First Convenience Bank [FCB]the bank will not give me any of my money

K Jul 24, 2019

I was garanteed to have access to the money that I deposited into my account and not only have I not be able to get any of my money but I have lost my job and mist the due date for my rent and I still have not received any of my money and obviously still havnt been able to pay my rent its going on a full week now and I have called everyone that in charge of all three parties the people who issued me the bank draft the issuers bank and the head person for my bank and they have all said the same thing that there is no reason... At all... That I shouldnt have gotten my money days ago if this problem isnt fixed by 8 a.M. Tommorrow 7/24/19 I promise that I will be calling channel 3 on your side and every single other news station both tv and radio to let everyone know how you do your customers you made me loose my job and if I dont pay my rent tomorrow you will have put me on the streets with no home and no job. This isnt a joke to me as your senior manager (dustin smith) seems to acting like its some fun game/joke to him my name is kyle wheeler and I will be checking my acount at 8 am just before I go for my already set up interview with channel 3 on your side

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