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Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

African American and Hispanic customers of First Franklin Home Services were notified of a discrimination settlement late 2010. Suit accused First Franklin of charging both nationalities higher interest rates than they were charging whites in the same pay, income, etc. Case was finalized Mar 15, 2011 with class members being told that they are eligible to seek Loan Modifications from BofA who now service our loans. Well, what a joke. There were around 207, 000 class members who shared a little over $3M so of course we will receive something like $18 (that amount is a joke) but that's no big deal to me. What is a big deal is that BofA pretends to care so much and are so willing to help with Modifications that they immediately tell you to submit the paperwork as soon as they took over the loan, even before the lawsuit was confirmed - I submitted for a Mod in Jan 2011 and they start the lost papers, send more certified, fax, etc. Now this is the kicker - there is a website maintained by the Settlement Administrator : that gives updates on status with the last update being Apr 13 the same day that BofA supposedly called my house for some additional information from me but when they got no answer they supposedly denied my modification the next day Apr 14. I only found out on Apr 20 because they called me the night before and left a message to call so I retuned their call the next morning Apr 20. A guy told me that they were denying my modification for non cooperation & they are going to foreclose in June. I asked him how did I not cooperate? He said that my telephone number was my POC but they couldn't contact me. Now mind you that First Franklin did a Modification in 2008 to include a Escrow account and said they were not modifying my 8% interest rate but would consider in 2011. As much as I disliked First Franklin they were working with me. I was a few months behind but that was because I moved to this house in Tx from California a year ago. I have owned it 5 years but just moved here last year and had to furnish everything living rm furn, stove, frig, etc. I still don't have a bedrm set just mattresses on the floor, no frame. I missed a month here and there but not 3 months in a row. First Franklin seemed to understand and never really pushed me because I let them know that I would make it up when tax time came. The Making Homes Affordable program denied me also but only because I didn't have a Tx driver license. I still go to CA to work sometimes as a substitute in a school district so I hadn't applied for a driver license because the Making Homes Afforable didn't tell me until Apr 20 that every paper I submit has to match my address. I was too through figuring out how they operate. The newest problem is that TX doesn't honor other states driver license so they denied me a driver license because I don't have a birth certificate or passport. I am 62 and from LA in a tiny community. I was born at home and about 35 or 40 years ago we tried to get our birth certificates with no response. Left it alone since I have never been asked for one since then but now I sit waiting again hoping LA has come up in the world and can locate it. Until then I have to wait on the birth certificate but I'm contacting a lawyer because I have my letter from 2008 when First Franklin said they would look at Modification this year. With an 8% interest rate since Feb 2006 when I bought this house for $168, 500 - I pay over $1100 a month plus I paid $25, 000 down. Now that's somewhere in the area of 60 months at $1100 plus $25, 000 - I should have paid somewhere near $80-85, 000 but my mortgage has only went down to $160, 000. I have actually only paid it down $8500. I plan on having the lawyer look at that also. I understand my being behind but if they reduce my interest to what it should have been in the first place they would probably owe me $15-20, 000. I think I'll see if the lawyer can see if the court that heard the case can hold BofA for what seems to be willfully denying me a modification based on the timing of the settlement update. Anyway I feel like BofA is not acting in good faith so I hope I can push them back. By the way I see that you guys are still referring to First Franklin. Are you not with BofA now? Sorry, I could go on and on and on. I'll spare you all -

  • Me
    meme29 Aug 07, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. B of A would claim that they lost my paperwork or that they didn't receive it they denied me several times for no apparent reason. One of the ladies on the phone line was trying to bully me saying "you got denied" and as my HUD (recommend HUD it's free) representative asked "why did she get denied she submitted everything and I have prove of that" her reply was "I don't know but she's denied" so heartless as if she enjoyed the power of saying NO. After going back and forth she transferred me to the appeals department (it's so silly they have all of these different departments and none communicate with each other.) Now this person was very sympathetic and straight out told us "I don't know why you got denied, that is a mistake let me appeal that you will hear back in a few days." It's a mind game, if you give in you'll loose, I was so angry that I fought everything all the way through and finally after 9 loooooong months and 3 denials I got modified. I recommend that you find a free agency such as HUD they helped me because at times I was so emotional that I couldn't think straigh plus they knew the ins and outs of the banker game.

