Freddy KIA Houston TX 77034I am leasing kia sportage, from freddy kia.

C Nov 11, 2019

On November 10, 2019 i was driving on I-10 West all of a sudden there was a warning buzzer and dash light on informing me that the 2019 KIA Sportage is over heating.Roadside assistance was called to tow the KIA Sportage to the dealer but no one was there.The car had to be stored over night at the Apple towing lot .The car was taken to dealer this morning around 9:00 am.I received a call from service dept. around 9:30 am asking what is the problem with the car.Got a ride to dealer Freddy KIA only to be told car had not been checked out because there were other people with appointments and no loaner cars available. I pay $432.00 per month car note, to lease. I work 5 day a week but could not get to work today because my car did not have an appointment to break down.

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