Gerdt FurnitureFailure to honor warranty!


I paid $1440+ for my plush pillow top crescent restonic mattress. I loved it more than anything for the first year. I really looked forward to going to bed. After about 1.5 years it started to sag which caused back pain. After every rotation I would wake up for 1 to 2 weeks with no back pain. The third week I would have stiffness and the 4th week it would hurt like crazy.

Warranty process:

Restonic will not deal with customers directly. You must go through the store you purchased your mattress from. I called the store and they directed me to customer service. (this is Gerdt Furniture in Indianapolis) Customer Service said there was a $63.55 charge for shipping that was non-refundable and must be paid in full before they will send a tech out to inspect the mattress.

I paid the $63.55 and the tech came out to inspect my mattress. He said that it must sag over 2". The restonic website says 1.5". He measured the highest point of the sag (on top of a puff) and it wasn't at 2". I told him he needed to measure middle part and not the highest point. After much arguing he measured again and agreed that there was a problem with my mattress.

Then he pointed out a small water stain at the bottom of my mattress (2" in diameter) and said the mattress was soiled and the warranty was void. He left my house immediately.

I cleaned the stain and called them back. It took another 2.5 weeks for the tech to show up. He pointed at another stain that was so faint you couldn't hardly see and said it was still void. I couldn't believe it. He took a picture of it and actually said, "I doubt if you can see this from a picture". I laughed and said, well that's gotta be good for me eh? If you can't see it... I mean come on.

Again they rejected my claim. I had it professionally cleaned by Stanley Steemer for $75. The Stanely Steemer tech actually said the mattress looked fine and they couldn't get it any cleaner. I asked him to try anyway.

I called Gerdt CS and had the tech come out again. The inspector actually picked up one of my lamps and moved it to my bed to check for stains. I couldn't believe it. He finally said they could probably "sneak it through". This is a mattress that looked brand spanking new. But as frustrated as I was (it took 1.5 months from the original call to get them to accept it), I was happy I finally was going to get a new mattress. I have been sleeping in my guest bedroom ever since.

Another week passes and I never get a call from customer service. I called them up and they said they credited my account for a replacement. I just need to go to the store and pick out a new one.

I go to the store and they no longer make the mattress I purchased. I paid $1440+ for my set in 2004. There was a mattress that looked identical to mine (plush pt) at $1399. It had the same length of warranty, same feel, etc. The store manager wasn't in so the salesperson I bought my mattress from said I needed to come back in another day. I come back in three days later and spoke to the store manager. He asked which mattress I wanted. I said I just want a replacement for my original. I'm not looking to upgrade, downgrade, etc. The warranty actually says, "If identical materials are not available at time of repair, Restonic reserves the right to substitute materials of equal or better quality". The manager, Ken Johnson, said he knows which mattress I want and will go ahead and get it ordered.

I get a bill three days later stating I owe them $270 for the difference in price. I paid $1440 for the set. It was on special, buy mattress get box springs free as they usually are. The price on my invoice clearly states one price for both. Gerdt's receipt states the mattress was $866 and the box springs were $577. The store manager claims that box springs are 25% of the mattress price. Now the mattress is $1220 and the box springs are only $280. ($1399 for the set) Some how in three years box spring technology has changed from 66% of the mattress price to 25%!!!

This really burns me. He also charged me for 6% sales tax on a warranty replacement. I've returned things to Best Buy and many other stores and never been charged sales tax for an exchange. I go back in the store and he says he will speak to his boss and call me back on Monday.

Tuesday I get a call back and he says the pricing is right and that mattress is not comparable. I can come in and he will show me a comparable mattress.

I called Restonic to find out what mattress is comparable to mine since they no longer make it. The CS manager got on the phone and said I needed to work through the store I bought it. She said they didn't know the price I paid, if it was on sale, etc. I said I wasn't asking for a price, I just want to know what model is comparable. She said she would not give me that information. I asked for her supervisor's name and she wouldn't give it out.

I went into the store last night and he showed me a mattress that was totally different than mine. The total price on the mattress was $849. That would equate to a $680 mattress. He said that was comparable to my mattress.

I really feel that Gerdt furniture is trying to profit on a warranty exchange. I will update as this continues but so far this has taken 2.5 months, 3 visits from cs tech and 4 trips to the store. Mid Nov 2007 Filed in Small Claims court. Frank Schumacher from Gerdt called a couples days later and berated me. He said that my mattress wasn't under warranty because it was soiled and they were "doing me a favor". David from CS said it was under warranty and issued me a credit... I guess the judge can decide.

12/28 - Had my day in Perry Township Small Claims Court with David P. (cs rep), Frank Schumacher (gerdt president) and their attorney. The decision hasn't been rendered yet but it was very satisfying to be heard from a neutral party. I would encourage anyone that feels they have been taken advantage of to use our legal system. It was only $78 to file a claim and that is refunded if the judge decides in your favor.

I still don't understand why Gerdt would go this far for a difference in ~$280. The legal fees, lost time in work and damage to their reputation has to cost far more. I really thought they were a reputable store before this problem. Everyone that has heard my story says they will never shop there again. Good job Frank...


  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 28, 2007

    I'm not sure why the company won't honor your warranty especially since YOU paid the money & I believe you have every right to sue. That sounds terrible that they can't see that you paid X dollars and the model that you chose was around the same price you paid!


