FunPlusFb royal story - unauthorized credit card use

R Review updated:

Or else I made mistake as I closed my pc down. Found I have 600 some rubies in my game this morning. This is not something I want. I called my bank and they said it was made at 11:30 last night 12 28 15. They are starting a dispute. Please remove the extra rubies from my game.


  • He
    HENNESSY1989199 Aug 21, 2018

    Hi support team... I have a coplain at GUNS of GLORY. One player allways buys ressources from illegal dealers. We have the proof. Pictures and videos. Where we can share videos to support? Its on kingsom172

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  • Kr
    Kriket Man Nov 04, 2018

    I keep getting loading error or no connection

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  • La
    Lawman Lawman Apr 30, 2019

    The Customer Service number and Email is incorrect. +1 (484) 685-6514 They want you to just email then and then you get a generic email from them with a generic answer. Nothing gets resolved. I've been playing Guns of Glory for a year and spent thousands and I don't get any help with and issue I had twice. The game froze during New World

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  • Da
    Datrite Oct 13, 2019

    Someone has used my credit card to purchase items from ur game.i am the 3rd person he has done this too. I would like him suspended from the gamethevtotalcost to me was 438.00 in overdraft fees. He has done a lot of damage financially. I would appreciate this being resolved quickly so attorney does not have to get envolved

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  • Le
    lee andrews Nov 17, 2019

    i could not bind my account, blue stacks had an update and now i cant get into my account how can i save the data. i may have to reinstall blue stacks to fix the problem please advise. my castle is in kindom 444 the lord name is yoda its a lvl 24 castle. the4 update to blue stacks was today. 11/9/2019

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