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General Motors review: dealership crashed my new car, gm doesn't care

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I purchased a new GMC Acadia in December 2012 from Circle Buick in Highland, IN. I had to make several trips back to dealership due to problems with the vehicle and poor management of the facility. On one of the visits they backed my new Acadia into a pole. The repair work done left me with a far from perfect new vehicle. I also now have 1000 miles on this car due to the number of trips to the dealership and the miles for the body work repair. Called and asked for the General Manager several times (Wayne Druktenis) and was never routed to him, he was always busy. On one call after they told me he was not there he picked up the phone and started screaming at me. This was my first conversation with him. He called me liar and promised me that his dealership would never take my car back and we would never get a new vehicle after they crashed it. He also said he personally approved the repair work to my car and it was perfect, after catching him in a lie on the phone he admitted that he approved the repair work from a picture that was emailed to him. I tried to work through the district rep’s but that was ineffective because they said the dealerships were owned and operated independently. I inquired about how they advocate for the customer and ensure customer satisfaction if they have no influence. I could not get an answer from them as they did not have one. When I told them that the dealership was lying to me and to them the district didn’t care because they were independently owned and operated. This is the worst experience of my life and I am convinced at General Motors as a whole does not care about the consumer. I have been documenting all correspondences with the dealership and district rep’s. I do not have enough characters here to write all of the history but I am convinced that I should reach out to the public (newspapers, news stations, websites, etc) and share my story. I believe that if General Motors doesn’t care for people I should tell enlighten them to my purchasing experience so they are informed. On one additional note my Acadia has also in for service on a valve n the gas tank. I am suspicious that this is from the accident but cannot get confirmation from the service department.
If General Motors (outside of the dealership or district rep’s) does care about protecting the customer and they are concerned about customer satisfaction then I would love for someone to contact me. I purchased a new vehicle and I received an almost repaired vehicle with 100 miles on it. All I ever asked for was a new vehicle like my payment to Circle Buick was for. They have received their money and I have received a crashed car, ~25 hours of lost time from phone conversations/trips, lies from the dealership, and an overall disregard to customer satisfaction. I am willing to bet that all consumers would love to hear my story as it definitely highlights why General Motors products should never be purchased.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 31, 2013 12:59 pm EST

not sure why someone could do something so dishonest, oh well eventually it will come back to them

Jan 26, 2013 12:32 am EST

alot of people are single parents, so that is no excuse to try and get out of a repair bill if it was your fault (not saying it is but if)

Jan 25, 2013 2:10 pm EST

Lol. good catch Tasha. And if you don't want to be exposed online than don't post complaints which are false.

Jan 25, 2013 2:07 pm EST

That may be Tasha but I would appreciate it if you had sent this privately rather than exposing me to the whole world. i can't afford to pay for the damages I am a single parent of a six year old.


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