Florida Bluelack of customer service by representative

F Aug 09, 2019

I would like to bring to the attention of the management team at this location of what occurred on 8/6/19. My husband and I are guardians of my mother-in-law's affairs. We have attempted to correct the bank account that Florida Blue payments are withdrawn from on two accounts and on our last visit to this office, we had a great quality experience even though the task was only half completed as the bank account was only updated on one account. Therefore, an additional visit to add the bank account to the 2nd account was needed. At this time, I received a hostile attitude by a representative, named Twanda. She demonstrated a feckless ability to perform her duties, and blamed not finding the account on their system and ultimately me. I attempted to keep the encounter reasonable but was told repeatedly that I was unprepared and that she would be unable to assist. I asked for her manager of which she told me was not present and that she was the only one to assist me. I asked for someone else to help me and she eventually asked one of the other representatives to help me stating out loud yet again that the reason for her not being to help me was due to my unpreparedness... Sean, another representative took over and was able to find the account in question in a matter of seconds and helped with the necessary forms. This was by far my worst experience ever dealing with anyone in customer service. I hope that Twanda gets some serious customer service training or finds another job not dealing with people. I truly hope never to deal with anyone like her again.

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