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  • Gl
    Glenn Nystrom Oct 28, 2013

    In 2005 we purchased a home in Salinas, CA that eventually we got foreclosed on in 2007 due to loss of a job. The payments were so high we had to walk away as I could no longer make the same kind of money I used to while working on the coast. We felt badly and knew this would affect our credit for years to come but had to get on with our lives like so many other folks who lost houses. It still sticks in my craw that First franklin really got away with murder and was never called on the carpet but this goes all the way to the top, Wall Street, B of A etc gambling blindly with normal people's lives and homes. The guys who close down one company like Countrywide just start up another like Residentail Credit Solutions and the greed continues year after year. Will anythinf be done to stop the greed and try and make companies try and compensate the millions like us who lost their homes?

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  • Sa
    Sandra michelle cole Feb 13, 2015

    what happened with the lawsuit, I never heard anything back from them, I am not living at the house I was buying but I haven't received any foreclosure notices either. It is just there, afraid to do any work to the house cause as soon as I do they will try and take it. its been empty for 3 yrs. now.

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Disclosed Personal Information to third party

I refinanced my mortgage with Franklin First Financial only to have it sold less than one month after closing. I received a letter from them requesting the first month mortgage when the loan had been sold to another bank which was also requesting the mortgage payment. Franklin First has contacted my employer on at least 6 different occasions and informed my boss that I was not paying my mortgage payment and was in default of my loan. I was let go from my job and they still continued calling my former employer and disclosing personal financial information. They have also called my sister on several occasions and left voice mails indicating that they were looking for me because I did not pay my mortgage. As if all the calls were not enough, they also showed up at my home and spoke to my 70 year old mother and told her that I was delinquent and they were going to foreclose on my house. I came home to find my mother in tears that we were going to loose our home. I have never heard of a company that comes and knocks on your door to collect on your mortgage, If I did owe them that first month mortgage they would simply file a judgement against me and my home, but since they are trying to scam me out of one mortgage payment they are resorting to harassment tactics which are not only illegal but unethical. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the Banking Department and filing a complaint.

  • Ke
    Kendra Perkins Mar 09, 2011

    The doesnt sounds like Franklin First Financial to me. I refinanced with them 2 months ago and the process was handled with the utmost professionalism. Everything was disclosed upfront and that is exactly what I saw at the closing. I think Franklin First Financial is a great bank, they certainly took good care of me.

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  • Ke
    Kendra Perkins Mar 09, 2011

    The does not sounds like Franklin First Financial to me. I refinanced with them 2 months ago and the process was handled with the utmost professionalism. Everything was disclosed upfront and that is exactly what I saw at the closing. I think Franklin First Financial is a great bank, they certainly took good care of me.

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Do not use

This company is a bunch of rip off artist. They will tell you everything you want to hear and then totally rip you off.

They say they will refinance but won't. Then they will move around your loan and not tell you they do. My family had a automatic withdrawl payment but they said we were late. How does that happen. Oh yeah they moved our loan to one of their other compnaies, but didn't tell us about it. But still took our payment for a year before saying anything. And that was to say get out... Said they took pictures of the notices for us to leave but will not produce them..


I am a disabled veteran and this mortgage company said they would work with me but has not and said that I either should sell my house or I will loose it. I have a fiance and 5 children and i think First Franklin would rather see us living on the street then helping and keeping us in our home. They say they will help in hardship times. YEA RIGHT!!! They want you to come out of it before they will help.

When you are a disabled veteran and do not work anymore and cant due to your injuries, that was sustained while in IRAQ, serving our great nation and keeping the people safe that work behind that desk, you think they would help, even if it was to take the 9.7% interest that I pay down to at least 6% that would help me to keep food on our table and water running to take a shower and lights on to keep our milk cold.

I have never heard of a mortgage company that don't give a rats @!# about any of its people. I have a loan of $76, 000 with this place and if I get to keep my home in 30 years I will have paid this dump over $279, 000. All I have to say to this place is "First Franklin you are not welcome for anything and they way you treat a veteran you should take your company over seas and you would fit right in with the teariest, and for the way you treat a man that has fought for you to have your chair on wheels that you sit on every day!

Bad service

First Franklin illegally entered my home, changed the locks and removed all of my belongings. All they did was say it was a mistake and returned the new key. And then they did it again two months later. I have tried contacting them repeatedly by phone, mail, email, fax. They have ignored all communications from me and my attorney regrading the incident. This happened 8 months ago. I have not received any response from them at all.

They know that this is illegal and refuse to acknowledge that it has happened. What should I do to get this situation rectified?

