Forever Living Productsexploitative in nature

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I would like to express my inner complains directing to the company mationed above, the company infact it shows that it yields more profits once you make an overlook to it as whole, but the reverse is that most of its joined partners who runs this business in part of africa the are not benefiting those small enterpreneurers who decided to invest to such company, because the company supplies products which are sold with a very high price, to the extend that an ordinary customer cant purchase it, as a results some one can not manage to sale the whole products, it eventually leads to losse of the person's contribution as a capital, because the profit of a member depends on the sales made by a person. Therefore the company should regulate their system to make their products not cost as such.
Thank you and i hope my complains will be a good challenge to the company. .


  • Fl
    FLP.Forever Jan 24, 2011

    Boss, if you have really knowledge how to work, then you will never buy a products in lot. you will take a order and then buy only those products which are required to fulfill that order so it will not a burden for you. But people like you are investing lot just to achieve level and to get big income immediately and coming in problems. Please understand business plan and business very carefully it is not simple like you are saying.

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  • Lo
    Lolamorena Feb 02, 2011

    Sorry to break it to you but level of scam involved in Forever Living is deep in their manufacturing level. They scam everybody every time they come up with a "new" product. I know because I worked there. Think about it, the work that it takes to come up with a "health" product, all the trials that are involved to make sure that the claims are valid, that the product is safe and it works...and these people launch 4 products every year??? That is because they knock off everybody else's product mixed with Aloe Vera. Clever! not so fast, they perform very weak trials amongst their executive committee which often results in stability data being collected after they launched the product. In one occasion when they were about to launch their calcium tablet it would not dissolve sending one of their executives to the hospital with an acute case of appendicitis caused by the undissolved calcium pills. They never conduct research on anything, the owner sees something he likes, sends it to the lab to get it replicated and throw some aloe in there and voila! they have a new "forever blah blah blah" Super expensive crap manufactured by abused mexican employees in their Dallas plant. They are smart though, they are careful that they dont put any claims on their labeling that might get them in too much trouble, they have a big dictionary to change around words. Their fish oil caps? a scam. Their Sonys line? sucks, it comes from this crappy company out of Ontario with the ugliest colors cheaply made. Their employees joke that they dont use anything they make. The OSHA safety report? look it up. About the only nice thing I can say about their plant is that it looks clean, and this is because they constantly have visitors. Their manufacturing sucks because their numbers never add up, their packaging sucks because the production department is ran by a derelict without a degree with delirium tremens...
    I would stick with good ol' Avon...

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  • Ge
    Get justice now Feb 20, 2011

    I see that you are not happy with Forever Living, but they must be doing something right for being around since 1978, there product all have licenses and they have a lot of members, me being one, if anyone wants to know more about this business follow the link below.

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  • Ge
    Get justice now Mar 01, 2011

    Yes you right, well done Sherlock, but took long enough, I'm sure you got better things to do than this, go back to your ###ic invalid complaints page, you nerd.

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  • Ni
    Nikhil Sharda Sep 16, 2011

    Well sorry dear Lolamorena
    I am with this company for the last 7 years my personal reason to join Forever Living Products is the Products which support me to loose 50 pounds in 6 months. I am healthy now.
    There are lot of people in my group they are getting Good Health and Wealth.
    I think you are with Avon that's why you don't like Forever Living Products
    The only thing Sucks everyone is the results of the products which motivate them to promote others
    I have more than 400 testimonies with me those who benefited with Forever products
    So i will suggest you to meet me and i will clear your all the question
    my email is [email protected]

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  • Nm
    nmv Dec 03, 2011

    Hai friends ..forever living gives vey good oportunity for unemployees...there is no investment ..if anybody complete, degree, MBA, MCA(male/female)..if any body want to settled in her life then contact me..i will guide you..i think this is very good oportunity for all..MY Mail is "[email protected]" ..message me your mobile number.i will call u.

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  • Sh
    Shashank Sharma sweet Apr 26, 2019

    @nmv And then this guy will ask you to purchase product of 30000 rs, don't get into this if you are a person of integrity if not Ethan be good by giving fake examples and selling products

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  • De
    deepinder Dec 14, 2011

    hay dear friends Forever living is best opportunity in the world for good heath and wealth i salute this company

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  • El
    Elegant Global System Mar 03, 2012

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  • Ge
    Get justice now Mar 12, 2012

    Just got this email saying new message, Oh no more bully's I'm off!

