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Complaints & Reviews

map updates

Purchased 2 new Garmin GPS units, and when I went to get the one time map updates I was told it would cost almost as much as I paid for the GPS to get updated maps.

I had previously owned another Garmin and I had 1 year for the free upgrade.

Now Garmin says you have to get the free update within the first 60 days of purchase or it will cost you almost as much as GPS cost.

NO WHERE on the Garmin Box or in the included paper work do they tell you to get your free upgrade within 60 days of purchase. You find that out ONLY when you go to download free update.

I submitted complaint to Garmin and I basically got a smart azz answer from some rude idiot. After complaining to second person he asked me to fax in receipt (which I did) and he NEVER Responded, so I resent note asking why no reposnse - 4 days later I got short curt answer saying it was my responsibility to get free upgrade in 60 days and there were no options open - other than BUY UPDATE!!!

I have always recommended Garmin but trust me when I say this NEVER AGAIN!!!

Tom Tom has cheaper prices with exact capabilities and FREE LIFE TIME MAP UPGRADES. Our daughter bought Tom Tom and she loves it and in fact YES they do have FREE LIFE TIME Upgrades!!!


  • St
    stoptheentitlementepidemic Jul 27, 2011

    love your thoughts on buying tom tom! I will too. Garmin is terrible.

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  • Da
    dadcarter Aug 20, 2011

    DO NOT BUY GARMIN! Their after purchase support is totally abysmal. DO NOT buy a map upgrade. It will not work and they will want you to change security settings that are harmful to your computer. Anjd they will still not work. If you have a job, forget support. They are aonly available for yuou to sit on the phone with them for hours during your work hours. Snce they don't provide customer support when people can ask for customer support, they don't plan on giving any.

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  • Pi
    pikeah Jan 15, 2012

    Shed wrong lacation of car information in NYC. Also wrong street numbers in Queens, ny

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  • Ch
    Christopher Lee Jun 04, 2012

    I'd purchased a Garmin at COSTCO with free map update option.
    It worked fine when I test it on same day I bought it and I did not use it for about 4 months.
    When I tried to update the Garmin GPS, I can not because 90 days passed already.
    I called to customer service, and I complained because I have free update option. They said, that I can not update after 90 days.
    Garmin does not have customer service but they have a rip-off service.
    I wish that no one buys any Garmin products,
    Christopher Lee
    Conway, SC

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  • Ja
    jacquimarty Mar 08, 2013

    Garmin is terrible. I bought 2 different garmin devices. The first one I dropped and broke after owning it a couple of months. It was totally my own fault and I replaced it with another Garmin which started acting up at about the 9 months mark. I can't tell you how many hours my husband invested in repairing that thing. Each time it worked a short duration and then burned out again. Customer service was just the worst. Online help was little to no help and phone customer service kept us waiting on a long queue twice. Both times my husband had to hang up before they answered because it caused him to be late for work. After wasting outragious amounts of time, we gave up for a long time and then contacted them once more. But it was too late and their recompense was miniscule. I feel badly because I loved my Garmin when it worked, but I won't ever buy another. When it comes to Garmin, I advise "Buyer beware."

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  • Li
    Limo man Apr 29, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought a new 51lmt yesterday. Used it today first trip it wanted me to "leave roadway" on a highway and drive through woods. Returned it today, Garmin is a complete waste of money and will never ever get another penny from me or anyone else that I speak with about purchasing a GPS. Live traffic needs an app on your smartphone and completely locks your data usage. Uses data off your cell plan. Garmin is a joke and I hope they lose billions of dollars!

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product support

I purchased a Garmin Zumo 550 in May 2007. I only use it for a month each summer for motorcycle touring. Thi...

