C Jul 11, 2019

Hello. Many years ago there was a lawsuit related to my dryer. I was sent a few options to solve the problem because of the potential risk of having a fire with this dryer. I never heard back in writing or by phone about the outcome. I still own and use this dryer. I have constant maintenance and proper lint removal after each use. I also as a precaution do not run it at night or when heading out as I am afraid a fire may start when I am not tending to it. I know it has been a long time and I still use it. But I have no choice since I am unable to purchase a new one at full price. I have become very scared of using it lately becuse it's been making some random noises. I would like to know how Frigidaire can help me get a replacement. I understand I was under the warranty/lawsuit and that makes me eligible for a replacement before a disaster occurs. Thank you for your time.


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