GameStopstaff was very big chested and was very unprofessional

Pe Sep 27, 2019

I went in told them my situation, told me he probably couldn't take it but would try, I said alright, after sitting there for him to do who knows what, he finally told me a price and said I might take else where, then he started put the other place down and told me I was dum for going there, I said fine let's do this [censored] here, then he started acting as if he owns the place and was like let's send it and do it, witch he came back and was like oh now you want it, I said yes and then he was like ohhh okay but sir you have do this and this, making a big deal out of it, by then I had it was like give me my stuff your being a [censored] then he started getting in my face about it so I took a picture of him and said once a [censored] always one, then he was like let me call the cops and make sure you never come to game stop ever again, a simple way helping would been fine but the way he made my business every ones business was uncalled for and way he went about it was uncalled for, I get that me swearing was bad and I'll take that but the way he blew up was not


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