Prince George Motorcycles & Scooters

dissatisfied with response

I bought a Garmin global positioning system (GPS) that didn't work properly. I was referred to a web site that supposedly had a team of experts available to help in such cases. The deal was that I would describe the problem and the level that I was willing to pay when and if the problem was solved to my satisfaction. The levels were $18 and two more, something like $28 and $38. I indicated the $18 level and gave my charge card number. I was calling Friday, July 2, 2010. In short, the problem was NOT solved and the answers given were not even close. It so happened that my 30 year-old grandson was visiting and fixed the GPS. I find that my charge card has been charged $18 and I want a refund.

  • No
    noouuu Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought a garmin car navigator, after a year it stated playing up and started displaying to get updated map, s then the voice command stopped working and then it started taking me all over the place. it was getting me lost or us i should say ? how frustrating you can imaging one day i was ruuning on empty went to points of interst for fuel it took me to a roundabout WHERES THIS SERVICE STaTION???? tried again same thing i stopped and asked someone where the service station was, ... he said it was in the opposite direction up the road from the roundabout... i asked has there ever been a BP here, noway he said its always been up there... WEll we want talk about embarressement !...anyway i asked the service station attended the quiry he just shook his head.moving along prior to this episode i rang up Garmin in NSW spoke to customer service they reset the device over the phone, great voice command is back all looking good then after a few more episodes as just mentioned .I decided to phone the garmin customer care.. i told them the problems it was having and asked for the head of the department to speak too, THIS WAS ATTEMPTED AFTER ALL MY INFORMATION AND DETAILS HAD BEEN COLLECTED well the person i was talking to said he was at breakfast and i have left your details with him and he said that he will call you later. THREE WORKING DAYS LATER NOTHING ...SO I CALLED GARMIN AGAIN!!!, THEY KNEW NOTHING about me or the case so i ask this person to put me through to this so called head of department person... WELL you would want to know the manner theis person displayed...ALL HE WAS INTERESTED in was about what he had to say talking over the top me at every opportunity kept asking me for the same information and question that he already had asked me ...When i was given the opportunity to speak HE"S PLOT WAS TO BE EVASIVE TO THE ISSUSES he methodically avoided the whole issue he wouldn't let me speak freely denied me to speak to someone else... iT WAS AN EXPENSIVE UNIT>> THANKS FOR NOTHING GARMIN!

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  • An
    Anon1123 Dec 01, 2011

    This does not sound like a problem with Garmin but with your ability to properly find the necessary outlets for support. You were charged $18 for support from a company that probably has no affiliation with Garmin.

    Garmin does not charge thier customers for support and have a toll free support line 1-800-800-1020 that can be called during the week days. Additionally, you can go to and select a Contact Support option which will allow you to e-mail them.

    Again, both options are free.

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  • No
    noouuu Dec 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It was Garmin Australia N.S.W. branch response !!! and that is the affiliation RIGHT... Garmin is Garmin in what ever country they set-up shop. there customer support team and attitudes are null and void like there products are to me, those people represents the name and so there policies there no disguising that and that's is that !

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cityxplorer scam

Garmin CityXplorer maps for Europe are horribly inaccurate when they work at all, and Garmin does not stand behind them at all. This is a SCAM! I bought maps for five cities (total $60) for my 3-week trip in June-July 2010. Started in Brussels, which I know well (I lived there for 14 years); I thought this would be a good chance to learn the CityXplorer "pedestrian mode" system and check out the accuracy. The Brussels directions were a complete joke--for example, telling me to walk 5+ miles to catch a bus when I was less than 300 yards from a stop for the same bus that I rode 3 times a week for years. Worse than useless! Next I tried Luxembourg; the CityXplorer map does not work in pedestrian mode at all, it is just a copy of the street driving map (useless, but at least it didn't pretend to give directions). Next Paris--AWFUL, INACCURATE walking and Public Transport directions for part of day1, getting us totally lost, compounded by a battery life of less than 1 hour despite a full charge (Nuvi 1370). Day 2 in Paris: twenty minutes in, I enjoyed a freeze-up and complete failure of the Nuvi 1370 unit (which, when I returned from the trip, I discovered was happening for the majority of units). So, I never had the chance to test Madrid and London; I can only suspect that they are as completely useless as the maps for Brussels, Luxembourg, and Paris. Finally, after I returned from the trip I immediately contacted customer service and explained the various problems with the maps and the Nuvi (still within 30 days of purchase). They told me that they would not issue a refund. SAVE YOUR MONEY--buy paper maps, try dead reckoning, or flip a coin at every intersection--anything but Garmin.

