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  • Th
    The Mexican Jun 04, 2012

    OK………. Lets try reason

    To repeat myself:-.

    “It really depresses me to hear people keep on attacking something which a lot of people enjoy, just because they have had a bad experience. It’s important to look at the facts, with an ‘open mind’ and ignore people with an axe to grind”

    I was going to write a blow by blow response to the last post but what’s the point. It would bore the hell out of most people. Please have a read of my previous posts for the truth. By true I mean with a small “t” rather than a big “T” I write only from my own personal experience, based on what I have seen and heard. I do not have any axe to grind, nor am I brainwashed or brain-dead….

    Statement :“They have instructors that are yellow belts, orange belts and green belts, this isn't appropriate and makes a mockery of itself“

    Most instructors are Black belts with some Brown belts. The rest are Sempai (assistants) but even so they undergo a 13 week training program, written test, first aid course and security check. They then have to help out at an established Dojo.

    Statement :“The SDC role has left me in a bad financial situation, but at least I'm out, fought the brainwashing, pushed the carrots away from my view and focused on reality“

    Come on really… take responsibility for your own choices. Being an SDC is a hard job, with
    I suspect a high turnover in staff. Selling and learning Karate! Its either a dream or a nightmare

    Statement :“Do not work for these idiots, it's not traditional Japanese Karate“.

    Oh yes it is… do your research on the web. Traditional Karate, traditional methods, modern teaching.

    Statement : “The guys that do well are hard sellers. Old ladies and families with bullied children are the focus of these people, ”

    Last week we had a new student start with us as a White Belt. He watched the 1st lesson then signed up and came back the following week. I believe he was a Black belt 2nd Dan in Shotokan, as well as Judo and has tried several other styles. Seems like a nice guy and willing to learn all over again. Now that’s the right attitude.

    Statement : “If they don't let you attend a class before parting with your hard earned then they are ripping you off“.

    …think I just answered that one..

    Statement : “Their competitions are rigged, they get torn to pieces in real martial arts competitions “

    See the websites below and make up your own mind….

    Statement :“Google GKR in bullshido forums and all of the other knowledge bases of martial arts before attending“.

    Yeah please do…. There is some sense in this, I did. But I looked for the facts not hearsay…
    Remember GKR have 1400+ Dojo’s while most other single schools of karate can’t even muster 10..

    Statement : “What kind of business makes it's staff pay to see the boss? Well GKR karate does, £40 to see Kancho”

    Can’t remember what they were asking for the last Kancho trip but it was nowhere near £40!
    and you DON’T have to go.

    If you have a genuine complaint then go to the proper authorities. Give the facts, dates and times etc…

    If you are not sure about GKR go to the following websites and take a look :

    Then try looking at other Karate Schools. There are plenty of other good schools out there, but you can see why some are scared of the competiton . I think most people can make a sound judgement.

    Try GKR (there is no contract.. and it does not cost that much ) and make up YOUR OWN MIND. If it’s not the one for you then try another and don’t give up.!

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