  • Tg
    T. G. Nov 15, 2011

    Report them to The United States Better Business Bureau & if that doesnt help then I would call all news stations & get them to view your case on air bc no loan company / business wants any type of bad publicity nor anyone airing out their " Dirty-Laundry " on live tv news all over the world !!! Lmaoooooooooooooo go for it bc if you dont stand up for yourself else sure as heck will ...I promise you this !!!
    Sincerely your friend
    & an customer that was done wrong also

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Home Loan Modification

I am five month behind my mortgage with Franklin Loan Services. Since last March I have tried talking to them in regards to a modification, they told me they will be assigning a negotiator to my case and that it will take like 90 days. Since then I have been calling and inquiring about the status, but they just say I have to wait.

By the month of April, they got into my property and change the locks, turned off the power and water, by then I was out of town and when I came back I realized what they did. By then I was 2 month behind and my neighbors told me what happened, that the bank came and showed them papers alleging that I was behind for a year. When I got inside my property all my the food in the refrigerator was discomposed, the refrigerator was filled with worms and the smell was unbearable, the water from the fridge flowed to the carpets and it absorbed the odor. There were worms also in the bathrooms and some other places of the house. The refrigerator was useless and I had to disposed of it ( 2 years use).

Now they told me they will not guarantee any modification on the loan, that they do not give anything in written stating that they are working my case and if I want to receive any compensation in regards to what they did to me, I have to sue them.

Can you believe this, the ones who have the power (money) do what ever they want with you (even though the property was protected by the Bankruptcy Court) and there is nothing you can do at respect, in fact, they told me they have no obligation to modify my loan (9% interest rate).

Truly the worst bank I have ever dealt with.

  • Ma
    MAW1 Nov 14, 2010

    First Franklin lied and said we were 6 months behind in our mortgage we had proof we made the payments every month and hired a lawyer they said we had a good case a year and a half later we have no resolution and our lawyer is demanding more money we were within 30 days of a modification and because I qualified for a modification they just sold my loan to BOA so we are supposed to pay more money for what!!

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rude and very distrespectful

The ladies were really rude and disrespectful. Went all the way as to start calling my a liar! The black lady simply stopped listening to me and went to the back to talk to one of her coowrkers while the other one simply jusr picked up the phone and started calling her son as she asked me to hold...i waited so long, i just took my paperwork and left. I already have a loan with this company and the approved me for some more money but when I went to sign the paperwork and get my check, they refused to do so stating that they did not give loans to people employed by staffing agencies and that was the end of discussion. She forgets that she already gave me a loan that i'm still paying off last year...I was shocked on the rudeness and service I recieved.

Predatory lending false claims on helping with Loan Modification

This has to be the worse company to deal with. It takes them over two weeks to get an overnight packages, 10...

Entered wrong bank account and I am in foreclosure

My wife became disabled and I fell behind on my payments, I called to make arrangements to get caught up. That all work out fine until I tried to do a payment by phone. I talked to ‘Mark” he took the info and read it back to me but then entered the wrong Bank account info. The company never tried to call me when the check came back. The only way I knew that there was a problem is when I seen that the check never cleared and I received a certified letter that I was going to be foreclosed on and they even gave me a date for the sale. I called them and ask what was going on and the person on the other end said that when the check came back it automatically made any other arrangements null and void. The lady that I talked to even played the phone conversation back and came back on the line to explain to me that they were sorry and that she did listen to the call and all of the info was repeated back but it was entered wrong. I ask if I could make a payment and was told that it was too late for that and someone from the resolutions department would call. Well I am still waiting. I have called them back and all I get is a recording.

  • Ag
    AG970 Mar 02, 2009

    We can help with the foreclosure. Don't let them take your home. Contact me and I will give you the details. [email protected]

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  • La
    lastchance Mar 19, 2009

    I can understand your issue because this happened to me with a western union quick collect. I sent a western union with a 1124.00 payment to begin a payment plan to stop forclosure. we have two loans with First Franklin/Homeloan services. 80/20 mortgage. the money to start the plan was put on the loan that wasn't in foreclosure. I spoke with Ms Crawley who is Handling our acct and she assured me that she would have the funds transferred to the right account. the payment was sent on Feb 27th today is march 19 and still no changes. I signed up With NACA to get help. If you haven't done so check out or to see if a counselor can help you. Remember couseling should never cost you anything so if anyone ask for money watch out. Please don't wait on First Franklin to help you because the time waiting means an Auction Date. Help is available. I will post an update regarding my FF issues as the results are made available.

