Ford Motor Companyproduct recall service resulted in disabled brakes by service, forcing me to buy new ones

Ly Oct 09, 2019

On Friday, Oct. 4th, 2019, I brought my 2015 Ford Focus into Basil Ford, 1540 Walden Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14225, for two product recall services. I was told I would also need to repair a loose left front sway bar ($119.71) and that my brake pads were getting low and brake repair would be $409.98. I agreed to the sway bar repair and told service tech Merissa Fularz that I would come back later to repair brakes. She agreed that would be fine. Upon picking up vehicle the next day, Saturday, Oct. 5th, I immediately noticed something was wrong with the car. There was a very loud knocking noise and braking was not functioning. I returned car to same dealership and service man on duty said brakes were gone and car was not driveable until the brakes were repaired. I reluctantly agreed to the brake repair as I had no other choice. On Monday, Oct.7th, after many calls, I was able to speak with dealership manager, Chuck Basil, who promised to investigate and call me back but as yet has not done so. I believe I was swindled by the service department of this dealership and am willing to place a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Please let me know what further action can be done.
Thank you,
Lynne Snow

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