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wasim khan on May 26, 2018

dear sir/ madam, its over 2 years, i have not received my payment, lots of mail sent to customer support but not received any reply from your end. all the task completed on time, followed all the terms and conditions still not received any payment or any responce. my user id ... / PTR/PTC sites

mikelr on Oct 20, 2015

This is an email I got from the site back on Oct. 15, explaining the procedure for getting paid the reward they advertise for viewing emails and paid to click ads. Please notice they sent this to me the day after I requested a payout. Please notice that it says nothing about... / Refuse the payouts

Reviewer47892 on Sep 27, 2015

Refuse the payouts: Account Balances Total Cash Balance: $ 600.0000 Total Point Balance: 0 Account Transaction History Cash 09/27/2015 06:40 free member payouts -10, 000.00000 09/27/2015 06:40 Paid Mail Earnings 26, 100.00000 09/23/2015 03:26 Paid To Click Earnings 4... / Payout neglected

kp765493 on Aug 20, 2015

GREETINGS, My name is Kayla. I registered to a ptr site due to the reason that my husband was and still is unemployed. He lost his job 3 months ago, and the savings are pretty much gone now and there has been no way of income what so ever. I'll be starting college soon, and that...

[Resolved] Fmptr / Payouts

alikkumarsaha on Jul 11, 2015

free member payment con from 60days but 70days gone payment can't' transfer my PayPal account... plz help me / Non-payment

Martin Masalon Simpal on Jul 7, 2015

Sir/Madam: I’m filing a complain against for non-payment of my hard earned money from those 3 websites. I just would like to inform you and reiterate that the website's terms, condition, & policy “DOES NOT” state from their payout... / Unpaid payout or earnings

Martin Masalon Simpal on May 21, 2015

DATE : May 21, 2015 TO : Mr. Dwight Hegg (Complaints Board) FROM : Martin M. Simpal SUBJECT : Complaints against Mr. David Clockwise Dear Mr. Dwight Hegg: Sir, I’m Martin Simpal and is submitting my complain against Mr. David Clockwise(owner of FMPTR.COM, RICHGOPTR, ROYALPTR...

[Resolved] Genuineptr, Fmptr, & Royalptr Sites / Payout

Martin Masalon Simpal on Apr 9, 2015

Good afternoon Mr. Dwight Hegg, My complain is the deletion of my earnings from the 3 ptr/ptc websites(genuineptr, fmptr, & royalptr). I just learned right now when I opened/logged-in to my accounts to do my daily routine(clicking banners and emails) that my account earnings was reset to...

Fmptr / They didn't pay the whole sum

Laicel on Nov 3, 2014

People, don’t deal with the company FMPTR. I used their services and they promised to pay my money at any suitable for me time, but I got only half from them. After that I called them and asked about money, but everything was lie and blah-blah. They never returned my money back and I... / Part of the scam.

squezel on Feb 23, 2013

FMPTR.COM charged $9.99 to my AT&T cell phone account. I have never heard about this company and never authorized them to charge. Why AT&T let them make charges to my cell phone account? This is a scam and AT&T is part of the scam.