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  • No
    notdeadyet Mar 21, 2009

    Hello and God bless you all:

    As you read this letter we hope that you still have a home for your family.

    Like many of you our homes are in foreclosure due to the actions and non actions of First Franklin (FF).

    We know there are many persons out there trying to abuse the system and get a free ride, yet many of us, if not all of us, are in this situation not because we wanted to be in this situation, but because life went on. Some of us found ourselves in default as a result of loosing our income, having medical issues, the raise in the cost of living but not in our salaries, family emergencies or just live itself. Whatever your case, we did not asked to be in it.

    Some of us purchase our home and gave up most of our life savings to get it, not because of greed or luxury, but because we needed a home to call our own; for our families and specially for our children.

    Yet in our time of need the people that were supposed to help us and work with us not only turned their backs on us, but they did everything in their power to take away our home and turn many of our families into battle grounds full of tears, anxiety an uncertainty. “Yes, send us your paperwork we’ll look at it” we were told. Do not worry, we were being “helped” and told to hold on while we complete our review.

    And we believed. Only to have our hopes shattered in a court of law or with realtors offering cash for keys, or with people just knocking on our home doors with a notice that basically read “get out in x number of days”. While this was going on, and just to add insult to injury, many of us were in dismay after learning that we did not qualified for a modification for one of the many reasons, we could not do a short sale just because, etc.

    End of the dream, end of the hope, end of our homes.

    Why? A question that have crossed the minds of many of us, who knows how many times and that was the first of worse questions to cross our minds and hearts as the reality of seeing our children cry because they have to move settled in. Then more questions flooded our minds. What do I do now that I’m on the street? Where do I live? A

    Many of us have been put in a situation where we have nothing to loose as even our dignity was taken away with a phone call to FF. A phone call where we were asked the same questions only to be told we can not help you. Or the day we receive the court documents like we are some sort of criminals. Or the date we were made go into a court or that they put a sign in front of our houses. Or the day we received a call at work from a FF person demanding to know where the money was. Or maybe it was the day that we were offered the false hope of a so called “payment plan”. All this while, as stated by an alleged FF ex employee, they were really making money our of taking our homes away from us while giving us no real chance of solving our situations and putting us in a no win situation.

    Being that we have nothing to loose is why we are writing this message. You see, we have nothing to loose but much to gain. Divided most of us have encountered the same word: foreclosure. But what if we unite and give it a good shot. At least one good one. We are not saying yeah things will happen. We can not promise that each one of us will get a solution that will be of benefit. That is beyond us. What we are saying is: let make some noise and let our voices and stories be heard. It is time that people know what is really going on with the “so called” helping hand that FF is giving us people that are not asking for a free pass, but for chance to have a roof over our heads with dignity. To pay something that will be fair, but that will also allow us to put food on the table.

    What we are doing, at least three of us, is this:

    1. We will draft a letter to the White House (our President) and to CNN that will explain in general our situation. This letter will also ask for help in dealing with FF.

    2. We will include our stories with that letter. Now here’s where you have a choice. You can join this effort by emailing your story with FF. What is your situation? What happened when you contacted FF? What did they do or didn’t do? How they treat you? Broken promises? How they proceeded with the foreclosure? How did it affect your family life?


    3. People, we are writing to our President. You may agree or disagree with him. You may have voted or not voted for him. But the truth of the matter is that he is our President. THUS, PLEASE KEEP YOUR LETTERS FREE OF ANY FOUL LANGUAGE AND WRITE PROPERLY. Remember; we want to present ourselves like what we are honest, hard working people with values and dignity. Let us not go down to the level of FF.

    4. Please include your name and the ages of your family members. Also, please provide a contact information for you so that you can be kept posted on what is going on with this. This could be your email address, mailing address, or phone number.

    5. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR LOAN NUMBER, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION. Again, we only need to contact you in case we receive a response so that you know what happened with our inquiry.

    6. Remember we are not saying things will happen. We are just trying to do a coordinated effort to help our cause. The reasoning behind this is simple, many of us have contacted the government agencies only to run into dead ends. But many of us, I hope we are not ignored. United we stand, divided we fall.

    7. Pray so that we can get what we need: Help, peace and the dignity of a home for our selves and our families.

    8. Remember, we are not attorneys, rich people, politicians, or anything like that. We are regular people like you. So whatever happens, please don’t come back at us with some stupid lawsuit if things don’t go your way etc.
    If interested, you can email your story to the following email address: [email protected]

    We will be submitting our letter along with our stories to both the President and CNN on Friday April10, 2017.

