Resolved / Child's 4MM Pink Topaz 14K White Gold Earrings Screw BacksMisleading Size Advertisement

H is engaged in false advertisement of it's earrings. Item# P998, is described as "Child's 4mm Pink Topaz 14K White Gold Earrings". Item# P473 is described as "14K White Gold Kid's Screw Back Pink Topaz Stud Earrings, 3mm". Upon receiving my order, I noticed the stones seemed small, so after measuring P998, I found the supposed 4mm earrings actually measured 3mm and P473, the 3mm earrings actually measured 2mm. I immediately called the company and was told that you can't use a ruler, that you need a special gemologists tool to measure the mm's correctly, which is ridiculous. No where on the web site does it say anything about the sizes (in this case mm) not being in actual/real world sizes. This is extremely misleading and should be in plain sight on the web site.


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    Debbie Mar 20, 2009

    I purchased a men's white gold topaz ring from Gemologica that they said list for $525 and sold to me for $310. The ring is hollow behind the stone and soooo thin and cheaply made! The stone even wiggles! I sent them an email asking them where this ring lists for $525. All they replied was that I can return it. To return it they want 10% restocking fee, plus what they paid to ship it to me plus I need to pay to ship it back. Please buy somewhere else!

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    Beth Mar 27, 2009

    Did you read the return policy before making your purchase? Sounds fair to me if they offered you a refund.

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