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Gift Cash review: Payment not received

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On 8/24 sold a 50$ store gift card for crypto taking 39$ . Within 48 hours received email stating they verified funds on card all is good.. yesterday 9/9 was the 10th business day and no payment .. I spoke with several different people who like to pass the buck stating all the sane thing “ your payment is queued just waiting to be released for batch processing”. No one has an eta a date or nothing other than ( depending on who you get) 5-10 or 5-15 business days I’ve heard both. Then received email a few dats later saying we are getting ready to process your payment .. now nothing . They stole the money off card snd I’m sure the site that gets kickbacks for putting “ payouts in 48 hrs” which is t true but it’s not saying it do they can’t be sued for false advertising yet giving Kickbacks yo the company that wrote it I’m sure to get us to go there already destitute I’m having to sell gift cards thinking we will get a fairly quick payment only to be scammed and ripped off. That’s not good business and that’s on the same level as predatory lending only it’s predatory gift card theft. Their site says “ quick and efficient” payouts.. by whose standards? A snail? There is nothing quick or effectively in the same ball park as efficient in their payout system ave that is providing you even get a payout. They need to be class action ed ave need to be shut down. Stop scamming us Americans ! Bad enough we got to worry about every other country and the scams that originate from them we got to watch our backs in our own backyards. That’s so shameful.

Desired outcome: I want my money and they can waive processing fees

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