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  • Ma
    manohar.544 Jul 21, 2012

    Hi friends this is sita manohar.bejjanki. i am doing my business with forever living products. this is the best opportunity in the whole world to settle in life. if you want to be financial free contact me.9000460607 or [email protected]

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  • Dr
    Dr. Laureano Aug 03, 2012

    I am a doctor and i using forever living products for 6 years now, calcium do not cause appendicitis, the appendix it is a lymphatic organ any infection viral ore bacterial can cause inflammation them cause the appendicitis . Plus i been using this products with my patient never hear a complain this guy maybe was fire and is upset work for forever and don't try the business, only i have to tell him"The Mind Is Like A Parachute, It Only Works When It's Open" good look wasting you time with Avon cheap Chinese products.

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  • Us
    U.S.Namdeo Oct 02, 2012

    Hello Sir
    I am U. S. Namdoe Comp lent Lon ch to Nagpur Maharashtra India Coming before 5 years Forever Living Product I purchase his product Alvera Jel 2 Purchase your company Agent San jay Madake

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  • Sa
    sandeep jethuri Nov 04, 2012

    hello dear
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  • Ra
    RAVI "RAZZ" Jan 07, 2013

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  • Ju
    jugaly98 Jan 10, 2013

    forever facewash quality was very bad. it is very costly. for use is very dangerous fo our skin. so don't buy it. if you buy you losses your skin beauty... thanks

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  • Hp
    hpsnagi Feb 22, 2013

    this company made products at their level/but not advised by their autorised legal adviser by their 12 fatty directors/alovera is causing pains in stomach, they donot know they are selling /they should meet me i will give allovera to them, in will test them one by one all directors /i chaallenge them come to me all of u r with bad chlestrol /pl send report of ur body/ ur making products and selling but not advised by ur any legal advisor who has tested himself/at lst test it on ur obama then sell it/ur cheaters first test on yourself then sell it/ pl go for test of ur directos overweighted throgu mbbs doctoprs and give report on internet ur son of ### for earning money only

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  • Ch
    Christian girl Mar 08, 2013

    I also worked in the Dallas plant an I would testify under oath in a court of law as to how horrible it is at the Dallas plant. The workers are treated very badly by management. And the product is made in the most filthiest of conditions. There is a boss there named Jim Boggus that abuses the female mexican workers in a way that would curl your hair and make you puke. And I witnessed a compound supervisor so severly discriminated against because they refused to lie to the FDA about expired ingredients being put into drinks and cosmetics and roaches and other foreign material in the cosmetics. Parts to machinery are left filthy and contaminated with Staff virus that it would discust any consumer i am actually working with an attorney due to a Supervisor named Jack Sessions becuse he was one of the worst Supervisors they have. He made advances towards me and when I told him no and to leave me alone he said he would make sure I was fired and he did get me fired and thats called sexual harrassment and its blatent and wide spread at that company.

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  • Sa
    sabil26 Apr 13, 2013

    Hola, seguramente estas buscando mas quejas del producto d.e forever living, y seguramente ya te diste cuenta, que solo hay comentarios y opiniones pura mente personales, posiblemente no sea la mejor alternativa natural del mundo, pero si es la mejor alternativa para compartir con las personas a las que tu quieres, A comparacion de otros planes y otros metodos de trabajo que tienen otras companias de la misma rama, esta es una con menos lados oscuros, solo pruebalos, usalados, no te funciona, no pierdas tu tiempo, sigue buscando, pero si te funciona y te gusta, compartelo con tu propia experiencia.
    si quieres saber porque yo lo sigo haciendo, sigo reclutando, sigo motivando, sigo consumiendo solo visitame en
    [email protected] or deja que te explique, no soy millonario, ni busco serlo, pero hay personas que han sido tomadas de las garras de la muerte, del dolor y de la pobreza, que te dirian quiza lo contrario de mi.

