Folica.comfolica sells fake ghd flat irons/ no warranty through ghd


I researched a long time before finally shelling out 255.00 for a ghd flat iron. The one I wanted at sephora was no longer available and since I didn't want a pale pink one I looked for another color, thus finding folica who has posted on their website that they are a ghd approved online retailer. I also read the reviews, one saying they had no problem registering their iron through ghd who holds the two year warranty and guarantees it is an authentic iron.

The iron came yesterday after a lengthy wait. Its gorgeous purple and came with a bag, but I went to register it and low and behold, it is not a valid number. This had me in tears since I could have bought the pale pink one from sephora for the same price and had the real thing.

I called folica at six in the morning my time (they are on the east coast) was treated rudely and told different stories. One asked me why I didn't buy from sephora and I told her because I wanted the purple one... No other reason,... The price was the same, plus I would have gotten freebies. She hung up the phone on me. I called back to get another story from another rep... Who said that folica registers all of its flat irons with ghd and my warranty is with them which makes no sense at all... Plus why was their a fake review on their website that said they had registered theirs then. They tried to give me a phone number to ghd and I said I have their number and will be calling them myself. Do they think I was born yesterday? They could have me calling another one of their numbers! I asked if their was a return slip in the package so I could send this back and was hung up on a second time. They also sent me two discount cards that were expired. What would you expect from a company whos owner is a crook?

I am making a complaint about them to the better business bureau and suggest anyone else who has had this kind of treatment to do the same


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    preciousstyler123 Sep 04, 2012

    This is a complete flat out lie, don't be a rude about something you have no idea about. Clearly you did something wrong because I ordered my GHD straightener on Folica and registered it with no problems at all.

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