$125.90 unauthorized charge when I tried to return my defective sedu hair straightener. Company tied up my money for days when they weren't authorized to charge me more than $9.95. Rude customer service agents and totally unhelpful customer service supervisor. I would never buy from again! In my eyes when they charge you a full retail price to replace a defective product that is fraud! I did not get a resolution quickly and sat on hold for 4 separate calls due to their poorly trained customer service individuals. It was a otal nightmare! I tried to get my money back so I never had to deal with them again and the flat out refused to return my purchase price. Fraud!!!


  • So
    sodam Dec 10, 2009

    That doesn't sound like fraud but it does sound like some sort of miscommunication/poor customer experience. I'd guess there's more to the story than what you posted. Seems too weird for that to be how things run at a company as big as Folica.

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  • Jc
    JCross Dec 11, 2009

    It sounds to me like you're one of those people that are just impossible to please, I've actually dealt with Folica's customer service on numerous occasions and was incredibly thrilled at how eager they were to assist. If you don't like Folica, it's pretty simple, shop elsewhere and pay more while getting a fraction of the service.

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  • Ma
    maleet Apr 15, 2010

    The person above said- shop somewhere else and pay more while getting a fraction of the service... well... if their site was up to date, i would have shopped somewhere else and got the same product for $60 less. I would rather have mine returned but i used it before i went back to their site to write a review. (and looking at a zillion flat irons, you tend to forget which you have looked at already and initially I thought it was correct)

    I just hope they update their site so others dont get a different or OLDER model!

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  • Je
    JEPS Feb 17, 2012

    I really regretted buying from Folica. I bought 4 hair appliances from them (Conair Straightener, Hot Tools Crimper, Hot Tools Deep Waver and Remington Hot Rollers). I really regret not reading these reviews first before purchasing from them. When the items arrived, I excitedly tested out the items, but only the crimper and hot roller can be switched on. The other 2 cannot. So I emailed Folica to ask.

    Their reply was not only unhelpful, but also very matter-of-fact and insincere. First they told me that “international customers cannot use appliances without dual voltage”. I was surprised at their short and cold reply, with no offer to find out more about my problem. I then replied them with a question, asking if that’s the case, why are the items being sold to international customers? And why wasn’t it mentioned upfront to us that international customers cannot use them?

    Anyway, I knew about the voltage difference, so I also bought a voltage converter from Folica. I told them more about my problem, that I could not power on the appliances with the converter. And their second reply to me was “You have voided the warranty by using it with a converter”. I was like…what??!! Where in the website was this stated? And the item can’t even be switched on, so how could I have used it? An appliance is used only when there is power running through it right? Some may even say an appliance is used only when it starts serving its function, not when there is electricity through it. The problem now is they can’t even be switched on! Moreover, the converter was from Folica in the first place!! They sold me the converter, and now tell me that I have voided the warranty by using it. Does that sound like a conspiracy?

    Folica states on their website that if for any reason customers are not satisfied with their order, can exchange or return within 30 days. Now mine can’t even work….

    Folica is not replying to my emails or queries. I really don’t know what I have landed myself into. I thought I could trust them…but apparently not….totally utterly disappointed….. I have paid so much for the items to be shipped over, and now they are only for display purposes……if anyone can help me…pls do… You can reach me at [email protected] Your help wld be greatly appreciated….

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