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To Sep 19, 2019 Review updated:

Uneducated trainers at your Campbell location are saying there is no dropping the bumper plates on the platform while preforming Olympic lifts; they're either uneducated or knowingly telling me to preform the lift wrong. What is your company's stance on this, if I get hurt incorrectly preforming the lift at their direction then I will review my legal options. Why provide bumper plates and a platform if they're going to make this claim. Please advise me to where I can get a response to this issue since I was ignored on Twitter.

  • Updated by Todd Linda, Sep 19, 2019

    Nope, the fact I'm saying it is showing that they're taking on a liability and hopefully the corporation takes that seriously. The purpose of bumper plates is to be dropped, it's how they're designed. Lol, not every situation is an if you don't like it then just leave, especially when they're putting members who choose to perform Olympic lifts at increased risk of injury by telling them not to drop the bar. I'm not sure about your background in kinesiology, but I'm sure you know Olympic lifts have no eccentric phase as it would put the lifters at risk of injury; and when I'm personally performing the lifts at high percentages of my one repetition maximum I'm not going to lower the bar under control, especially when I have bumper plates and a platform to use. But once again, I appreciate the insight.

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