acquiring satellite

Bought a Garmin Nuvi 765T in Feb 2010 Its June 2010, and unit will not acquire satellite. Emailed Garmin as they recommended (for faster service) - been a week no response. I am on hold now 34 minutes & counting. I would not recommend a Garmin product to anybody.

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bad service

My gps kept having 'pop-up messages' telling me that my maps were outdated and that I should go online and update them in my StreetPilot c330. I finally gave in and purchased the upgrade for the newer maps. But, when I did, it erased all of the canals in my city. I live in Cape Coral Florida, and this city happens to be the city with the most canals/waterways in the world! There are over 400 miles of canals here and you have to see them to know where you are in the city.

After complaining and several correspondences to the company, they reluctantly refunded the $119.00 to my credit card, but refused to do anything about my ruined gps unit. They said the roads are on there and some of the older units like mine won't show the water overlays with the upgraded maps.

I told them I wanted the old map back and they said they didn't have that software any longer and wouldn't do anything about it. When I kept insisting that you need to see where the waterways are in this city and that even the Caloosahatchee River, which is over a mile wide, is missing from the maps, they said it was just too bad.

Bottom line is that when I upgraded, because they have a pop-up program that brow beats you to upgrade, and it rendered my unit unusable for this area. They screwed me and won't do anything to make it right.

  • Ar
    arthur fitzsimmons Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they think there untouchable, and don't need to help there

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  • No
    noouuu Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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map update

I purchased a download to update my Garmin Street Pilot on Thursday evening for a trip to Nashville early...

we are no longer using the garmin

For the second time in 5 months our Garmin nuvi 770 has blown fuses in our 1999 Toyota Camry. I have had three conversations with Garmin technical support, Garmin claims that our unit is the only one they have heard about that is doing that. At $80 a pop to replace the fuses, we are no longer using the Garmin.

gps system

My daughter purchased a Garmin (GPS System) from them and the screen was cracked. She did not use it for...

return fees on defective goods

Before you buy anything from learn from my mistake and first read their return policy for...

do not buy garmin

I bought a Garmin a couple of years ago and today tried to update my maps. The Garmin is unrecognized by two...

rip offs on updates

I bought one of these for my husband for Christmas at Walmart. It needed Map updating as soon as we used it the first time, which I purchased for about $80. I understand the updating but the cost is ridiculous for the updates. If I would have known you have to pay to constantly update the stupid GPS I would have thought twice about buying it. What a load of crap and what a complete rip off concerning the price, not to mention it should have been updated when it was first purchased for free!

  • Ke
    keith stone Aug 31, 2010

    Whenever you purchase a new Garmin GPS, you are entitled to one free update within 60 days of purchase. You should be mad at the person who did not tell you this not Garmin.

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stuck with a lemon

Garmin is very disappointing. The first day I bought my Garmin it never acquired satellites (kept telling me it couldn't acquire and asked if it should keep searching?). From that point on it took at least 7-10 minutes to acquire satellites. We would have to pull over to the side of the road and let it "warm up" before we continued our trip. When I would compare this to someone else's Garmin, it was clear mine was not right because theirs always worked within seconds. I called customer service several times to ask them what was wrong and they told me to update the software, oh - and use it more often... Because their customer service hours are extremely inconvenient and they make it practically impossible for anyone that holds a job during the day to contact them, this problem continued longer than the warranty period of one year. We would call - get a response to do something first - then have to literally plan a time to call back because they were only open I think 9-5 and there was usually a 30 minute hold wait. No weekend times. Finally - the power cord stopped working on top of everything else. The last person I talked to told me they couldn't help me because I was past my warranty period. He said it would be $80 to repair, plus shipping/tax - so the way I see it that's another $100 or so and no guarantee that they can fix the unit. I wrote back to tell him I would not be purchasing another Garmin because the one I did purchase was a lemon, and no one cared or tried to help me - and I certainly wasn't sinking another $300 into Garmin AGAIN!! That response was ignored. So - I'm off to purchase another brand and letting everyone know to beware...

