CB Driving Schools Galadari Motor Driving Centre [GMDC] Instructor of car 245 on 25th June between 3 to 5 pm
Galadari Motor Driving Centre [GMDC]

Galadari Motor Driving Centre [GMDC] review: Instructor of car 245 on 25th June between 3 to 5 pm

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I had my parking classes today, 25th June from 3pm to 5 pm. The parkings were crowded with many students learning at the same time. So we waited in queue for our turn to practice garage parking. The instructor of car plate no. 245 was using one parking and did not leave that parking after practicing so many times even after my instructor requested to use it as we waited for half n hour and we were nearing 5pm. He finally moved out of the parking. we thought he was finally leaving so we took the car forward and started our practice. That's when he parked his car right in front of ours and blocked us even after we honked many times. This is not ethical behavior especially for a driving instructor. He is teaching wrong behavior to his students and everyone around him.This really upset me, I could not practice because of him and wasted my time and money and left the place with a terrible experience. This kind of behavior from an instructor is not acceptable and I would like to file a complaint against this particular instructor of car plate 245 who was teaching between 3 to 5 pm on 25th June. This is unfair and I request you to take strict action against him as this also spoils galadari's name and leaves the students with a terrible feeling that no one wants to experience.