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  • Ja
    JacD54 May 28, 2010

    I was told that First Frankin purchased my loan. They raised my interest rate. I fell on hard times. The mortgage co. refused to work with me. This is inspite of all the bail programs and after all the modification programs, this company refused to refinance my home. I currently owe $20, 000 more that what the home is worth. I have tried my hardest to work with them and they absolutely refuse to work with me. Also I have tried to work with these people. I am a single father with two children and they are not willing to help. I have worked for the past 16 years since graduating from college.

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Lies about Mortgage refinance

First Franklin can not be trusted and be wary of any false hopes offered by this company. After dealing with...

Preditory loan

I got a loan in 1/2007. After 1 year I tried to refi but was now 40K upside down. I got behind as my income fell more than half. 4 times i sent them 49 pages of docs to mediate the loan. Each time they did not receive it and I got further behind. The ywould not accept a mailed in package...only faxed. Finially I got a forclosure notice and I was able to talk to someone. He said to fax it all again and he would get my loan to the mediation dept. A year has now passed. Now they offered me 9.7% from 12.7% for 3 years and then back to 12.7%. They also based the new payments on the true value of the home 118K and put 102K balloon pmt at the end of a 31 year loan! Who would do that?

  • An
    Angie Jan 28, 2009

    I got a loan from First Franklin Feb '06. I eventually fell behind because of hours being reduced and then I was finally let go last Jan. In February, I finally got with the loan modification dept. I was told it would take around 45 to get back with me on if I got approved or not. In the meantime, I was told not to pay any of my other bills so that I could save up enough to get back into their good graces.
    In August I was told to pay $850 for 3 months. Mind you I am still not approved at this time and I have not paid any other creditors per instructed.
    Finally I get the go ahead in December, 11 months later.
    Mine too was a reduction in the intrest rate by 2 points, but by the time they tacked on the lawyers bill and whatever charges they could come up with, my payment was the same if not higher.
    Adding insult to injury, I was not approved for a fixed term, rather another ARM which would adjust in another 3 years.
    I am now filing chapter 13 and my sheriff's sale is scheduled for April 15th. When I called them 2 weeks ago to see if I could get another modification, they said sorry, we only do that once every 12 months or so. I could take it or leave it.
    Last week I got a notice telling me that I have over $3000 in overpaid escrow but I can't have it because I have fallen behind. My lawyer is working on this as we speak although he didn't sound too hopeful.
    Now, I have to find homes for two of my three dogs because most places won't take that many dogs.
    My life is ruined because of their lack of compassion and flexibility. Not only will I have to move, but my family gets split up forever.
    If anybody wants to do a class action lawsuit against them, let me know! Oh, yeah, they are now doing business as Duetche Bank. Run, run far away.
    [email protected]

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  • Li
    lirio Oct 18, 2009

    I got a loan with First Franklin Financial Corporation. I never failed a payment. Rate was 8.1 adjustable after 2 years. I signed for the loan in april 2007. I fell behind in my taxes because my bills and gas prices were high. I went to the county tax services and talked to the staff person and she said that I had time because the would not take action after three years. I was going to pay with my tax return but before I knew First Franklin had paid them. I paid $23, 000.00 down payment on 4/2007 and never fell behind with the loan payments. They raised the payments from $1545.53 to $2, 250.00 because they added interest and new escrow that I never signed for.
    The last payment I made was on february 2008 and they send me the foreclosure notice in march because they did not apply any of my payments to the loan. Any ideas?
    They foreclose my primary home and I lost $70, 000.00 total.

    They would not negotiate with me and their reps were very rude.

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no longer refinance

we were gong to be okay through this economic disaster until first franklin loan thieves decided "oh, we don't refinance any longer and you have to re-apply for the loan" when we refinanced 5 years ago, we demanded a fixed rate-but as you can see due to this companies underhanded business dealings we will probably lose the house. Do you need a Lawyer to re-finance these days??????? And also the people who sold our mortgage to these thieves are being sued. [protected]

  • Mi
    missyfickert Mar 04, 2009

    We have been with First Franklin for several years. Recently my husband has had 7 seizures and was diagnosed with epilopsy. He owned his own business and had to walk away beacause he was not aloud to drive for six months. We got behind two months on our mortgage. I set up a payment plan that i have kept faithfuly. They now paid my taxes for a full year in advance. Put us 4000 dollars negative in our escrow and raised my payments from 900 to 1500 a month i applied for a modification 12/01/08. They still have done nothing and now are threatining us with foreclosure. M Fickert Akron, Ohio

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  • Ma
    MAW1 Nov 14, 2010

    Do not I repeat do not get a lawyer the do nothing for you other than take your money. I hired an attorney and after a year and a half they have done nothing other than ask for more money please don't get help you just get used by the lawyer.