  • Co
    cor Nov 06, 2009

    I thought Garmin had a full 1 year warranty...

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  • No
    noouuu Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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traffic subsriptions refund

Garmin Customer Service is terrible!!! I have been fighting with them for 3 months to get a refund of $49.99. The online system for getting a subscription for traffic alerts for my 660, didn't give me enough information to determine which of the 2 offered was correct for my unit. With a 50/50 shot, I of course chose wrong. After a few days of fighting the unit, I called and then was told that I had the wrong subscription. The subscription I needed was $10 more and they would process the refund immediately for the incorrect purchase. I went ahead and purchased the correct traffic alerts subscription, installed it and it works fine. Now 3 months and counting, I still do not have my $49.99 credit back to my debit card account. I keep getting told it may take months for the credit to appear. What a load of BS. They took my money in seconds from my account, it should only take seconds to get it back! I recently had a refund from another online company and I got money back from them in less than 24 hours. After about 6 emails back and forth, I'm ready to step up my action against them. Anybody else have a similar issue with Garmin?

  • Ri
    Richrech Eichel Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thes guys are frauds.
    I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 660 and withing an hour I received an e-mail to call their 800 number to verify the order. When I called I was transferred several times and finaly spoke with a very smart mouth individual. He asked for my order number which I had already given twice and after giving it he asked if I had any questions. I said no. He then informed me that I had to purchase a map set as the unit did not come with maps loaded and would be no good to me. I asked how much and he said $59.95. I said Garmin dosen't sell the unit without maps. He replied, You are not buying from Garmin, how do you think we can sell them so cheap. I replied I don't need the maps. He said your order is canceled. I said I did not cancel my order as I want the unit. He hung up.
    I called Garmin to verify if they sold unit without maps and was told no.
    I called TCP s back and was put on hold for a few minutes then a female cam on and asked my order number. I gave it to her. I was put on hold. In a few minutes the same person I had originally spoken to came on and asked what I needed. I told him I had spoken with Garnin and again told him the unit came with maps and I still wanted it. He said don't waste my time and hung up.
    Don't waste your time with these people thay are scam artist from the word go...

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  • Ri
    Richrech Eichel Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The company is The Camera Professionals

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  • Th
    Thai Jun 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem as Richrech; these guy are a bunch of limb d...ks...check the net and you find all kind of complains about "thecameraprofessionals" What a bunch of jack off.

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upgrading maps

How come when I try to upgrade my maps, it comes up with "registered to another person"?

I knew this was going to be a problem when I thought I bought a new unit from TigerDirect and it said it was refurbished when I got it.

And now Garmin replied that they couldn't contact the previous owner, refunded my money and more or less said I was screwed!

Now, how does TigerDirect get away selling used equipment as new, and why doesn't Garmin clear the previous customer when refurbished. Good questions for the BBB.

  • Ch
    chill Jan 06, 2009

    I purchased a Garmin and specifically asked for two-day delivery. I asked the order taker several times will I get it in two days. She assured me that I would. Didn't get it until 5 days later. Very incompetent order takers plus you have a hard time understanding what they're saying. They don't speak good English. Paid a large sum for two-day. I emailed and called and they won't refund the EXTRA delivery charge. I will never deal with these people again. If you're smart, you'll read ahead before dealing with these people. I wish I had.

