Gardner Whitechildren’s matthew and headboard

K Nov 08, 2019

My family and I have been shopping at Gardner White for years until now. I will never shop there again and will tell everyone I know not to support Gardner White. Before Christmas 12/18 I ordered some furniture for my daughter for Christmas. I heard nothing and hadn't received a tracking number so I went to the store to inquire. I was told it had not shipped and they could void the order which they said they did and gave me a document to reflect that. The next day on a Saturday I received an email with a tracking number, I responded to the email stating my order was canceled. The representative online went back and forth with me. I called the store and they said someone would call me from online which no one ever did. I left several voicemails with the Auburn Hills locations and no one had called me back. The items were sent back to Gardner white as they should never have been shipped me to. They charged my account for shipping and restocking when I should have never been sent the order and still they will not respond to resolve my issue.

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