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  • Br
    Brent Neufelder Jan 11, 2008

    I won my court case against Gerdt and was awarded the full price of the mattress by the judge. They called me a week after the decision came down and said they would "exchange" my mattress now...

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  • Br
    Brent Neufelder Feb 23, 2008

    Finally received replacement mattress. Nearly 6 months since my initial complaint. Hope the replacement is better than the original.

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  • Fr
    Frank Schumacher Feb 26, 2008

    Come on Brent you urinated on the mattress! The warranty was void at that point. Our service man made the mistake of trying to help you. Thanks to you our policy is hard and fast if the mattress is stained the warranty is void.

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  • De
    Debbie Feb 26, 2008

    In regards to Mr. Frank Schumacher's post of 2/26/08. I'm almost speechless. I can't believe the president of a company would post such a ridiculous and unnecessary comment, be it true or not. To me it falls under the definitions of vindictive and immature.

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  • Br
    Brent Neufelder Feb 26, 2008

    I like how that was what you made your whole case about in court. The stains that were on the mattress weren't caused by urine. They were on both ends of the bed. I'm a mouth breather and I occassionally drool. If it had been urine it would of been in the center of the bed and a much larger puddle than the silver dollar sized stain we are arguing about.

    Frank, you never even saw the mattress when you made the urine comments in court. I'm amazed how dishonest and petty you are. How much money did you pay your attorney instead of taking your service person's advice and honor your warranty to begin with?

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  • Mi
    misanthropic Feb 27, 2008

    Seems to me that the owner who posted is just a little upset that they spent all this time and money on something they could of resolved in a fair and quick manner. The urinating comment is just stupid, do you think he would of sued if he urinated all over the mattress? If you were so sure about it, why didn't you take a sample and have it tested? Sounds to me like your just angry and your grasping at nothing..

    I say, you suk...

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  • Fe
    fez Feb 27, 2008

    1) The judge appears to think the warranty was not void.
    2) Saying your service man made a mistake trying to provide service lends a bit of insight into the problem. I will give you a clue. The problem’s name starts with an F and ends with Schumacher. As owner you set the example for customer service, based on your post it is readily apparent what example you are setting.

    3) Next time, hire the attorney to help create the warranty contract and not to get out of a warranty contract. At least that way you will be receiving something for your money and not suffer the embarrassment you have obviously suffered in this situation.

    4) As a former business owner I cannot imagine, at any point or in any situation, ever making a public statement in the manner you did here. You lost. As a business owner when you lose, you graciously settle whatever penalty you incur, pack up your toys, and go home. You do not start pointing fingers and making accusations. Your accusations have been found to be baseless. You lose.

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  • Sc
    scott Nov 28, 2008

    If you were informed about all bedding manufactuers, they all will void a warrentty do to stains of any knid on a bed. Maybe if u were not so cheap about spending an extra 70.00 and get apreotective cover which is offered in all stores and to all customers then the issue of warrentty would never have happened. People do dont read the warrentty info and should be intelligent enough to accept the repurcussions of their in-actions. Sorry but according to manufactuers warrenty gerdt was right, even though I dont care much for them myself either.

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  • Ma
    Mack Davis Feb 04, 2009

    Did it ever occur to you that was not Frank leaving a message, but just someone looking to instigate. The problem with your mattress is this, your drool is something no one else can sleep on you idiot. It doesn't matter if it's the size of a fingernail. Any Substance, ANY, voids all warranties immediately. Just like you wouldn't want gerdt to sell you a mattress that someone drooled on but cleaned up real nice. You may have received a defective mattress, and if it is still under warranty with NO DROOL, they would have replaced it. Like the man said before, they sell a cover that guarantees any stain will not go through. If it does, automatic replacement. If they took back every mattress that had in your words a little drool they wouldn't be here. They have been in this city for over 50 years, doing business. You don't last that long doing business the wrong way in today's economy. Buy a mattress cover, or learn to control your drooling problem. Every furniture store from the junk Ashley's peddles, or to quality like Gerdt or Kittles. NO ONE WILL TAKE A STAINED MATTRESS BACK. Quit your crying.

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  • They delivered a sofa that had a three-inch gap between one of the back and seat cushions. We returned it, saying it was defective. Their customer "service" representative first told us we'd get $202 of our deposit back; they refunded only $118. Shoddy merchandise, lying service representative. Avoid this place unless you can afford to set your money on fire.

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  • Br
    Brent Neufelder Mar 18, 2011

    1) I do think that was Frank responding. He was pissed to say the least in court.
    2) The issue wasn't the stain. The warranty rep for Gerdt admitted it was acceptable. Frank and his attorney used the stain to slander me in court. Frank never saw the mattress, only his warranty rep.
    3) The replacement mattress had the same defect as the original and sagged after a year and became unbearable. I ended up purchasing a different brand from a different store.

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  • Ma
    Mary Ott Nov 06, 2011

    I was in the Southport store a week ago I was looking for a sofa I walked around in there for 15-20 minutes and not one salesperson walked up to me and asked if I needed any help. I did have my eye on a sofa but I was not going to chase down a salesperson to ask for help it's not like they were all so busy they couldn't help it wasn't that busy in there, so concluding you lost a sale and I went elsewhere and bought what I needed and I will not return to your store.

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