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  • An
    angry customer Feb 19, 2009

    I sympathize, but I have been a loyal user of garmin for years, and travel about 30, 000 kilimeters a year useing it, and I know when it has gone wrong, and brother !!! it has .
    I just updated to the 2017 north american maps, and found (after mutch comparison ) major cities and all the new roads and construction, new factories, shopping malls, highway changes back to 3 years, do not apear . Customer support told me this is minor .
    Milliond of dollars of industrial parks, and roads just somehow slipps through the mapping proccess.
    So I checked some other cities, and others, Untill It was pretty clear .
    They have just slapped 2017 on the old version .
    This is no update, it is a rippoff .
    That info was told to me by others, who I did not want to believe, but it was that or they are so incompitent as to miss 4 lane highways constructed in last 3 years and included a mud laneway less than a mile long that s 2 miles from my house that goes into a vacant strip of land . I checked, there it is, wow thanks a lot for your accuracy . In this day and age we are finding out just how little buisness is acountable for what it does . I won't get my money back, but I have a wish for those crooks !

    As you grab your chest with a heart attack
    that your last thaught is .
    " Is that ambulance useing your product to find you ""

    What goes around, comes around !

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  • Na
    nazarite99 Jun 05, 2009

    I don't sympathize with the comments above. First off I know that if someone calls Garmin International you will reach someone that speaks English very well and to add to this the call centers are located in Olathe, KS and Kansas City, KS. Also if anyone is interested in doing map update I would recommend to do some research before you purchase one. I had a similar experience to the second complaint but after much resesarch and speaking with Garmin International I understand how map update work. It is not the GPS company's complete responsiblity to update the mapping in specific areas, it actually fall mostly on the mapping company that they purchase it from. This can be either Navteq or TeleAtlas or in some cases both. Google Maps and MapQuest get the mapping from the same companies but because they are an online service they can have the changes in the mapping reflected quicker.

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  • Ji
    JimA71 Sep 21, 2009

    My new Garmin Nuvi 755T instructs me to turn, after the turn was already made and I am about 100feet up the road. At some intersections, while i am waiting for traffic so I can turn, it shows that I already turned and it instruct me to go straight. Garmin stated what their wide range of acceptable inaccuracies are, but I don't buy the excuse. My girlfriends $100 Magellan is right on the mark as well as my Delorme $49 PN40. So why is the performance of my $400 Garmin so poor and Tech support stated a reset is all I can do(which didn't work).

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  • An
    Anon1123 Dec 01, 2011

    Did you order the device directly from Garmin? If so, all of their call centers are located within the United States so odds of their representative not speaking English well enough is highly unlikely.

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problems with garmin navigator

I was having some trouble with the Garmin Nuvi 200 and was talking to some guy about resolving the...

rip off artists

These are the other web sites that this company owns.


I own a business and have a client who utilizes Garmin. This person travels quite often as does his wife and they both have a Garmin account. She just activated a lifetime contract with them when she upgraded her maps.

However, when my client went to upgrade his maps and as his Garmin is an older model, he had to choose which part of the US he wanted to download. Mind you, he didn't know this until he had already purchased the maps and tried to download them and received the "too little memory" error message. So, he contacts customer service and after about three hours on hold, he finally talks to a person who tells us they know that model has too little memory. He asks them to refund the maps fee ($69.99) and he will purchase a new model that has enough memory to download the entire USA without having to purchase additional memory.

They refused to do this and also refused to allow either of us to speak with a supervisor. We kept calling and were only allowed to leave messages which have, to date, gone without a return call.

This company is and their management are useless and I will be sure to tell ALL my friends, family, and clients to look elsewhere for their GPS and navigation needs!

Anywhere but GARMIN!!!

  • Na
    nazarite99 Jun 20, 2009

    Good point to bring up about not receiving a refund on the map update for the GPS that does not have enough space to put all of the mapping it. I came across a similar issue with another company about a year ago. I purchased the software to put on my computer and I did not want it after I loaded it on my computer so I tried to return it but the company refused to do so because it had aleady been used, unlocked or what ever they may call it.

