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My name is Kayla. I registered to a ptr site due to the reason that my husband was and still is unemployed. He lost his job 3 months ago, and the savings are pretty much gone now and there has been no way of income what so ever. I'll be starting college soon, and that reduces my chances making it almost impossible for me to be able to work. Both my husband and i are really relying on what we have both earned from this one site.
Today August 20, 2015 was going to be the day that my husband and i reached our payout limit of $10, 000. I did keep track of all earnings and how we earned them. Both my husband and i dedicated much of our time in viewing, and reading emails. Since it didnt ask to invest in it, we actually believed that we had found the system that we so desperately looked for.
I have sent out 2 emails now to fmptr about my payout. I have even gone on the internet in search of ways to contact them, and all i find is more and more people going through the same thing. One of the many people mentioned that fmptr emails you saying that the payment process will take up to 90 days, but end up receiving nothing in return after the 90 days and stating that it is a SCAM.
My Husband and i don't want to believe that it is a scam, since we worked so hard on it for money that we really need!
Mr David Clockwise has failed to reply to any of my emails. We are desperately in need of help, and this was the only way of income for us.
Here is my account transaction history (FMPTR):
Total Cash Balance: $250.0000
Total Point Balance: 0
8/20/15-15:12 Free Member Payout: -$10, 000.00
8/20/15-15:10 Paid Email Earnings: $6, 900.00
8/20/15-3:22 Paid to Click Earnings: $2, 000.00
8/20/15-1:02 Downline Earnings: $650.00
8/18/15-15:29 Referral Bonus (turbo) $200.00
8/10/15-20:32 Sign-up Bonus: $500.00
My username for fmptr is kp765493
I have not only signed up with this ptr site, but i have also registered with:,,,,,,,,

All these websites i have registered with and have been working on viewing the ads and reading emails, and ive even refered people to fmptr, and what theyre making is helping me also in reaching my cashout limit. on all these other ptr sites i am registered with the same user name kp765493 . Although i have not reached my payout limit on the rest of these im hoping they wont put me through this same thing. My Desirable resolution would be to get paid for working so hard and spending all that time completing those tasks! I would really like your help and support in this, it would really help us out of the constant worrying, and the sleepless nights. Thank you for your time, and i hope to hear from you soon.
Take care, may God Bless you and your family.

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