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Advise for 1st Franklin victims

For all victims of First Franklin: GET A LAWYER!!! Seriously - if you have to beg, borrow or work extra hours to make the money, you will not regret it. Their latest scheme is to offer $1500 for you to vacate the house by a certain date in exchange for the keys to the house. This "program" is called Cash For Keys, and is administered by First's "Asset Management company". If you receive it (usually delivered by a local realty agent representing... you guessed it; First Franklin) - READ IT VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!! It relinquishes your right to file suit against First, their attorneys and any other "assigns" First sees fit.

Should you possess documented evidence of your dealings with First & their negligence in your request for assistance (as we do), you will definitely want to talk to an attorney prior to signing the Cash For Keys agreement and shooting yourself in the foot. You can negotiate the amount of time you have to vacate the premises, as well as the amount you ask for in order to leave, but talking to an attorney will ensure your personal protection, because believe me - up until the very end, First is protecting themselves.

  • Ju
    Juan Sep 12, 2008

    This company does not work with the customers. There is no one to give definite information. The people answering the phones just give you the run around process which never comes to fruition. They have brochures stating they can help, but its nothing but false statements.

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  • Sc
    scrappy Jan 07, 2009

    I have had an account with first franklin for over 20 years off and on and they have always been good to me.

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  • Wa
    WayneG Nov 03, 2009

    They opened and escrow account without my permission. I paid what they told me I owed. Then they told me I owed more. I paid what the told me. Then they told me I owed more. I talked to maybe 10 different people they all gave me different answers.

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  • Ma
    MAW1 Nov 14, 2010

    We did get an Attorney and they did nothing for us we were 30 days out for a resolution on a modification and they sold our loan to BOA now our attorney is asking for more money saying our contract has expired, there was never any communication from our attorney I emailed them constantly and the turnover was crazy after almost a year and a half of doing nothing for us do not waste your money on an attorney the outcome is the same!!

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Rude, unhelpful

RUDE - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE - NO HELP W/ARM LOAN!!! We ended up somehow getting into an ARM (adjustable rate...

Predatory Lending

This company gave us a mortgage via a mortgage broker that is a predatory loan. 8.9 % for a "2/28" ARM and...

Scam and cheating

I have been trying for months to work with first franklin to sale my home due to relocation. They sold our...

Overcharged again and again

I have a mortgage with First Franklin and I send extra money to apply to my principal every month, either...


This company keeps calling my wife and I to harass us even though we told them we are not the people they were looking for. They said we are behind in our mortgage, I have no mortgage with this company and I don't recommend anyone to go through them especially when they harassed people that are not even their costumers, imagined if you are their customers. They were the one that called us and they want us to give them our personal information over the phone. I was not born yesterday. I tried to make their job easier by telling them they got the wrong person but what did they do? accused us of being liars.

  • De
    DEANNA ROMALES Dec 01, 2008


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  • Pi
    PISSED in PS Dec 14, 2008

    Hi, Im Pissed in PS.

    Similar auditing or accounting errors on the part of 1st Franklin.

    I am tempeted in collectig all the complaints and take them to the CAR, or the MBA Association for poor or Bad Practice.

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  • La
    lastchance Mar 19, 2009

    wow you might want to check your credit report just incase this company doesn't do something under handed.

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  • Am
    amber Apr 03, 2009


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  • Tg
    T. G. Nov 15, 2011

    I personally don't believe in suing someone but if you don't take any action towards this company for the aggravation and emotional stress by suing their pants off of them then they are going to do nothing but keep on harassing the heck out of you & your wife & can you only imagine the other innocent people that have to keep on enduring the conflict of pain emotionally ; stress-fully ...etc... it makes me wonder how many elderly people especially those w/ bad heart conditions & very bad health have had an heart attack ...stroke...etc from their harassment !!! So why don't you put their feelings & health first especially your wife BC could you live w/yourself if something were to terribly happen to her ... ???????????

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Attempting to reduce arm!

I have been going through an adjustable rate reduction process with First Franklin Home Loan Services since...

Predatory Lending, Fraud

First Franklin in cohoots with a mortgage broker conspired to commit mortgage fraud no only against me but my...