    I would like to challenge anyone to find a company that will refund you your money after you have loaded, unlocked or downloaded something to your computer or device and receive a refund. Most, if not all, companies work the same. This kind of sucks but that is the way "software" works when it comes to reimbushments.

    Also to add to the last comment on the complaint this would be the same with the other GPS companies as well. If anyone does not believe me give them a call and find out for yourself. You never know until you ask youself.

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  • Co
    cor Nov 06, 2009

    I had a similar problem. Garmin helped me moved ALL the maps onto a 2 gig SD card. I slipped the SD card into the side of the unit and had no further problems.

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  • Mr
    MrBob Jan 15, 2011

    Garmin does not charge for customer service, even if the device is out of warranty. Whoever you talked to wasn't Garmin.

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customer service

Bought a StreetPilot C340 a couple of years ago. Recently paid over $50 for the dvd with map updates. When downloading to the GPS, I got an error - and it has wiped out all of the maps that were on the GPS. Trying to get customer service from them is a joke!! all they do is respond with something else to try. I have asked them in each email - can't I just mail it in to you? I did get through on the phone once, and someone logged onto my PC, looked at the dvd, tried to run it himself, etc. and even he didn't know why it wasn't working!

All I want to do is send the unit, along with the dvd, into them and let them fix it. But no, they just insist on emailing me "solutions" to try. We've tried it all --- even their person tried it. I will never buy one of their products again.

  • Na
    nazarite99 Jun 20, 2009

    Right off of the bat I have to tell you that I have spoken with several different customer service reps before and to be completely honest with you, Garmin has been the best when it comes to customer service. I want you to call up other companies and see if you get the same service. Trust me, most of them do not need to be working for any customer service.

    As far as you device go I hope you are able to get it fixed in the end. I do know that when I spoke with Garmin recently, in regards to my device, it did take awhile before someone picked-up. I had to ask what the deal was with the long hold time. The rep told me that, in most cases, "We like to do what they can to take care of the customer. So if that means spending a little more time with each customer to make sure that they are taken care of then that is what it takes." That took me back. When was the last time you or anyone else have heard that from a company. It is more like "what can I do for you" and "Ok we are done have a great day." I will tell anyone that I would rather waite 20 minutes on hold to get great service then waite 5 minutes and get bad service and have to call back several times before my issue is resolved.

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  • Rc
    rcigar Jun 25, 2009

    In the past I also was willing to wait for what was great customer care. I am currently on hold in excess of 2 hours with no end in sight. On another phone, I call their main line and did talk to the operator who told me that they have laid off too many customer service people and that she was not at all surprised that I can't get through. I have a need for the unit to be in working order for a critical trip today, so I am faced with purchasing a competitor's unit.

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  • Pa
    Patti Jun 26, 2009

    Good luck with getting your unit fixed. I will have to buy a new one now, which is unfair. But it will NOT be a Garmin product, that's for sure!

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  • Rb
    rbta Feb 23, 2010

    good luck in getting anyone on the phone to resoleve issues. buy another brand.

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Ordered a new Garmin Nuvi 760 with a GPS case for what I thought was a great deal - $268.94. I even printed a screen shot of the transaction. But when I checked my credit card I was charged 298.64. I called the company and spoke with Jon McKay, I said that it must have been a mistake that I was overcharged $30 and that I would like a correction. Jon McKay from said that that is not a mistake, and that they charged me a processing fee. I told him that the checkout screen did not indicate a $30 processing fee and none of their policies indicate that a customer will be overcharged without their knowledge, and I asked him again to refund the $30. He responds by saying in a sarcastic tone "big money for you, right". After about 15 minutes for talking Jon McKay of finally agreed to refund $15 and not a penny more.
Guys please do NOT buy anything from as they are lying about their prices and are looking for ways to scam money.
Please be careful and check you credit card statements.