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My husband (who was a disabled veteran), and I have 2 properties in a community managed by First Service Residential. During the COVID 19 Pandemic we suffered great losses, as did many others, to include our income and ability to pay our mortgage. Our homes were in forebearance for nearly a year and we were unable to pay the HOA fees. During that time my husband also lost a battle to Corona Virus leaving me with our 3 children and 2 mortgages. Things have been slowly getting better and I am again working and able to pay my mortgage and HOA dues of $2000 for 2 years. However, when I logged on to pay my dues I was directed to call the company. After speaking with a rep I learned that First Service had turned my acct over to an attorney who has attached an additional $3000 in fees onto my acct. I find this to be more than ridiculous, that this company would turn my acct over to an attorney during a pandemic in which many people in the country suffered severe financial losses and the government and financial institutions are working with individuals yet a HOA is so quick to sell my acct to vultures who are trying to rob me by attaching fees mounting up to $3000, to my payment? I have not abandoned the property, myself and my children are still residing there and paying the mortgage while trying to get our lives back in balance.

Desired outcome: I have no problem with paying the HOA dues that I agreed to when we moved onto the property, but I cannot pay $3000 in attorney fees.

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Stacy M G
Feb 13, 2023 7:56 am EST

What state are you in? What is the name of the attorney who is trying to collect this amount?