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  • At
    Atul Kumar Jha Apr 22, 2013

    i am doing forever living products last 2 years as a part time basis...and i am earning...30, 000 to 40, 000.00 p.m...if any body wants to start forever living products business i can guide very well and u can do on part time basis.

    Atul Kumar Jha
    Mobile : 9882199256
    E.mail : [email protected]

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  • Je
    Jetha May 01, 2013

    Dear Elijer,
    I have read all your comments. Let me tell you first & fore most you are not a true Business Man because a true Businessman will only reflect his displeasure but simultaneously never boast of another company being good, when this is done it clearly shows that you want to promote another company at the cost of another. Secondly your statement that you know the inside of the company as you have worked in it is a lie as your own statements contradicts it as you have given wrong information's. You have said that they add aloe vera in every nutrition products say calcium or fish oil well if you were working you wouldn't have given wrong comments. Let me correct you. They have aloe vera drinks, skin care & personal care products that contain aloe vera but NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS DOES NOT. I am not here to argue with you but please whenever you talk talk sense & not make a fool of your self.

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  • As
    Asif Eqbal May 15, 2013

    hEllO frienDs,

    CAN YOU JOIN Forever Living
    Product ... ITS FLP ATP/ID-
    (910004056444) FOR Sponsor
    Option 1: Enter the ID of your
    Sponsor. 910004056444..

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  • Pi
    pinkygirl Jun 06, 2013

    i have been around forever living since i was little my mom started selling forever and at first she thought it was a scam and that shw wouldn't make money like AVON!!!, but then she realized that the products are all natural and that they really do help people in their health and also for those who sell it make money. I hear all these people talk about how forever is a scam and its over priced and all this ###. Like they say don't expect to get high quality products for a low cost. Most of forevers products have been banned not becase they are not good, but because they have been lots of testimonies around the world that have cured so many people and doctors are being left out of jobs because the medications and drugs they give their patients are not doing or helping for ###!. i have myself started using these products and i have lost 12 pounds in just 9 days! and i feel amazing!. And don't get me started about herbalife!! now that company is a scam yes you lose weight, but so many people have gotten sick becuse of their products that they claim are naturals. You guys can google herbalife lawsuit and see for yourselves.

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  • Sa
    sanjusaini Jan 11, 2017

    @pinkygirl you are a lier

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  • Im
    Imunest Jun 19, 2013

    Check this out "" You are welcome.

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  • Ka
    Kajal Deka Jun 19, 2013

    forever living product are fake and nonsense, and don't byu them they are not effective and higk price

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  • De
    deepali shelar Jul 04, 2013

    i want to join this business part time, can anybody guide me perfectly with their true status of the products in the market from the consumers side my email [email protected]

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  • Ra
    Rahul Atwal Jul 09, 2013

    No Complaints...
    No Complaints...
    joins us...
    email:[email protected]

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  • Ja
    jasbeen Aug 10, 2013

    wonderful and result oriented products. world's number 1 marketing plan. company never say to do heavy investment. I am doing forever living products last 1 year as a part time ...if any body wants to start forever living products business I can guide very well.

    Mobile : 9780019253
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  • Im
    Imunest Aug 14, 2013

    Do you possess these qualities? Genuine Interest in others, open mindedness, determination, big dream, honesty and many more: You are invited to build your future with forever living products. They have fantastic health, beauty and personal care products. Forever Living Products uses Multi-level Marketing techniques to get their products to end users. There is nothing like scam in it. I like the company because you earn you true worth and you feel a sense of pride doing a genuine business. It also helps in personal developments through their various training media. I love the company because it offers you the opportunity to be healthier, wealthier and GREAT. Greatness is more than riches. The great one is the man who has transformed many lives. You do not climb up alone. What a wonderful idea. I truly love this: TO GET WHAT YOU WANT, MAKE OTHERS GET WHAT THEY WANT.
    If you do not build your own dream, others will hire you to build theirs. Why work to build other people dreams, work to build your own dream and secure a happy Future. WANT TO JOIN? "" A very warm welcome.

