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K Jul 18, 2019

It was my husband's first time at this facility. We always went to Co-ordinated Health Scranton Orthopedics until GHP insurance was no longer accepted. We were not pleased compared to co-ordinated health services for the following reasons:
1. Customer Service/checking in. Three employees checking patients in. Two at desk gossiping and talking over 15 minutes before waiting on patients. Employees names were Christine Palmer & Roseann Zubrickas. There was at least 6 patients waiting in line. They literterally had their heads down at the computer station and were whispering.
2. Once we were waited on, the employee Roseann Zubrickas, said out loud "Do you know you have an outstanding balance ?"& said the amount and preceded to give us a card to call the financial department to make payment arrangements on balance. Where was patient privacy? Everyone checking in heard her. What is it her concern and to embarrass a patient and inform other patients of that ? So unprofessional & uncalled for. I am going to pursue this HIPPA violation and dismissal of patient rights to my attorney.
3. We did not even sit down & an employee from genetic testing approached us in the common waiting room about participation in program. This was also unprofessional. Should have been sent to a separate station or she should have come once we were roomed to see physician.
I guess Geisinger has no regards for patient confidentiality.
4. Dr. Mercuri had no bedside manner and was unprepared coming in room. Poor assessment. He order Mobic medication that patient has already been taking. Suggests he never reviewed medication sheet. Then he suggested steroid injection, Nurse came in room with injection in hand and then doctor said " No injection being that your allergic to methylprednisone". Again, shows he never reviewed patient chart prior to seeing patient. I verbalized that patient just needs to take Benadryl with administration(As with back injections and at Co-ordinated health). He dismissed us and said patient woul'd have to see another physician in practice to have a gel based injection. All fine but couldn't schedule until 9/3/19. I am a RN by profession & I told MD that I have been giving patient Skelaxin, a muscle relaxant that was previously ordered by PCP months ago & that patient found pain relief. I asked for a refill until injection & he said "No". What kind of physician dismisses patient input and questions? I thought PAIN was the 5th vital sign? After MD left room, the nurse verbalized to call PCP for muscle relaxant and said "you'll never get that from him". Referring to Dr. Mercuri. I was beside myself leaving the room. What did this Physician do for the patient? Answer is NOTHING! Patient in pain and same condition upon coming. I am asking for Dr. Mercuri not to be paid for visit or I will dispute charges & I also want a REFUND on my $50.00 co-pay paid yesterday. He provided us with no service. We are so disappointed that we had to leave Co-ordinated Health because of GHP coverage.

Please address and notify me of outcome. Look forward to your reply.


Kristi A. Salatino

Patient: Donald Padula
DOB 6-8-61
First Encounter 7/17/19

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