Geisinger Dallasmedical insurance fraud

Mi Dec 06, 2018 Dallas, GA

I arrived at my appointment and the medical assistant that checked me in was so sick she could not speak clearly, I could barely understand her. When I asked if there was anyone else who could help I was told no one else was available.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, GA
I was told the doctors office had never seen my health insurance before and they would contact the company to make sure they covered the procedures being performed on the dates ordered. They told me everything was pre-approved.
They now call my home sometimes 6 times a day saying I owe them thousands of dollars entirely out of pocket. I have called a patient care advocate and when I asked her if Geisinger even cares about their patients or are just after their money she replied with "I could get you the phone number to the billing department".

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