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  • Km
    kmf.foreverhealth Oct 21, 2013
    i believe in this product, for the first time in years my bloodsugars are stable where doctors have said i am fine when i know i have been so tired, Fact : take 60ml in morning of forever freedom, after three days my tiredness gone and that wasnt even the reason i started taking it. Aloemazing for me...

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  • Ne
    NEERAJkk Oct 27, 2013

    Hiiiiii friends ..forever living gives vey good oportunity for unemployees...there is no investment ..if anybody completed, degree, MBA, MCA(male/female)..if any body want to settled in his/her lifewith good monthly income then contact me..i will guide you..i think this is very good oportunity for all..MY Mail is "[email protected]" ..message me your mobile number.i will call u...or CALL ME 91+9412416710, 91+EIGHT272EIGHT64767

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  • Ni
    nikitaaa Nov 04, 2013

    fake products for weight loss clean line kit fake money wastage only

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  • Sh
    Shankeychawla Nov 21, 2013

    forever living products have lots of drawbacks. when a person reach to Manager level. the person has to make a purchase of more then 40, 000 INR to get his check. whats that huh!! and when 3rd leg is open person have to make 12CC purchase under it otherwise cheque will not come. whats this?? forever is just making other persons fool nothing else. who will buy a single paste worth 700?? ###!!! so make them clear.

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  • Na
    naga sreenu Nov 23, 2013

    hai dear friends forever living products are very good natural products for our health. there is no side effects and also very benfit to our health.

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  • Be
    Bellamie Nov 23, 2013

    1) there is no scientific proof that these natural products do anything for anyone's health. They are all hokum and hooey

    2) they are remarkably overpriced hokum and hooey.

    It's a scam company. You only make money by convincing others to join and sell useless crap products. It is a scam. Don't do it. Don't buy into the garbage.

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  • Cl
    click_here Dec 13, 2013

    Forever Living Products is a pyramid selling organisation run under the guise of a legitimate organisation. I advise no one to get involved in it unless you really want to become as poor as the original victims of pyramid selling became in the 1970's.

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  • Ra
    RahulChaurasia Dec 16, 2013

    hai Friends i just want to say about Forever living Product this company really gives u time freedom and financial freedom and they dont
    have any pyramid scheme if u really want to know about all the MLM company just visited their offices and training at-least one on one and six days in delhi they providing 92 training in a month totally free their is no joining fees their is no renewal fees . I mean to say if u want to see the depth of sea then u have to sink in the sea .In india forever turn over in 10 years 297 crores OK if u say its not a big thing
    but in 297 cr. turn over this company produce 973 millionaires in INDIA . I GIVE U OPEN CHALLENGE IF ANY MLM COMPANY SHOW ME THIS KIND OF RECORD IN WRITTEN
    If anybody have any query call me this No.
    (9716412264) [email protected]

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  • Ru
    rudra8863 Dec 18, 2013

    bhen ka loda ye nakli company hai mai delhi se hu uttam nagar se forever company walo ne hame he product bech k ham se kamaa lea or jo eska leader hai uttam nagar ka wo bhi mila hai kahta hai mujhe new mili hame kya mila babaji ka ghanta ye chain system hai or kuch nahi gareeb logo k paise lagao or khud kamao dusaro ko chutiya bnao... vikipedia pe forever k baray me padho ye company to to khud he karje me hai dusaro ko kya faida degi

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  • Am
    amit21 Dec 20, 2013

    Hi all...

    In a simpler form of a sentence I define FOREVER LIVING as an opportunity provider for an individual to grow till success.
    Now, its a challenge to the individual to use his/her brain and strategies to achieve their position. If you know how to plant
    or grow a business, you will definitely grow it to the heights.
    If not, a safer corporate job is recommendable!!!


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  • Be
    Bellamie Dec 20, 2013

    You can "define" it all you want - it is STILL a pyramid scheme and a giant scam.

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  • Na
    NAGA SREENU THOTA Jan 06, 2014

    hai friends this is naga sreenu thota. i was doing forever business last 5 years. iam very happy and i also give health and wealthrough forever. iam a post graduate ( . before flp iam a bank employee salary only three digits. but through forever i change my income in to 6 digits. so if you want financial freedom and full fil your dreams contact i will support you. my mobile no is 9246237678 .

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